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Arden-Arcade sits right in the heart of Sacramento County in California. With a population of 102,864, it is the second-most populous census-designated place in the state, and its central location in the county makes it a huge commercial hub in the region. Fulton Avenue and Oaks Boulevard serve as the city’s most important shopping corridors. 

The city is economically diverse, with low-value and high-value homes scattered all over the city, although the median property value is $353,400. It’s common to find million-dollar homes along the American River. Arden-Arcade boasts premium neighborhoods such as Arden Oaks, Sierra Oaks, Arden Park, Wilhaggin, and Sierra Oaks Vista. The community also has several other mid-century neighborhoods that form a huge part of it. 

On the backdrop of $48,961 median household income, 42.8% of Arden-Arcade’s residents have bought their own homes. They further protect that investment with homeowners insurance. If you’re looking for the best homeowner insurance in Arden-Arcade to protect your home, we have all the information you need. Read on to learn all the key details about homeowners insurance in Arden-Arcade. 

Arden Arcade Homeowners Insurance Average Cost 

Comparing quotes from different insurance companies for new homes, the average Arden-Arcade home insurance rate is 779$. You can find rates as low as $563 and as high as $2,534 – it all depends on various factors, including home value, building material type, and several others. Homeowners insurance rates across California are generally higher than what you get in Arden-Arcade. The same is true for surrounding states and the United States. 

Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Premium Vs State and National Averages

Arden-Arcade Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average
$779$ 1,173$1,444

Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Rates By Company

If you’re looking for cheap Arden-Arcade homeowners insurance comparing quotes from different insurance providers in the community will help. For example, Mercury Insurance charges an average of $563 for new homes – the cheapest you can find in Arden-Arcade. On the other hand, Westfield Insurance charges the highest, at $1,240. We’ve gone through the long list of insurance providers, comparing their rates, coverage, and customer satisfaction. Here are the cheapest to most expensive Arden-Arcade homeowners insurance rates in the city: 

Best Homeowners Insurance Rates In Arden-Arcade By Company

CompanyInsurance Rates
California Automobile$639
State Farm$724
Westfield Insurance$1,280

Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Rates by Neighborhood 

Like almost everywhere else, the safer neighborhoods in Arden-Arcade are likely to have a smaller number of claims compared to other areas. As a result, the homeowner insurance rates in that neighborhood will be much lower. Neighborhoods such as Cornerstone Way with ZIP code 95821 have an average insurance premium of $594 – the lowest in Arden-Arcade because they are relatively safer. Below are other places that come close, alongside their zip codes.

Cheapest Arden-Arcade Neighborhoods with Their Zip Codes

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage Annual Insurance Rate
Burgundy Way95825$610
Manor Ct95864$615
Bagley Court95841$659
Woodford Way95821$667

Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Deductibles

Choosing between a high deductible and a low deductible plan is a big part of buying your homeowners insurance policy. A high deductible means you pay less in insurance rates per year, and choosing a low deductible means you pay more. The choice comes down to what you can afford as annual insurance cost and how much you can contribute towards a claim in the future. Many people prefer a high deductible because they don’t expect to file a claim anytime soon. Below is a deductible scenario that shows expenses for five years:

Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Cost Based on Deductible

 Low DeductibleHigh Deductible 
Yearly Arden-Arcade, California Homeowners Insurance Policy Example$1,700$1,000
Total Home Insurance Policy For 5 Years + Pocket Expense For Claim$10,500$9,000
Net Savings To Arden-Arcade, CaliforniaHomeowners From the High Deductible Plan$1,500

Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available

Arden-Arcade homeowners insurance policy, covers personal belongings, detached buildings, and liability claims. It would help if you discussed the extent of the policy with your insurance provider. 

  • The Building Protection Coverage covers the cost of repairs or renovation if any part of your house suffers damage. 
  • The Personal Property Coverage covers the cost of repair or replacement of any personal items that suffer loss, theft, or damage in the house.
  • The Loss of Use Coverage pays for any temporary residence if any damage to your house necessitates eviction. 
  • The Detached Building Coverage covers any detached building on your property. 

Best Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Companies

Many people, in a quest to get the cheapest insurance coverage, buy bad policies with thin coverage. To avoid that, you have to do a reliability check on any insurance company before buying your policy with them. Good insurance companies not only promise you impressive coverage, but they also match their words with action by paying when the time comes. Millions of homeowners trust institutions like A.M, NAIC, and J.D to provide insights on their insurance providers. Below is how the best Arden-Arcade insurance companies rank:

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in California Based on Rating

CompanyA.M Best RatingJ.D Power ScoreNAIC Complaint Index
State FarmA++4/50.20
Farmers Insurance A+3/50.37
Liberty MutualA3/50.27

Arden-Arcade Home Insurance Agents 

Home insurance agents can make the process of getting homeowners insurance smooth and straightforward. They can communicate with different insurance companies on your behalf to get you the best deal for your money. Thankfully, there are several insurance agents near Arden-Arcade ready to offer you their services. The following is a table of top insurance agents near the community:

Homeowners Insurance Agents and Their Contact Details

Company NameAddress
Fiesta Auto Insurance & Tax Service2216 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825
Vincent G Harris Insurance20133 Arden Way # C, Sacramento, CA 95825
Go West Insurance Services3001 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825
Freeway Insurance2270 Arden Way Ste C, Sacramento, CA 95825

Arden-Arcade Homeowners Insurance Saving Tips

The following tips will save you a couple of bucks in homeowners insurance in Arden-Arcade:

  • Compare quotes from different reputable insurance companies before settling for one.
  • A mixed policy that bundles your car and home insurance will always save you some money.
  • Consider installing a smoke/fire system in your home to reduce the insurance cost.
  • Getting a house near the Fire Station or Police Department may lower homeowner insurance costs

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Arden-Arcade, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Getting the cheapest homeowners insurance in Arden-Arcade doesn’t have to be difficult. You can secure your home with security apparatus, bundle your home and car insurance, or work with an agent to get multiple quotes. Your final decision will depend on the specifics of the policy and how much you’re willing to spend.

Home value, deductible, home age, building materials, and neighborhood all play a role in your homeowners insurance cost. Insurance companies will consider all of these details and more when giving you a quote.

Homeowners insurance in Arden-Arcade usually doesn’t cover damages resulting from natural disasters. You’ll have to get additional coverage for a storm, flood, and other natural catastrophes.

Most homeowners insurance policies in Arden-Arcade cover selected personal items in the house. Such items usually include furniture, electronics, kitchen appliances, and clothes. For expensive items like high-price jewelry, you need to get separate insurance coverage.

Many insurance providers’ websites allow you to look up the insurance rate for different places in Arden-Arcade. Just enter the zip code on the search box provided, and you’ll get the insurance quotes for that area.

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