Austin, TX Homeowners Insurance

Austin Homeowners Insurance

Your home is a significant financial investment, and the need to protect it from unforeseen disasters must not be underestimated. A homeowner’s insurance policy can provide just the protection you need to dodge major hardships in case of accidents or unexpected tragedies like vandalism, burglary, fire, and damage caused by weather elements like heavy rains or wind storms.

A homeowner’s insurance coverage protects not just the structures within your residential property but also the belongings inside them. Moreover, coverage also protects you from legal liability if a destructive event leads to the damage of someone else’s property or the injury of your loved ones or pets.

The cost of coverage is pegged on various aspects, including where you live and the kind and level of perils historically experienced within the area. For instance, areas prone to frozen pipes and water damage during the winter may attract higher home insurance rates than homes situated within neighborhoods where weather elements hardly cause any problems.

On the bright side, insurers are not created equal. It is imperative to shop around and compare policies to find affordable home insurance coverage in Austin. Even though the coverage limit you choose will play a significant role in dictating your homeowner’s insurance premiums, a bit of research will increase your chances of finding the best deals and bargains.

Austin Home Insurance Rates By Insurance Company

Austin homeowner’s insurance rates are not standard. They vary from one company to another, not to mention that the coverage level you need will also determine the cost of your insurance premiums. In Austin, Texas, the cheapest coverage goes for about $236 yearly, while the average homeowner’s premium rates are set at about $2,062.

To get you started on your hunt for the most affordable homeowner’s insurance companies in Austin, here is a list of companies with the fairest rates:


CompanyAverage Annual Premium Rate
State Farm$1,880
Texas Fair Plan$1,120
Texas Farm Bureau Insurance$1,490
Texas Farmers Insurance$800
United$ 1,700

Average Home Insurance Cost in Austin, Depending On Coverage Limit

Irrespective of the specifics of the policy you choose, homeowner’s insurance coverage should help you protect your home and the assets inside. However, you can choose from different coverage packages that will also determine how much you will recover financially in case of an accident or catastrophe that involves your home.

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy in Austin that offers about $200K in property coverage goes for about $1,500 yearly. On the other hand, a policy offering coverage of up to $400K goes for about $3,000 annually.


Coverage LevelAverage Premium Rate
$100,000  Home$950
$200,000 Home$1,555
$250,000 Home$1,760
$400,000 Home$2,590

What Are Your Austin Home Insurance Options?

Your home is just as unique as you are, so most companies will not try to shove a “one size fits all” kind of homeowner’s insurance policy down your throat. Instead, they will offer customizable policies that meet the unique needs of different clients.

The standard policy provides dwelling coverage that ensures you receive proper compensation to settle home repair and rebuilding expenses in an accident. This policy also offers compensation for the temporary living expenses incurred as your home is repaired. 

Additionally, standard coverage helps to replace any of your personal belongings stolen or damaged during an unfortunate event. A premium policy, on the other hand, offers protection for a more extensive range of disasters.

Customization is possible through more than just deductible options that are tailored to suit homeowners with different budgets. You can also choose the coverage limit you best prefer.

The basic coverage has certain standard features, which include:

  • Dwelling coverage— protects the house itself.
  • Belongings coverage— protection for personal possessions in your home
  • Personal liability coverage—covers medical expenses for members of your household who are injured during disasters.
  • Medical coverage— protects you from liability in case guests in the insured home are injured during an unfortunate event.

The standard policy is great, although it may not offer the kind of comprehensive protection you need. If increasing your coverage limit and adjusting your deductibles still doesn’t provide a suitable package, you may opt to settle for the premium homeowner’s insurance coverage.

The premium coverage offers additional features, including:

  • Protection for antiques, collectibles, and other high-value items
  • Landlord liability insurance for the protection of rental property
  • High-value home coverage
  • Dwelling fire insurance and more

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage Costs in Austin by ZIP Code

As aforementioned, the cost of home insurance will depend on where you live in Austin, Texas. Aspects such as the average number of claims filed within your area yearly will play a leading  role in determining the premiums charged for different coverage packages.

If you are interested in finding the cheapest homeowner’s insurance policy in Austin, one of the best locations to consider is the 78737 ZIP code (Bear Creek, TX). Residents here enjoy premiums of just $1,960, which offers a discount of about $145 compared to the overall average premiums in Austin.

Let’s take a look at other locations in Austin that offer the lowest home insurance rates.



ZIP Code (Location)Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
78737 (Bear Creek, TX)$1,910
78739 (Austin, TX)$1,965
78749 (Austin)$1,972


Here’s the deal, the overall safety of a specific location will play a leading role in dictating the average premium rates for homeowners insurance. Some of the aspects insurers consider are the fire risk and crime rate of an area. They also take note of the availability of police stations and fire services nearby. 

Anything that can increase or decrease the risk level helps to set the most reasonable premium costs. While the 78737 ZIP code (Bear Creek, TX) offers the cheapest rates at $1,910 yearly, the 78723 ZIP code has the most exorbitant rates of $2,175annually.


ZIP CodeAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate
78723 $2,175
78724 $2, 162

Deductibles for Home Insurance in Austin

There is much that needs keen consideration when choosing the Austin homeowners insurance policy to buy. Among the most crucial factors to consider is the set of deductibles offered by various coverage packages.

Deductibles refer to the monies you need to contribute towards covering a loss after a disaster. The amount you choose to contribute will also play a significant role in helping your insurer set tailor-made insurance premiums for your property. Typically, you will first need to settle the deductibles before your insurer pays you for insured losses.

If you choose lower deductibles, your insurer may have to offer coverage at a higher premium rate. Higher deductibles, on the other hand, guarantee lower premiums. While it may sound enticing to go for an arrangement that offers lower premiums, you owe yourself the favor of only setting the deductibles as high as your financial means allow. After all, your insurer will only pay for the total damages incurred, minus your deductible.

Here is a chart that shows the average premium rates allied with common deductibles.


Deductible LevelAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate
$5,000$1, 367

Want To Save Money? Bundle Your Homeowners and Auto Insurance Packages

Getting the best policies is not always an option you can consider, especially if you are tight on the budget. Fortunately, there are money-saving strategies you can implement to grab the best deals without spending a fortune. Among the best options to consider is to bundle up your homeowners and auto insurance policies.


Company Average Premiums (With Bundle) State Farm $1,097 USAA $1,163 Progressive $1,720 Allstate $1,840

The idea is to work with the same insurer and make great savings!

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Austin, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs​

Whether you choose the standard or premium homeowners’ insurance coverage in Austin, there are certain losses your insurer will not cover. They include general tear and wear of building materials, insect, bird, rodent, and termite damage and deterioration caused by mold, rust, or rot, just to mention a few. Moreover, even the best policies don’t cover defective or poorly made items or structures that are doomed to get damaged after a while.

Yes, it is. It protects you from expensive hospital bills and possible lawsuits emerging from accidents that happen on your property. Depending on the insurer you choose and your coverage package of choice, your policy will offer between $100,000 and $500,000 in liability coverage.

There are four basic areas that are covered in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. They include:

  • Dwelling
  • Personal property
  • Liability
  • Other structures (like your shed)

Austin is prone to unfavorable weather conditions, including hurricanes, hailstorms, tornadoes, and wind-storms. In case a storm damages your home, the dwelling coverage will help with the repair costs.

If you are purchasing a new home, your mortgage lenders may require you to make your homeowner’s insurance upfront, at least for one year at a time. If you have no mortgage, then you pay for your policy monthly, yearly, or quarterly— it’s entirely up to you.

No. An Austin homeowner’s insurance policy is not a legal requirement within the area. However, it makes a worthy investment because it protects your property and belongings in case of tragedies like adverse weather, burglary, and even fire. The best part is that you can choose a personalized coverage package that suits your needs and budgets.

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