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Clovis is a beautiful city in Fresno County, California. It has been rated as the one of the best places to live in by The city offers a great health care and schooling system with a well organised lifestyle. The population in Clovis was 118,000 as of 2020.

How Much Does Clovis Homeowners Insurance Cost?

The average cost of a standard homeowners insurance policy in Clovis ranges between $520 to $710. However, with proper research and the help of this guide, yo u can manage to get the best homeowners insurance deal and keep your home protected from accidents such as fire, robbery, weather damage, pipeline damage.

Average Homeowners Insurance Premium in Clovis Vs State and National Averages

PlaceAverage Homeowners Insurance Premium
Clovis$520 – $710

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Rates By Company

State Farm provides the cheapest rate of $449 per year with $19,999 dwelling coverage and $1k deductible. Farmers insurance is another great company to look at. Its average homeowners insurance rate is $635 per year which includes $27k dwelling coverage and $2,500 homeowners deductible.

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Rates by Company

COMPANYAverage Insurance Price (Yearly)
State Farm$449
Farmers Insurance$635
Liberty Mutual$976

The most expensive homeowners insurance in Clovis would cost you over $970 and is offered by Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Rates by Coverage Amount

A $150,000 dwelling coverage policy will cost you anywhere between $372 to $470 based on the company you choose. California Capital provides the cheapest Clovis homeowners insurance at $150k dwelling coverage amount for just $372. It provides a $200k dwelling coverage policy at $733.

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Cost by Coverage Amount

CoverageCompanyAverage Insurance Price (Yearly)
$150,000 dwellingCalifornia Capital$372
$150,000 dwellingTravelers$463
$150,000 dwellingHorace Mann$470
$200,000 dwellingGrange$501
$200,000 dwellingPacific Speciality$669
$200,000 dwellingAmerican Modern$714
$250,000 dwellingCalifornia Casualty$733
$250,000 dwellingPacific Speciality$857

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Cost By Home Value

Homeowners with a home value of $100,000 to $125,000 need to pay an insurance premium of $262. The Clovis homeowners insurance rate for a home value of more than $200,000 will be above $511 on an average. Your home value is a determining factor for your Clovis homeowners insurance premium.

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Rates By Home Value

Home ValueNumber of HomesAverage Insurance Premium
Less than $50k773$59
$100,000 – $125,000630$251
$126,000 – $150,000766$333
$151,000 – $175,0001,943$380
$176,000 – $200,000 1,440$436
$200,000 – $250,0003,619$532
$251,000 – $300,0003,391$644
Above $300k4,488$810+

Clovis homeowners Insurance Rates By Neighbourhood

Your homeowners’ insurance premium is influenced by the street you live in. The least expensive streets in Clovis, CA have an insurance rate of $599. They are Brookhaven Dr, Shirley Ave and Filbert. In W Bedford, Houston Ave and Rialto Ave neighbourhoods, insurance rates can reach upto $639. 

Homeowners Insurance Premiums In Clovis By Neighbourhood

Street Name Nearby Clovis, CAAverage Insurance Cost
W Bedford, Rialto Ave, W Sierra, N Fancher Ln, N Leonard, Houston Ave$639
N Jasmine, W Decatur, Burl Ave, Whittier Ave, Fordham, Purvis$621
N Halifax, Russell Ave, W el Paso Ave, N Traverse Ave, N Montana Ave$611
Miami Ct, Cindy, N Fancher Ave, Cromwell, Waldby St, Quincy$614

The reason why insurance premiums are different in different neighbourhoods is because of the number of homes in a neighbourhood, volume of claims being filed, historic number of claims and the local crime rate in the area.

Homeowners Insurance Deductibles In Clovis

Homeowners insurance deductible is one out of the many decisions you will be making while buying a home insurance policy in Clovis. The deductible amount must be selected carefully depending on your personal capacity. It’s that part of the claim which you need to pay by yourself if your home is damaged.

A high home insurance deductible will make your insurance premium less expensive. But if your deductible amount is low, you’ll have to pay a higher insurance premium.

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductibles

$800 in homeowners deductibles  bring the cost of an insurance premium to $717 an year on average. If you have a higher deductible amount, then the insurance rate which you pay will be lower. Deductible is the amount you need to pay by yourself in case your home is damaged due to an accident.

Homeowners Insurance Rates In Clovis by Deductible

Deductible AmountAverage Insurance Premium
Above $5,000Varies according to company

A $2,600 deductible homeowners insurance policy will cost $599 per year. 

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options

You can choose from a list of coverage options such as dwelling, flooding, personal property and other structure coverages. Here’s a brief explanation about each of them.

Different coverage options available with a Clovis Homeowners Insurance

Coverage OptionDescription
Dwelling InsuranceCovers damage to only your home building and attached structures like a garage. Does not include personal belongings that lie inside the home.
Flood InsuranceIn case of flood, having flood insurance will help you to claim losses for the damage done to your home.
Personal Property InsuranceYour personal belongings inside your home like your bed, sofa, dining table etc are protected by this coverage option.
Personal Liability InsuranceThis will cover the lawyer’s fee or any special cost in case a court finds you guilty of damage or injuries that took place on your property.
Other Structure InsuranceUnattached structures to your home like fence or tool shed fall under this coverage option.

Best Rated Clovis Homeowners Insurance Companies in California

Before getting your Clovis homeowners insurance, you might want to check the ratings of the insurance company you are dealing with. A.M Best Financial Strength ratings of companies rated GEICO Insurance ‘A++’. Allstate and Nationwide were rated A+. GEICO stands out among all the companies listed in the table below.

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Companies in By Ratings

CompanyCompany’s Market ShareRating
Liberty Mutual4.19%A

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

Senior occupied homes in Clovis, CA can enjoy a homeowners insurance saving of $92. This is almost the same in other cities but in Fort Washington, the homeowners insurance savings for senior-occupied homes is almost $100.

Homeowners Insurance savings for Senior Occupied homes in Clovis, CA

CityAverage Insurance Savings
Tarpey Village$90
Fresno County$89
Fort Washington$99

Best Clovis Homeowners Insurance Agents Near You

If you’re a homeowner in Clovis, CA looking to get your home insured, these insurance agents are top rated near Clovis, CA and would definitely be of help to you.

Best Homeowners Insurance Agents Nearby Clovis, CA

Farmers Insurance903 Pollasky Ave, Clovis, CA, 93612
Farmers Insurance1932 W Sunnyside Ave, Visalia, CA, 93277

4020 S Demaree St Ste A 93277

Allstate91 W Shaw Ave Ste 109, Fresno, CA 93704
State Farm1437 West Shaw Avenue, Fresno, CA 93711-3608
State Farm371 E Bullard Ave Ste 104, Fresno, CA, 93710-5217
Rio Mesa 3134 Willow Ave – Ste 102 Clovis, CA 93612

Clovis Homeowners Insurance and Car Insurance Bundling Discounts 

Bundling your homeowners insurance policy with a car insurance can help you save anywhere around $70 to $150. One car insurance bundle will save you $77 and two car insurances along with Clovis homeowners insurance will save you $101.

Bundling Discount With Clovis Homeowners Insurance

Areax1 Car Insurance Bundle Discountx2 Car Insurance  Bundle DiscountX3 Car Insurance Bundle Discount
Tarpey Village CDP, CA$72$100$149
Fresno County, CA$77$101$155
Fresno CCD, Fresno County, CA$77$101$155

Clovis Homeowners Insurance That Provide The Highest Bundling Discounts

GEICO offers upto 20% multi-policy discount while most other companies offer more than 10% bundling discount. Nationwide is not as impressive as others because it provides a discount of only upto 6%.

Homeowners Insurance Multi Policy Discounts Percentage

CompanyBundling Discount Percentage
GEICOUpto 20%
AllstateUpto 14%
Liberty MutualUpto 14%
NationwideUpto 6%

Clovis Homeowners Insurance Rates Comparison

To make your job of finding the most affordable homeowners insurance in Clovis easier, this table compares three insurance companies based on different factors.

CompanyTravelersNationwide InsuranceGEICO Insurance
Monthly Premium$44$58$155
Type of Home3 Beds and 1 Bathroom4 Beds and 1 Bathroom5 Beds and 1 Bathroom
Coverage Limit$20k – $26k$401k – $499k$700k – $799k
Deductible$550- $999> $8,999 $2500-$5000 

Travelers is the cheapest insurance at $44 which offers a coverage limit of $26k max in case of claims. Whereas, GEICO insurance costs $155 monthly but offers a greater coverage of $799k max in case of loss or damage to your home.

Is Damage Done By Natural Disasters Covered In My Clovis Homeowners Insurance Policy?

The standard Clovis homeowners insurance will not cover your losses if they happen by a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood. These are natural factors and claiming compensation in such cases is not under a homeowners insurance.

A Flood Insurance policy protects your home from natural disasters by covering your losses. Talk to your insurance agent and they will guide you  further in regards to this matter.

Tips To Keep In Mind Before Getting Your Homeowners Insurance In Clovis

Tip 1

If you do not want to spend money on homeowners insurance, then we recommend that you get a minimum insurance coverage that can at least cover the replacement cost of your home.


Never deal with unlicensed agents. This will protect you from scams and wastage of time. Always politely ask for the agent’s insurance license if you have any doubt.

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Clovis, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

A homeowners insurance will cover your losses when your home is damaged or destroyed in an accident. It can be anything ranging from a small fire to a pipeline burst in your home. A homeowners insurance is a wise investment for anyone who owns a home.

This is because the insurance companies calculate each policy’s premium differently. The factors that decide a premium include the neighbourhood, the value of the home, coverage limit, deductibles, risk variables and more. 

According to A.M Best Financial Strength ratings, GEICO Insurance was rated ‘A++’. Allstate and Nationwide were rated A+.

No, they do not. You need to buy a separate  flood insurance policy from NFIP to be covered.

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