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Concord is located in California, just northeast close to San Francisco. The former coal mining colony is now home to the Diamond Mines Regional Preserve. Over one hundred and twenty thousand people call this safe suburban city home. The city is family-oriented and a great place to raise a family.

The town has a focal point, Todos Santos Plaza. The plaza covers a huge chunk of the city. It is a meeting point for people of this city to shop and socialize. Fifty-eight percent of the town’s inhabitants are homeowners. Homeowners’ insurance exists to prevent property loss and personal belongings due to damage, natural disasters, or theft.

Moneylenders require insurance to cover their properties before lending individuals money. Concord’s average homeowner insurance rate is $1,393 per annum; This is lower compared to the national and state average. 

What is the average insurance rate in Concord? 

Homeowners insurance rates: Concord Vs. State Vs. National average

Concord Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average

Companies Offering The Best Home Insurance In Concord

The insurance company you pick decides how much your homeowner insurance rate will be in Concord. There are various insurance companies in Concord; please visit as many as you can to compare the prices before making a decision. Encompass has the cheapest home insurance in Concord for a coverage dwelling of $400,000.

Best home insurance company in Concord

Insurance companyAverage annual rate
Encompass insurance$1,536
Allied Insurance$2,180

How to get affordable Homeowners insurance in Concord

The high cost of repairing your house if damage occurs, replacing personal property, and protecting your asset are the leading reasons why homeowners invest in homeowners insurance. Various factors affect the premium you pay to your insurance company. These factors affecting your premium include the insurance policy you pick, your home’s zip code, and the home cost in your localities. We offer you resources to compare and select the cheapest homeowners insurance in Concord. Your coverage level or property cost is one of the determinants of your insurance rate in Concord.

Coverage level and average insurance premium in Concord

Dwelling Coverage levelAverage annual premium
$100,000 $532
$200,000 $700

Areas with the cheapest Insurance in Concord

Where your home is located in Concord affects your premium rate. Factors that determine the average yearly rate depends on fire risks, locality, number of claims filed yearly by residents in the area, and crime rate.

Homeowners insurance rate in Concord by zip code

Names of AreasZipcodes of areasAverage annual bundle insurance rate
Willow Pass Road94519$1,133
West Street94521$1,323
Evora Road94520$1,324
Atlantic Street94518$1,561

Concord Homeowners deductibles

When damage occurs to your insured home, the insurance company will pay the cost of the damage minus the deductibles. Your deductible is the amount of money you pay towards repairing your damaged property if damage occurs. You and your insurance broker should discuss your deductibles. Deductibles should be how much you can easily pay off. The higher your deductible amount, the lesser your insurance premium.

Homeowners insurance premium by deductibles in Concord

DeductiblesAverage insurance premium

What Are The Types Of Home Insurance In Concord

There are eight types of insurance coverage in Concord; they are

Concord Home Insurance types and Coverage 

Homeowners insuranceWhat is covered
HO-1 (Basic form)
  • This is the least homeowner insurance in Concord
  • Basic form coverage includes storm, wind, volcanic, lightning, and fire, property theft, damage from a vehicular collision, explosion, and civil unrest
HO-2 (Broad Form)
  • HO-2 covers personal properties and the physical structure of the home
  • Coverage includes everything in the basic form
  • Damage from falling objects
  • Ice, sleet, or snow damage
  • Damage to pipes from freezing
  • Damage to household systems from artificially generated electrical currents
HO-3 (Special Form)
  • It is the most common choice among homeowners in Concord
  • HO-3, unlike HO-1 and HO-2, covers all damages except those excluded in the policy leaflet.
HO-4 (Tenant’s form) 
  • This policy was designed for home renters and leasers
  • Covers all damages in HO-2
  • This policy covers liability and personal property but not the physical structures of the building
HO-5 (Comprehensive Form) 
  • They are the most expensive and inclusive insurance coverage for homeowners.
  • HO-5 covers not just the cost of the damaged item but the total cost of repairs
  • HO-5 offers a wider personal property coverage, including pieces of jewelry.
HO-6 (Condo Form)
  • This premium is for condo owners
  • The plan covers floors, ceilings, and the condo’s unit walls only but not the entire building.
  • This policy also caters for personal property and liability
HO-7 (Mobile home Form)
  • Mobile home form is for mobile homeowners
  • Its coverage on the mobile home is only when the home is stationary; you have to get extra coverage to move the home
  • It offers the same Coverage as HO-3
HO-8 (Older home Form)
  • This premium is for old houses in Concord deemed as landmarks or registered as historical homes
  • This policy offers the same Coverage as HO-1
  • The owner is not allowed to upgrade any other system that will make the house eligible for HO-3


Best Home Insurance companies in Concord

One of the factors homeowners consider when shopping for homeowners insurance is the price. However, another important factor to put into consideration is the company’s financial stability. This will determine the company’s capability to pay insurance claims. So, before purchasing insurance policy in any company, ensure you check the AM Best rating and the JD Power ranking of the company. 

Best insurance company in Concord based on the AM rating and JD power ranking. 

Home insurance companyAverage annual rate for $250K dwelling.D. Power customer satisfaction scoreAM Best Rating

The Hartford




CSAA Insurance Group







State Farm








Special consideration for natural disaster in Concord

Concord is prone to intense seasonal weather that can cause damage to properties, especially from floods and storms. Generally, the total number of natural disasters in Concord is much higher than the national average. 

Here is a summary of the natural disaster that has occurred in Concord 

  • Total number of major disaster in Concord: 53
  • Common causes of the disasters within the state: storms and floods
  • Total amount of property losses paid in 2018: $1,354,075

Here is a detailed breakdown of the major natural disasters that has happened in concord: 

  • Floods: 13
  • Storms: 8
  • Hurricanes: 5
  • Snowstorms: 6

This is why it is advisable  to be prepared for the costly financial losses associated these natural disasters. Having a good insurance policy that covers these losses would give you peace of mind and save you from any future losses. 

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Concord, NC

Home Insurance Company in Concord, NCHomeowners Insurance Agents Near Concord, NCAddress of Agents
NationwideBrandon Price Insurance Agency Llc129 N Pearl St, Pageland, SC, 29728
Liberty Mutual IndependentCarolina Underwriters And Financial Group2509 PLANTATION CENTER DR, MATTHEWS, NC, 28105
Liberty Mutual IndependentGreenpoint Insurance Group Inc.315 S Talbert Blvd, LEXINGTON, NC, 27292
State FarmMary Beth Ballantine Chfc1460 Dale Earnhardt Blvd, Kannapolis, NC, 28083
State FarmTim Good10128 Unv City Blvd, Charlotte, NC, 28213-3624

Companies in Concord with the Best Bundling Packages

You can reduce the amount of money you pay on your auto and home insurance. Bundling is the solution to your money issues. Bundling combines your auto and home insurance in a single policy. You get to save up to 17% annually if you opt for the bundle package.

Best bundle rates and companies in Concord

Liberty Mutuals$1,189
The Hartford$1,981

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Concord, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

To get a reduced premium in Concord, your home must be built with pretty sturdy materials. The sturdier your materials, the less likely they are to be damaged. Also, older people get a more discounted insurance rate compared to younger people.

Having homeowner insurance is not compulsory anywhere in California unless you have an ongoing mortgage. Your mortgage lender requires you to have insurance to protect your investment. It will be nice to have homeowners insurance in Concord, even if you do not have a mortgage.

Your homeowner’s insurance most likely will not cover damages from the earthquake. California is prone to earthquakes; it would help if you speak with your insurance broker about getting additional earthquake protection asides from your standard insurance policy.

Letting your homeowner’s insurance lapse is not a good plan. Your home is vulnerable to damage during the lapsed period, and no insurance will protect you if damage occurs during this period. It would be best to pay your premium regularly.

You do not have to worry your home insurance policy will cover damages from wildfires in Concord. It will be best if you subscribe to at least the HO-3 form. Your insurer will pay you the actual value of your damaged properties. The actual value might not be enough to replace the damaged properties. Subscribing for the HO-5 plan gets you more than the real value of the damaged property but the total cost of replacement.

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