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Conroe is a popular city in Texas, serving as Montgomery’s county seat, just about 40 miles from Houston. Making your home on Conroe means you get to enjoy the many exciting places the city has to offer – from Lake Conroe to the Candy Cake Park.

Other interesting spots in the city of 91,079 people include the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County, Historical Flag Park, Campobello Bronze Fine Art Studio and Gallery, and Conroe Recreation & Aquatic Center.

In addition to providing shelter, your home serves as a store for your personal belongings, as well as priced assets. However, incidences like burglary, vandalism, and theft can cause damage to these valuable items. Even natural catastrophes like hurricanes and windstorms can destroy your home. It is, therefore, important to give your home some form of protection. That’s where a homeowners insurance policy comes in.

If you’re looking for the best Conroe Homeowners Insurance, you couldn’t be in a better place. This guide will help you make the right choice of an insurance package best for your home and finances.

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost in Conroe, Texas

The average homeowners insurance cost in Conroe, Texas, is $1,579. Insuring your house in Conroe is much cheaper than most other parts of Texas, and it is even cheaper than both the state and national homeowners insurance. See our table for a comparative breakdown of homeowners insurance in the city up to the national level.

  Average Homeowners Insurance Cost Annually
Conroe,  TX $1,579
Texas $3,500
Nationwide $2,305

The Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Rates in Conroe, Texas

There are several affordable homeowners insurance plans in Conroe, Texas. While the exact quote for your home will depend on several factors, such as your home value, size, building materials, and deductible, you still can get your hands on cheap insurance packages. The cheapest home insurance policy in Conroe is GEICO at $723.

The tables below show the annual average of homeowners insurance from different providers in Conroe.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Conroe, Texas

Insurance Company Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
GEICO $723
Safeco Insurance $1,824
Horace Mann Educator’s Corporation $2,643
American National Property and Casualty Company $3,757

Expensive Homeowners Insurance in Conroe, Texas

Insurance Company Homeowners Insurance Rate
Progressive $6,575
Amica $6,573
Alfa Insurance $5,686
MetLife $5,331
State Auto $5,158

Homeowners Insurance by Neighborhoods in Conroe, Texas

Homeowners insurance rates in Conroe, Texas, vary slightly by neighborhood. The table below shows the average you should expect for selected streets in the city of Conroe, Texas.

Cheapest Neighborhoods for Homeowners Insurance in Conroe, Texas

Neighborhoods Average Homeowners Insurance Cost
Willis County Ln, Kentucky Oaks Dr, Woodwind Dr, FM 2878 Rd, Old Conroe Rd, Dr. Acreman Rd, $1,009
Wilson Rd, E Stockbridge Landing Cir, Queens Ct, Mohawk Bend, Nugent St, Merrimac Park, S Lake Shore Dr, $1,012
W Prairie Dawn Cir, Carriage House Way, Collier Rd, Texas Star Ct, Glade Meadow Ln, Stone Creek Dr $1,061
Bloomsbury Ct, Bob White, Indian Wells Ln, Farm-to-Market Road 105-2090 Cutoff, Twilight Pl, Wick Willow Rd, $1,064
Jadewing Ct, Crownridge Dr, Topaz Ct, Memory Ln, Courtland Green, S Loop 336 E, Lake View Dr $1,067
Songwood Trl, Golden Oak, Valley Mead Pl, Teas Nursery Rd, Waterview, Moss Bluff Ct, Markham Groove Pl $1,068

Most Expensive Neighborhoods for Homeowners Insurance in Conroe, Texas

Neighborhoods Average Homeowners Insurance Cost
Weeping Willow Way, N Whistlers Bend Cir, Benjamin Dr, S 2nd St, Russet Grove, Nicholas Ct, Greenfield Dr $1,094
Hurley Ln, Box Elder Dr, Centaurus Ct, League Line Rd, Stonefield St, Sandra Ct, Osage Trl, Timberlane St $1,110
Downing Ct, Hensen Rd, Shadow Brook Dr, Longmire Rd, Slick Rock Dr, Forest Lake Ct, Robindale Cir $1,119
Lakewood Surrey Run Pl, Hillwood Ln, N Haversham Ct, Quiet Water Way, Palestine St, Rose Royal Dr $1,128

Homeowners Insurance Rates by Deductible in Conroe, Texas

When purchasing an insurance plan, you have to choose a deductible, which is the amount of out-of-pocket money you pay towards a claim. Some people go for a high deductible so they can pay lower insurance rates. For others, a low deductible means less financial burden if the unexpected happens and they have to file a claim.

Conroe, Texas Homeowners Insurance by Deductible

Deductible Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
$500 $1,560
$1000 $1,411
$1500 $1,327
$2000 $1,206
$2500 $1,132

Conroe, Texas Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

Insurance companies will factor in home value when calculating homeowners insurance cost for your home. On average, a home between $100,000 and $125,000 will cost $873 in insurance rate. Homes that cost higher than $299,999 in Conroe will take in up to $2,799 in insurance. We’ve put together homeowners insurance annual averages for different home value range.

Conroe, Texas Homeowners Insurance Rate by Home Value

Home Value Average Homeowners Insurance Rates
>$50,000 $199
$50,000 -$79,999 $521
$80,000 -$89,999 $678
$90,00 – $99,900 $757
$100,000 – $124,999 $873
$125,000 – $149,999 $1,100
$150,000 – $174,999 $1,300
$175,000 – $199,999 $1,495
$200,000 – $249,999 $1,796
$250,000 – $249,999 $2,199
$300,000 – $399,999 $2,798

Conroe, Texas Homeowners Insurance Cost by Age of Home

Age of Home Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
New Home $1,218
30 years $1,604
40 years $1,622
50 years $1,641
Above 50 $1,656

Types of Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Conroe, Texas

A standard Homeowners Insurance policy offers the following overages:

  1. Building Protection Coverage: This covers damage or loss to your building from events stated in the policy.
  2. Personal Property Coverage: This protects your personal belongings in the home from theft, vandalism, and some natural events.
  3. Detached Building Coverage: This covers damage or loss to other structures in your property, separate from the main building.
  4. Loss of use Coverage: If your house is so damaged it forces eviction, this takes care of any temporary home cost.
  5. Liability Coverage: If you’re sued for damage or injury caused by your home to a non-family member, this coverage handles the liability claims. It also covers every legal cost in the process.

Best Insurance Companies in Conroe, Texas

  J.D Power Rating NAIC Value BBB Rating AM Best Rating
Allstate 4/5 0.21 A+ A++
USAA 5/5 0.15 B+ A++
Amica 4/5 0.20 A A++
State Farm 4/5 0.20 A A++
Farmers 3/5 0.37 B A
Progressive 2/5 0.14 B+ A
Auto-owners 4/5 0.27 N/A A++

Tips to Save on Homeowners Insurance in Conroe, Texas

With the ever-rising homeowners insurance rates, you would want to save as much as you can. There are several homeowners insurance discounts that can save you a lot of money. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • A mixed policy combining home and car insurance can save you up to 25% on Homeowners Insurance costs.
  • Buying a new home surely puts some money back into your pocket on home insurance.
  • Keeping your home smoke-free can get you up to 15% on homeowners insurance discounts.
  • Installing security systems and smoke alarms can qualify for a 15% discount on the home insurance rate.

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Conroe, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Getting affordable home insurance in Conroe, Texas, depend on a lot of factors. Your insurance agent will take a look at your home value, cost of a rebuild, crime statistics in the area you live in, and your previous claim history. All of these factors put together will determine how much it costs to protect your home.

The crime rate in Conroe, Texas, is about 38 crimes per one thousand residents. That figure is lower than the national average, and the equally high poverty rate could provide an explanation. With the high tendency of theft and vandalism in some areas, you can bet that home insurance policy will cost more in those neighborhoods.

Going through quotes from top insurance companies can be one heck of a job, but it’s worth all the stress. That way, you’ll be able to compare quotes to find the most affordable rates and available discounts. Most insurance carriers also offer mixed policies that allow you to combine your auto and home insurance policies and save some cost as a result.

As Herculean as it may seem, finding cheap homeowners insurance in Conroe is absolutely a possibility. Although the actual insurance cost for your home depends on your home type, value, and cost of a rebuild, many of Conroe’s rates are affordable. You have to take time to compare quotes and decide on what’s best for you.

Replacement cost coverage is the payment an insurance provider makes to fix the damages with materials of the same quality. This payment does not take into account the depreciation of the property before the damage. On the other hand, the actual cash value is the amount an insurance provider pays to repair or replace the home, with depreciation taken into account.


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