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So you have finally become a homeowner in Dallas, the cosmopolitan city of Texas? Congratulations! Being a homeowner in Dallas, Texas is definitely a wonderful experience. You might have already started thinking about getting yourself a Dallas homeowners insurance policy. This guide will help you in getting started to find the most affordable homeowners insurance for your new home.

What Is The Importance Of Homeowners Insurance In Dallas?

It is very common that people spend large sums of money on their new home but they do not spend enough to protect it from theft, fire, natural disasters, wind damage, and other external factors that can be harmful to their home. In such cases, homeowners insurance can be extremely helpful. While it is not mandatory for homeowners in Dallas to have Dallas homeowners insurance, it’s 100/100 recommended getting one to stay protected. 

Which Are The Most Affordable Dallas Homeowners Insurance Companies?

Dallas is famous for quite a few things and one amongst that list of things is its high cost of living compared to other Texas cities. The cost of homeowners insurance in Dallas is also above the national average. The average insurance premium in Dallas is $3600. The rate of insurance may vary from one provider to another because of factors like cost of building materials and value of your personal items.

The following is a list of cheap and affordable Dallas homeowners insurance companies:

Insurance Company Average Premium Cost (Yearly)
Texas Farmers $300
AIG $2,344
Safeco $2,850
Allstate $2,950
United $3,100
Liberty $3,232

In Dallas, Texas Farmers provides homeowners insurance at an average of $300 annually which is an impressive deal. It is definitely a good starting point to begin your search for a home insurance policy.

How Does My ZIP Code Affect My Dallas Homeowners Insurance Premium?

Your ZIP Code is also a deciding factor in the price you end up paying for your Dallas homeowners insurance. You cannot expect to pay the same premium in every area of Dallas. This is because of the risk variables associated with your area. The insurance rate you will pay depends on the local crime rate, historic claims filed in your area, the volume of claims, whether the area is prone to risks such as wildfires, hailstorms, etc.

Here is a list of areas that are the most affordable in Dallas:

Area ZIP Codes Average Property Prices
South Dallas 75215, 75210 $156k
Wolf Creek 97497 $187k
Lake Highlands 75231, 75238 $190k

Also, have a look at the areas that are going to cost you a lot of money if you want a homeowners insurance policy in these areas of Dallas:

Area ZIP Codes Average Property Prices
Highland Park 75205, 75209 $1.6 Million
University Park 75225, 75275 $1.4 Million
North Dallas 75206, 75231 $690k

What Are The Different Coverage Levels In Dallas Homeowners Insurance Policy?

HO-1 is the most simple type of Dallas homeowners insurance. It is the most simple as well the most comprehensive in terms of coverage.

Other types include HO-2, which is an advanced version of HO-1 and includes some extra coverage from falling objects and sudden and accidental damage. However, the cost of your insurance premium increases.

HO-3, which is called the special policy, covers everything in the previous two policies with added benefits, and only excludes the coverage which has been exclusively mentioned in the policy paper.

What Are Homeowners Insurance Rates In Dallas Based On Coverage Limits?

The level of coverage you wish to choose will directly impact your homeowner insurance premium. In simple words, the higher the coverage, the higher the price. For instance, a $100,000 dwelling coverage in Dallas averages $1,580 every year. Check below to find out more about homeowners insurance premiums based on coverage levels.

Coverage Limit Average Premium Cost (Yearly)
$100,000 $1,575
$150,000 $1,892
$200,000 $2,305
$250,000 $2,999
$350,000 $3,074
$400,000 $4377

What Is The Impact Of Homeowners Insurance Deductible On The Premium Price?

Homeowners insurance deductible is basically the amount which you, being the insured party, has to pay from your own pocket in case of an adverse incident such as robbery, fire, and other external evils. The deductible amount will impact your Dallas homeowners insurance premium. Given below is the relationship between the deductibles you choose and its average premium cost.

Deductibles Average Premium Cost (Yearly)
$500 $3170
$1000 $2975
$1500 $2886
$2000 $2641
$5,000  $2,299

Remember that if your deductible is set high, then your insurance premium will be less. But if your deductible is too low because you are not in a position to pay the amount yourself, then you’ll have to pay a higher premium. It’s always advisable to set your deductible not way too higher than the price you can pay.

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What Are Some Pro Tips To Get The Best Homeowners Insurance Deal In Dallas?

Pro Tip 1:

Actively negotiate with the insurance agent instead of agreeing to the insurance rate right away, this way the agent will get an impression that you have done your research and you are bound to get the best homeowners insurance deal.

Pro Tip 2

If the given coverage options are not sufficient and you need extra coverage, make sure you ask about it with your insurance agent. If you do this, you might be able to get some discounts for purchasing more than one policy with the same insurance company.

Pro Tip 3

You can plan about bundling your Dallas homeowners insurance with auto or flood insurance and this way too, you can save some quick bucks.

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Dallas, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

No, even though the homeowners insurance rates in Dallas are above the national average, if you compare different policies and understand the coverage you want, your Dallas homeowners insurance becomes cheap and affordable.

No, usually a standard homeowner insurance policy doesn’t take into account flooding. Make sure to check with your agent and if required, you can pay an extra premium and get a separate flood insurance policy. If not, you can also bundle it with your homeowners insurance policy.

Bundling is basically an offer that makes it possible to combine your home insurance with any other insurance at a discounted price with a single insurance company. Bundling includes combining your homeowner policy with life insurance, auto insurance, renters insurance, and more. Your insurance provider will be able to furnish you with further details.

It is because all homeowners insurance companies charge different rates from one another. Your insurance premium is decided by several factors such as the replacement cost of your home, ZIP code your home is in, the local crime rate in the area, coverage levels and much more. 

While it is not mandatory to get yourself a Dallas homeowners insurance we highly recommend you to get one. Homeowners insurance will protect your home from external evils like theft, fire and natural disasters.

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