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With about 112,320 residents, Downey ranks 59th on the table of the most populated city in California. Downey is only about 12 miles from Los Angeles. The gateway city is home to the Apollo program and the first-ever McDonalds, which is still standing to this day. Downey is central to most freeways and is known for its many restaurants. 

The climate in Downey is pretty friendly, with a comfort index of 9.3 out of 10. The median price for a home in Downey is $525,500. As a homeowner, you’ll need a Downey homeowners insurance to protect your home and properties from natural disasters, thefts, and fires.

We’ve provided the essential information you need to find the right Downey homeowners insurance regardless of your budget. With this guide, you can make an informed decision when choosing your Downey homeowners insurance policy.

Downey Homeowners Insurance Average Cost

The average Downey homeowners insurance rate is $1,502. Compared to the average homeowners insurance rate in California and the national average,  homeowners insurance in Downey is relatively expensive. The rates may vary according to the Downey homeowners insurance companies in the town. It will help if you compare various quotes before choosing the homeowners policy you want. Check out the table below that compares the average homeowners insurance rate in Downey and across the US.

Average Downey Homeowners Insurance Rate VS Statewide And National Average

Downey Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average

Best Downey Homeowners Insurance Rates by Company

Downey homeowners insurance varies by company. Progressive offers the cheapest Downey homeowners insurance rate with an average of $800 annually, which is about half of Downey’s average homeowners insurance. Since there is no standard rate and different companies are trying to appeal to different types of customers, you are likely to find cheap homeowners insurance with the services you need. The table below shows the table of homeowners insurance from the cheapest to the most expensive in the city.

Homeowners Insurance In Downey by Company

CompanyInsurance Rate
$Nationwide $1,389
Amica Mutual$1,415
The Hartford$1,876
Sefaco Insurance$2,107
Esurance $2,169
Allied Insurance$2,260

Downey Homeowners Insurance Rates by Neighborhood 

Risk varies from neighborhood to neighborhood within Downey and so does the average homeowners insurance rate. Factors like crime level, long-distance to public safety stations, and propensity to disasters such as flooding can raise a neighborhood’s rates. To save you time, we compile and compare some neighborhoods’ rates and their ZIP codes below. 

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Downey by Neighborhood

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage Annual Insurance Rate
City Center90239$1,522
Florence Ave90240$1,525
Firestone Blvd90241$1,399
Smallwood Ave90242$1,399

Downey Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductible

It is essential to know what deductibles are when regarding Downey homeowners insurance. A deductible is the amount of money you must pay before your insurance company fulfills its duty of settling a loss. In essence, a deductible specifies a certain payment that comes out of your pocket before your insurer settles a loss or repair damage. You have total control over how much you pay as deductible, but the amount you set determines your insurance premium. A low deductible means you pay more premiums yearly, and a high deductible will lower your insurance rates. The table below shows the relationship between sample low and high deductibles and your insurance rate. 

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Downey by Deductible

Deductible TypeAverage Homeowners Insurance Cost 
$500 Deductible$1,486
$1,000 Deductible$1,342
$1,500 Deductible$1,266
$2,000 Deductible$1,149
$2,500 Deductible$1,080

Downey Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available 

Much of what you need to insure is covered by the standard Downey homeowners insurance except for disasters like floods. The most important thing is to read your policy carefully to determine if you need additional coverage, costing you more money. If you need near large water bodies, you should get coverage from floods. If your house is old, you might want to cover future repairs. Below are some of the events you can cover in Downey:

  • Theft
  • Plumbing errors
  • Fires
  • Resettlement
  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes 
  • Storms 

Best Downey Insurance Companies 

Homeowners insurance companies in Downey, California, are easy to find, but the best ones might require a little more research. These companies are the best because they offer great homeowners insurance coverage that satisfies their customer’s needs at friendly rates. The best companies have earned some repute and high ratings by various data analytics and business rating agencies. The best homeowners insurance company in Downey, California, is State Farm, with the highest rating from independent service reviewers. Below are the best homeowners insurance companies in the city of Downey, CA.

Best Companies And Their A&M Best, NAIC, BBB+ Ratings

CompanyA.M Best RatingJ.D Power ScoreMarket Share
State FarmA++4/519.55%
Farmers Insurance A+3/510.39%
Liberty Mutual A3/57.37%

Home Insurance Agents in Downey

For homeowners insurance in Downey, California, you will find independent agents who can help you get the best affordable homeowners insurance policy. These agents primarily work with one homeowners insurance company and request a consultation fee for their services. Most of these agents are also connected to multiple popular Downey homeowners insurance companies to offer you more options for insurance rates. You can make appointments with any of the below-listed homeowners insurance agents. 

Homeowners Insurance Agents And Their Addresses

Company NameAddress
Allstate 8734 Imperial Hwy, 90242, CA
Statefarm11134 Downey Ave, CA
Liberty Mutual400N Tustin Ave Ste 425-927505, CA
Farmers823W 9th Ste 90731, CA
GEICO23651 Birther Dr 92630, CA

Downey Homeowners Insurance Money Saving Tips

One of the popular questions about Downey homeowners insurance is how to get the most value. To save money on your Downey homeowners insurance you can leverage the following tips:

  • Choose bundled insurance. 
  • Improve the general physical condition of your home.
  • Match quotes from different homeowners insurance companies. 
  • Seek recommendations and referrals.
  • Look for homeowners insurance with discounts.

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Downey, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Downey homeowners insurance rates vary due to many factors, which include:

  • Location of your home
  • Distance to the nearest fire station and police station
  • Crime rates in your neighborhood
  • The physical condition of your home
  • Lower deductibles
  • The type of construction materials used in your home

Usually, your Downey homeowners insurance does not cover damage that occurs outside your home. However, you may take insured items like jewelry outside on vacation, which is valid. Generally, however, your Downey homeowners insurance does not cover natural disasters like floods.

There are both independent and company agents who can work with you to create your Downey homeowners insurance. Independent agents do not work for any homeowners insurance company and can help you secure the homeowners insurance services of any suitable insurer. 

The need to insure homes makes homeowners insurance popular everywhere, including Downey which is prone to fires and floods. If you live in Downey, you will have no problem finding the best homeowners insurance.

You can use a homeowners insurance comparison tool, to search for Downey homeowners insurance rates. Also, you can visit the websites of popular Downey homeowners insurance companies to get their quotes.

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