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East Los Angeles is the 52nd largest city in California, with about 121,189 residents. It is the North of Commerce but only a ten-minute drive from Los Angeles, giving it plenty of access to all the arts and diverse cultural scenes of Los Angeles.  78.7% of its residents live above poverty, with a median income of $46,082 across its 31,500 households.  

33.6% of the people who owned houses in East LA live in them, which is about half of the national average of 63.6%, despite a relatively low median house value of $375,000. The median age of East Los Angeles residents is 32, which is relatively young. However, East Los Angeles is a city blossoming with life.

If you’re a homeowner in East Los Angeles, you might want to consider getting homeowners insurance. The state of California is prone to multiple natural disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, storms, and wildfires, and the city has seen its fair share. East Los Angeles homeowners’ insurance can also protect you from man-made disasters like arson and theft. 

Many homeowners insurance companies in East Los Angeles offer these policies, and we have created a guide to help you sort through them while saving a ton on your insurance premium.

East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Average Cost 

The average cost of East Los Angeles homeowners insurance is $1,616, which is about 27% higher than the average California homeowners insurance but only slightly higher than the national average of $1,444. Homeowners insurance companies do not all offer the same rates, so expect variations in rates due to different factors, including your home type, age, and location. Here is a comparison table showing the average homeowners insurance rates in East Los Angeles, across California, and in the United States.

Average Homeowners Insurance Rate in East Los Angeles VS Statewide And National Average

East Los Angeles, California Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average
$1,616$ 1,173$1,444

East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Rates by Company 

Mercury insurance offers the cheapest homeowners insurance coverage in East Los Angeles, CA, at only $626. Allstate also has affordable insurance plans as low as $679. Here are the average rates of homeowners insurance policies in East Los Angeles, California, from the cheapest to the most expensive. 

Homeowners Insurance Rates In East Los Angeles by Company 

CompanyInsurance Rate
Mercury Insurance$626
Liberty Mutual$1,695
Century National$3,270
American National Property and Casualty Company$3,313

East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Rates by Neighborhood

Your home’s location plays a huge role in how your insurance is set. Homes near police or fire stations in areas with lower exposure to natural disasters and few insurance claims in total will generally see lower insurance rates.  We’ve compared the rates across different neighborhoods and ZIP codes around East Los Angeles.

East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Rates by Neighborhood

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage Annual Insurance Rate
Brookfield Street, Allston Street, Yates Avenue90022$1,157
Boswell Place, Dunham Street, Hostetter Street 90023$1,022
Jullien Street, N Bernal Avenue, Sentinel Avenue 90063$998

East Homeowners Insurance Deductibles

A deductible is the amount of money you agree to pay to settle an insured loss while the insurance companies pay the rest. The average annual insurance rate for a policy with a low deductible is $1,112, while the average rate for a policy with a high deductible is $1,000. Hence, if you want to reduce your East Los Angeles homeowners insurance rate, you should choose a higher deductible. 

East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Cost Based on Deductible

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate

East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available

A standard policy protects your home against home accidents, water and plumbing errors, fire outbreaks, theft, burglary resettlement. You can always expand your policy to cover more potential accidents such as visitors getting injured in your home and natural disasters. 

Coverage From Natural Disasters

Since California has a history of natural disasters, good homeowners insurance should cover them. If you can’t cover them all, ensure that you get coverage for those with a high likelihood or history of occurring in your neighborhood. You can extend your insurance policy to cover the following disasters:

  • Wildfires
  • Landslides
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods
  • Severe storms 

Best East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Companies

Many insurance companies in East Los Angeles compete for your business. You should also know that the insurance companies with the cheapest rates aren’t always the best. We rate the best by evaluating their scores from powerhouse rating agencies like A.M Best and J.D Power. Also, we check to ensure that they are financially stable with the most comprehensive policies and a history of reliability.  Our research finds that State Farm is the best homeowners insurance company in East Los Angeles,

Best Companies and Their A&M Best, NAIC, BBB+ Ratings

To understand why some homeowners insurance companies are the best, consider the below table that shows the top homeowners insurance companies’ ratings in California.

CompanyA.M Best Rating      J.D Power Score     Market Share 
State FarmA++                                4/5                            19.55%
AllstateA+                                   3/5                           13.08%
Farmers Insurance A+                                   3/5                           10.39%
Liberty Mutual A                                     3/5                            7.37%

Homeowners Insurance Agents in East Los Angeles

Experienced agents can help you out with whatever questions you have concerning homeowners insurance in East Los Angeles. Homeowners insurance agents are experts in securing insurance in your area and can make the process quicker and more productive for you. If you are not sure what you need and how to go about it, meet an agent today.

Homeowners Insurance Agents And Their Addresses

Company NameAddress
Atlas Insurance Inc.12616 South Ste 90703-7232, CA
Grove Insurance Company Inc.4326 South St 90712, CA
GEICO23651 Birtcher Dr 92630, CA
Farmers1926 S Main St 92797, CA
Tomco Insurance2001 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA

East Los Angeles Homeowners Insurance Money Saving Tips

Being a recurrent cost, most homeowners are looking to save on their East Los Angeles homeowners insurance. There are ways you can save without affecting the quality of your policy. Below are some proven methods:

  • Improve the physical condition of your home—for instance, plaster broken walls.
  • Upgrade and modernize the security, fire, and electrical systems.
  • Do not forget bundling.
  • Research and compare different quotes. 
  • Ask for discounts.

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East Los Angeles, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Due to the necessity of having homeowners insurance in the city, an increasing number of insurance companies have different coverages. The best homeowner insurance company in East Los Angeles is State Farm, while Mercury insurance offers the cheapest policies.

Standard homeowners insurance protects you from home accidents, thefts, burglary, fire outbreaks, and other losses or damage in your home. Also, there are natural disasters you will need protection for your home and properties from. East Los Angeles homeowners insurance will give you the financial security you need to own a home. 

Generally, California is known to experience natural disasters, although the occurrence varies from state to state. However, it would be best to insure your home against natural disasters in East Los Angeles, California. 

Many factors may cause your homeowners insurance rate in East Los Angeles, California, to be high. Some of them include the physical state of your home, crime rates in your area, past histories, and nearness to the police station and fire station. Your insurer will consider this and many more before calling a cost. 

Bundling can save you money on your East Los Angeles homeowners insurance. You do this by adding auto insurance to your homeowners policy. Since you will be using the same insurer, there will be discounts. Comparing quotes is also another way of saving.

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