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Edinburg, a city within the Hidalgo County of Texas, is a wildlife refuge and a home to one of the most fascinating birds in the world. Edinburg’s scenic and colorful wetlands are considered as one of the nine World Birding Centers. With over 100,000 people residing in this humble but astonishing city, Edinburg is one of the places in Texas worth gallivanting. 

Edinburg has at least 14,000 households with over 18,000 housing units averaging 439 population density. Despite this, the city’s lifestyle is quite laidback but never boring. With its geographical location and semi-tropical weather conditions, Edinburg became a habitat for one of the most unique birds in the world. 

What is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Edinburg?

Homeowners’ insurance in Edinburg is affordable. The average homeowners’ insurance rate in Edinburg is between $853 to $1,168 yearly. While the average homeowner’s insurance rate monthly is $70 to $91. Hence, homeowners insurance shoppers can buy Edinburg homeowners insurance at a reasonable price in contrast to its neighboring cities. 

Edinburg Homeowners Insurance Rate VS Statewide and Nationwide Average

As was mentioned, Edinburg offers one of the cheapest homeowner’s insurance rates in Texas. While the statewide average is roughly around $3,424 yearly making it the fifth most expensive homeowner’s insurance rate in the country, the city of Edinburg only garners around $1,168. The nationwide average however is $1,210 per year which is substantially cheaper than Texas’ average rate.  

Edinburg Average (annual) Texas Average United States Average
$1,168 $3,424 $1,210

Which companies offer the cheapest homeowners insurance option in Edinburg?

Edinburg houses multiple homeowners insurance companies that offer cheap quotes to its residence. The major players in rendering the cheapest homeowners’ insurance rate in Edinburg are State Farm with a monthly premium of $77. 

Company Average Annual Rate
State Farm $924
Amica Mutual Insurance Compa $1,080
Travelers $1,740

Homeowners Insurance Rate By Streets Around Edinburg

Your location influences your homeowners’ insurance rates in Edinburg. Residing in areas near public safety departments such as police stations and fire stations, it is likely for your rates to be cheaper than those who live in locations prone to crimes and natural disasters. 

Streets Around Edinburg Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
58539 $1,021
58540 $1,054
58542 $1,025


Edinburg Home Insurance Costs by Deductible 

Deductible Level Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
$500 $1,550
$1,000 $1,640
$1,500 $1,500
$2,000 $1,585
$5,000 $1,340

Best Home Insurance Companies in Edinburg

Company J.D. Power Ranking A.M. Best Rating BBB rating
Allstate 5 out of 5 stars A++ (Superior) A+
GEICO 4 out of 5 stars* A+ (Superior) A
State Farm 3 out of 5 stars A+ (Superior) A
USAA 5 out of 5 stars A++ (Superior) A++

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Edinburg

One of the most effective ways to gain cheap homeowners insurance in Edinburg is by hiring an expert. Homeowners insurance agents in Edinburg know every corner of the business. They help many homeowners buy a bundle that is ideal for their current homeowner’s profile while enjoying a cheap monthly rate.

Home Insurance Company Near Edinburg Top Homeowners Insurance Agents in Edinburg Address
Farmers Edwardo Briones 1046 N 77 Sunshinestrip Ste 6, Harlingen, TX, 78550
Allstate R. B. Carter Agency 213 N Broadway, Elsa, TX, 78543
Allstate R. B. Carter Agency 213 N Broadway, Elsa, TX, 78543
Farmers Robert Garza 1109 W Nolana Ave Ste 101, Mcallen, TX, 78504

What Are the Most Common Coverage Options in Edinburg?

There are different coverage options that you can choose and bundle based on the condition and location of your home and your preferences. These options include home protection, medical coverage, additional living expenses, and more. Common coverage options offered in Edinburg are described in more detail below. 

Property or Dwelling Coverage: Covers the cost of home repairs for damage caused by events such as windstorms or kitchen fires. 

Personal Liability Coverage: Covers injuries to you and your family from an accident in your residence for which you are responsible. 

Medical Coverage: Covers injuries to guests who are injured on your property. (Does not cover injuries to you or others living in your residence.) 

Additional Living Expense: If your home acquires severe damage and is not livable, your insurance provider will cover the cost of house rentals for up to 24 months or until your home is completely safe and rebuilt. 

Asset Protection: Covers valuable assets on your property, such as art, antiques, and/or collectibles. In any case that these assets are stolen or lost, the insurance company will replace them. 

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage: Provides full coverage (beyond the partial coverage offered by asset protection) for specific valuables of your choice. 

Property Rental Coverage: Covers the risks taken by renting out your home for extended periods of time including liability costs, property damage, and loss of rental income.

How To Save On Your Homeowner’s Premiums in Edinburg?

  • Consider the kind of coverage you select. Each homeowners insurance option in Edinburg is priced individually. Knowing what options you have that are aligned to your current residential condition is crucial. 
  • Bundle! Bundling can gain you significant discounts. Take a look at your house’s profile; its age, location, and quality. Then, closely examine different coverages from different companies. Sometimes, companies that offer cheap quotes may not be ideal for your current situation, hence, opt for the one that can offer cheap rates but with comprehensive coverage that best fits your home. 
  • Hire an agent! One of the surest ways of earning cheap homeowners insurance rate in Edinburg is by looking for an agent with experience. 

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Edinburg, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

The average homeowner’s insurance rate in Edinburg range from $800 to $1,100 yearly. It is cheaper than the nation’s average and the statewide average. 

There are many major players in Edinburg that offer cheap homeowners insurance. However, the top of the crop is State Farm which renders $77 per month. 

It is inevitable for your homeowner’s insurance rate in Edinburg to rise after a claim. The out of the pocket homeowners pay with a low deductible after a claim is around $1,880.

Several streets in Edinburg are considered low-risk. These areas are either located near public safety departments or rarely experience catastrophic events. Areas around Chance Ln, E Xenops Ave, Andrea St, Lake Shore Dr, Joan Dr, Summit Ct, Verbena St, N 33rd Ln, Park Place Dr, S 5th Ave pay an average of $988 yearly. 

As was mentioned, Edinburg has one of the cheapest homeowners insurance costs despite belonging in a state considered as the fifth most expensive homeowners insurance in the country. But, Edinburg homeowners pay an average of $77 per month which is substantially cheaper compared to other surrounding cities. 

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