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Fairfield has about 115,280 residents, and its population has grown about 8.8% since 2010. It has a low unemployment rate of 4.1%, positive job growth, and a median home price of $458,000. Places like the Suburban complex are a joy to live in, especially since it’s so close to San Francisco.

Living in this place can be peaceful and exciting, and it has a booming economy to boot. Homes have appreciated about 6.1% over the past year alone, but they remain affordable for most residents, at a $377,400 median value. The city consists mainly of white residents, who make up half of the population, followed by Hispanics and Latinos (about 30%), Asians (about 16%), and African Americans (about 15%). The average commute time is 30.8 minutes.

The average market rent in Fairfield is about $2,260 per month, but if you’re on the market for your own home, you must consider insuring it against natural disasters and theft.  You can secure your investment by buying homeowners insurance from the best insurance providers in Fairfield, California. This guide provides all you need to know about buying homeowners insurance in Fairfield, California, without breaking the bank.

Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Average Cost

The average Fairfield homeowners insurance cost is $899 annual, which is slightly lower than the average homeowners insurance in the state of California at $1,173. Your insurance premium depends on the homeowners insurance company you choose to work with. These companies consider crime rates, location of the nearest fire station and police station, home condition, and home age before stating their quotes. Here is a table comparing the average homeowners insurance rates between the city, states, and country.

Average Homeowners Insurance Rate in Fairfield VS Statewide And National Average

Fairfield Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average
$899$ 1,173$1,444

Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Rates by Company 

Farmers Insurance sells the cheapest Fairfield homeowners insurance policy for $359, while Sefaco sells the most expensive policy for $2,639. As we mentioned earlier, Fairfield homeowners insurance costs vary according to the insurer. It is important to compare as many quotes as possible before deciding which company to work with. The table here shows the Fairfield homeowners insurance rates from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Homeowners Insurance In Fairfield by Company

CompanyInsurance Rate
Farmers Insurance$359
State Farm$432
MetLife $1,342
Progressive $1,440
Century National$1,495
Allied Insurance $1,767
Sefaco Insurance$2,639

Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Rates by Neighborhood 

Understanding Fairfields homeowners insurance trends is essential when looking for homeowners insurance in the city. Insurance companies consider the safety of the area, the number of claims filed, and the propensity of your neighborhood to natural disasters when giving you a quote. Safe neighborhoods with a low number of claims have a lower homeowners insurance average than neighborhoods that are unsafe or have a high number of claims. We’ve prepared a table below with the average homeowners insurance in different neighborhoods and ZIP codes around Fairfield.

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Fairfield by Neighborhood

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage Annual Insurance Rate
5th Street94533$865
Solano County94510$900
Glen Ellen95432 $1,133.6
Smallwood Ave90242$1,399
Angwin94508 $1,320.8
Napa County94559 $1,650

Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductible

A deductible is a set amount of money the policyholder has to pay before the insurer settles an insured loss. Insurance companies have a lot of criteria to determine your insurance quote, but your deductible plan gives you some level of control over your premium. The higher you set your deductible, the lower your insurance rate will be. So, if cheap annual insurance rates are top of mind for you, you can push your financial burden to the future when you want your deductible. The table below shows the calculations and comparisons between high and low deductibles in different deductible scenarios. 

Homeowners Insurance Rates In Fairfield by Deductible

DeductiblesAverage Homeowners Insurance Costs

Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available

Your Fairfield homeowners insurance is all about coverage. Coverage means what the homeowners insurance covers and insures you against. Most of the Fairfield homeowners insurance policies offer standard coverage. Standard homeowners insurance coverage provides all that you need regarding insuring your home. However, you may choose to include additional items to your coverage if you so wish although you will have to pay more in insurance premium. 

Coverage From Natural Disasters

You should note that Fairfield homeowners insurance does not cover natural disasters. Sadly, Fairfield experiences a share of natural disasters, which may likely put your home and properties at risk. It would be best if you include natural disasters in your coverage. Here are the Fairfield natural disasters you may need coverage from.

  • Landslides
  • Earthquakes
  • Severe storms
  • Floods
  • wildfires

Best Insurance Companies In Fairfield

The best homeowners Fairfield insurance companies offer top-notch homeowners insurance services and boast of an excellent customer service experience. We have curated a list of exceptional homeowner insurance companies with good A.M, J.D Power, and Market share scores. State Farm comes out on top as the best homeowners insurance company in Fairfield, CA. 

Best Companies And Their A&M Best, NAIC, BBB+ Ratings

CompanyA.M Best Rating

J.D Power Score

Market Share
State FarmA++4/519.55%
Farmers InsuranceA+3/510.39%
Liberty MutualA3/57.37%

Home Insurance Agents In Fairfield

Homeowners insurance agents are qualified insurance professionals who help people secure the best Fairfield homeowners insurance policies. They are available to provide whatever you need regarding homeowners insurance in the city and serve as intermediaries between policyholders and homeowners insurance companies. Below are some of the agents of Fairfield homeowners insurance companies. You can reach them, ask questions, and start the process of securing your Fairfield homeowners insurance.

Homeowners Insurance Agents and Their Addresses

Company NameAddress
Travelers242 Marina Way Apt A 94801, CA
GEICO 430 Lockeford St 95240, CA
Farmers745 Clay St 94108-1802, CA
State Farm9201 State Farm Drive 94928, CA
Nationwide7000 Sunne Ln Ste 104 94597, CA

Fairfield Homeowners Insurance Money Saving Tips

Below are some easy cost-saving tips you can use to cut down on your Fairfield homeowners insurance cost.

  • Go for bundling by attaching auto insurance to your Fairfield homeowners insurance.
  • Pick the policy with discounts. 
  • Compare rates before you select.
  • Select a higher deductible.
  • Improve the physical condition of your home.

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Fairfield, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

You can get cheap Fairfield homeowners insurance by comparing quotes from different insurers. Also, ask for available discounts and set a higher deductible. Bundling is also a common practice that saves you money on your Fairfield homeowners insurance in Fairfield, California.

A deductible is an amount you agree to contribute to settling an insured loss before your insurance company carries the burden. A lower deductible means your insurer pays more to settle an insured loss, which makes your annual premiums expensive. A higher deductible means your insurer pays lower, reducing your premium.

Yes, Fairfield homeowners insurance companies agree to bundle. Therefore, you can combine two or more insurance policies. Usually, people combine auto insurance with their Fairfield homeowners insurance to save money.

When compared to the average statewide and nationwide homeowners insurance rates, it is safe to say that Fairfield rates are not expensive. If you need to cut costs, choose a cheap policy and bundle it with your auto insurance to reduce costs.

Yes, Fairfield homeowners insurance agents will make your search more fruitful. You can trust them to help you find the best homeowners insurance in the city. They will work with the information you provide and ensure you are satisfied.

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