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Fresno is a bustling city at the base of San Joaquin Valley in California. This bustling city is the fifth largest in California. Despite its population of over 500,000 people, Fresno provides an idyllic escape away from home for most California people in California. Fresno offers a stunning view of the Sierra Nevada and bountiful fresh farm produce, thanks to being one of the country’s top agricultural producers.

This picturesque town has its fair share of seasonal wildfires and flood risk. However, these risks have not deterred people from buying properties in Fresno. 44.2% of people living in Fresno are homeowners. In Fresno, homeowners insurance mitigates against losses and damages that might have been suffered due to natural and human-made disasters. 

Moneylenders require mortgage owners to have insurance coverage over their properties. On an average, Fresno’s homeowner insurance is $956 per annum. This is one of the cheapest in California, and it is 20 percent lesser than the national average. 

What is the average insurance rate in Fresno? 

Homeowners insurance rates: Fresno Vs. State Vs. National average

Fresno Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average

Companies Offering The Best Home Insurance In Fresno

The company you choose has a significant huge impact on how much your homeowner insurance rate will be. Please compare the prices of the different insurance companies before making a decision. Mercury has the cheapest home insurance in Fresno at the average rate of $532 annually.

Best home insurance company in Fresno

Insurance companyAverage annual rate
AmTrust NGH$722
State Farm$806

How to get affordable Homeowners insurance in Fresno

The high cost of repairing your home, personal property, and asset protection are the leading reasons why homeowners invest in insurance.  Different factors affect the rate you pay on your insurance. These factors include the type of insurance policy you pick, the zip code your home is located in, and the properties’ cost in your localities. We offer you resources to compare and select the cheapest homeowners insurance in Fresno. Your dwelling coverage level or property cost is one of the significant major determinants of your insurance rate in Fresno. 

Coverage level and average insurance premium

Dwelling Coverage levelAverage annual premium
$100,000 $391
$200,000 $660

Areas with the cheapest Insurance in Fresno

Where you live in Fresno is a determinant of the average insurance premium you will pay yearly. The value of properties in your locality, fire risks, crime rate, and the number of filed claims by residents of that area in previous years.

Homeowners insurance rate in Fresno by zip code

Names of AreasZipcodes of areasAverage annual bundle insurance rate
Blackstone Avenue93710$906
Maple Avenue93720$911
University Avenue93741$913
Blythe Avenue93706$995
Harvest Line93725$1,001
Abby Street93701$1,005

Fresno Homeowners insurance rates by deductibles

A deductible is the amount of money covered by the homeowner to repair or replace the damaged item before a claim can be filed to the insurance company to cover the remaining cost. You have the choice of deciding how much deductibles you want while shopping for your homeowner’s insurance. Please remember to pick a deductible amount convenient for you to pay in the event of damage. The higher the deductibles, the lower your insurance premium per year.

Homeowners insurance premium by deductibles 

DeductiblesAverage insurance premium

What Are The Types Of Home Insurance   coverage In Fresno?

There are eight types of insurance coverage a homeowner can purchase in Fresno; they are listed below.

Fresno Home Insurance types and Coverage 

Homeowners insuranceWhat is covered
HO-1 (Basic form)
  • Least homeowner insurance in Fresno
  • Coverage includes some natural disasters (storm, wind, volcanic, lightning, and fire)
  • Property theft
  • Damage from a vehicular collision
  • Explosion
  • Civil unrest
HO-2 (Broad Form)
  • HO-2 covers both personal properties and the structure of the house
  • Includes everything covered in the basic form
  • Damage from falling objects
  • Ice, snow, or sleet damage
  • Damage to pipes due to freezing
  • Damage to household systems from artificially generated electrical currents
HO-3 (Special Form)
  • It is the most common choice of homeowners.
  • HO-3, unlike HO-1 and HO-2, covers all damages unless excluded in the policy package
HO-4 (Tenant’s form) 
  • This policy was designed solely for renters and leasers.
  • Covers all damages included in HO-2
  • This policy covers liability and personal property but not the structures of the building.
  • It may include loss of use coverage.
HO-5 (Comprehensive Form) 
  • They are the most expensive and broadest insurance coverage.
  • HO-5, unlike HO-3, covers not just the cost of the damaged item but the total cost of repairs
  • HO-5 has a wider personal property coverage, including pieces of jewelry, compared to HO-3
HO-6 (Condo Form)
  • This premium is strictly for condo owners.
  • They provide twisted Coverage for condo owners; the plan covers floors, ceilings, and the unit walls only.
  • This policy also caters to for personal property and liability.
HO-7 (Mobile home Form)
  • Mobile home form is for mobile homeowners.
  • It only covers the mobile home while it is stationary; you have to get additional coverage if you intend to move the home.
  • It has the same Coverage as HO-3.
HO-8 (Older home Form)
  • This premium is for old houses deemed as landmarks or registered as historic homes.
  • This policy offers the same coverage as HO-1.
  • The owner is not allowed to upgrade electricity or any other system to that will make the house eligible for HO-3.

Best Home Insurance companies in Fresno

A company’s financial stability is an essential important factor to consider before deciding on the insurance company to use.  This will determine the company’s capability to pay insurance claims. Before So, before purchasing an insurance policy in any company, ensure you check the AM Best rating and the company’s JD Power ranking JD Power ranking of the company. 

Best insurance company in Fresno based on the AM rating and JD power ranking. 

Home insurance companyAverage annual rate for $250K dwellingJ.D. Power customer satisfaction scoreAM Best Rating
The Hartford$1,215843/1000A+ 
CSAA Insurance Group$807832/1,000
State Farm$802837/1000A++ 

Special Consideration for Natural Disaster in Fresno

Every homeowner’s insurance has different coverage types. Some cover standard risks like fire damage, vandalism, and theft. However, you need to find out what your insurance policy covers when it comes to natural disasters. 

In Fresno, here are the major natural disasters you need coverage from.

  • Wildfire: Your insurance policy must cover it is essential important your insurance policy covers damages from wildfires, especially after the Mineral Fire incident in July 2020, which burned more than 28,000 acres and destroyed several structures in Fresno. 
  • Flood: Fresno is surrounded by agricultural lands causing it to have flat areas that are susceptible to flooding. The primary basic homeowners insurance could cover water damages from a burst pipe but not damage from flooding. You might need to confirm from your provider about the coverage for flood insurance. 
  • Earthquake: Though Fresno does not sit on any major faults, major quakes from neighboring communities could cause damages. You should add on coverage for an earthquake to your insurance policy plan since the basic insurance policy does not include earthquake insurance.

Top insurance companies in Fresno and their agents

Homeowners Insurance Agents near FresnoAddress of Agents
Bruce Busby618 W Willow Ave, Visalia, CA, 93291
Chad Mazgedian777 Minnewawa Ave Ste 24, Clovis, CA, 93612-1731
Klassen And Associates Insurance Services1300 E MANNING, REEDLEY, CA, 93654
Sierra Gateway Ins Servs Inc499 W Shaw Ave, Ste 140, Fresno, CA, 93704
United Valley Insurance Ser3245 W FIGARDEN DR, FRESNO, CA, 93711
Fiesta Auto Insurance & Tax Service1574 N Blackstone Ave #108, Fresno, CA 93703, United States
North Fresno Tax & Insurance1255 W Shaw Ave Suite 102, Fresno, CA 93711, United States
Central Sierra Insurance4327 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93726, United States
Sunny Cal Auto Insurance Services3083 E Clinton Ave, Fresno, CA 93703, United States

Companies in Fresno with the Best Bundling Packages: Saving insurance cost in Fresno

A bundle package refers to combining your home and car in a single insurance policy. Bundling your homeowners and car insurance saves you tonnes of money. You can save up to 17% annually by opting for a bundled package.

Best bundle rates and companies in Fresno

CompanyAverage Bundle premium
State Farm$1,804

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Fresno, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Your homeowners’ insurance in Fresno does not typically cover any damage as a result of an earthquake. To be protected against damage caused by an earthquake, you have to purchase an additional policy.

Homeowner insurance in Fresno is not compulsory unless you have a mortgage. Your lender requires you to have a mortgage to protect your investment. It will be nice to have homeowners insurance, even if you do not have a mortgage

Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD) reduces the risk of flood in the city by constructing drainage systems. However, this government’s effort does not eliminate the risk of flood. The way to ensure your personal belongings against surges is to have special insurance against them. You can speak to your insurance broker if your house falls in the flood hazard zones; if it does, you qualify for protection through the National Flood Insurance Programme.

It is not a good plan to let your homeowner’s insurance expire. If you have a valid mortgage, your lender will find you another insurance company and charge you the extra cost required to get your house insured.

Your home insurance policy should cover damages from wildfires. You can protect yourself further if you subscribe to the HO-3 form. Your insurer will reimburse you the actual value of your damaged properties, which might not be enough to replace the damaged properties. Subscribing for HO-5 grants you more than just the actual value of the damaged property but covers the total cost of replacement.

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