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Harlingen, Texas is a rural community situated in the center of the Rio Grande Valley with easy access to South Padre Island and Mexico.   Harlingen is host to many mom-and-pop stores, authentic Mexican food, and rare glimpses of Texas culture. The homeownership rate in Harlingen is 56.1%, lower than the national average of 63.9%.

Homeowners insurance should be a must for any homeowner in Harlingen. In addition to personal property, homeowners insurance protects the property in the event of damage, including burglary, arson, wind damage, and vandalism. Incidents like this do occur. When coupled with the high cost of fixing or replacing a house, buying homeowner insurance is a wise choice.

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Harlingen?

Homeowners Insurance: Harlingen Rates Vs. State + National Averages

Harlingen Average (Annual) Texas Average United States Average
$966 $3,468 $1,548

Harlingen Homeowners Insurance by Company

What you pay for Harlingen homeowners insurance depends on the insurance company you get your policy from. Texas Farmers offer the cheapest home insurance in Harlingen, with an average premium of $170 per year.

Take a look at the cheapest insurance companies in Harlingen, Texas to find the right home policy for you.

Cheap Homeowners Insurance Providers in Harlingen

Company Average Annual Rate
Texas Farmers $170
United $555
ASI Lloyds $955
Safeco $994
USAA $1,075

Harlingen Homeowners Insurance Prices by ZIP Code

Not all areas in Harlingen will have the same cost of homeowners insurance. The community you live in can significantly affect how much you spend to insure your Harlingen, TX home. Policies are priced on geographic factors, the number of claims made in the surrounding area, the frequency of natural disasters, and other factors. 

Lasana (ZIP code: 78550) has the most affordable homeowners insurance, with an average of $733 per year. The table below shows the places in Harlingen with the cheapest homeowners insurance.

Cheapest Areas For Homeowners Insurance in Harlingen

ZIP Code Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
78550 (Lasana) $733
78551 (Harlingen) $802
78552 (Palm Valley) $909

Other Harlingen neighborhoods have homeowners insurance rates that are higher than the city average. Property crime levels, fire risk, and even the proximity to emergency facilities (such as fire and police departments) may affect the risk level of some areas of the city, increasing coverage costs. With an annual average premium of $1,199, ZIP code 78553 (Providence Park) is the most expensive in Harlingen for homeowners coverage.

Expensive Areas for Homeowners Insurance in Harlingen

ZIP Code Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
78553 (Harlingen) $1,199
78586 (San Benito) $1,192

Number of Catastrophes in Texas and the US

  • National number of catastrophes: 19,053
  • Number of catastrophes in Texas: 1,955
  • National number of tornadoes: 1,235
  • Number of tornadoes in Texas: 225
  • National property damage from weather: $5,511,250,000
  • Property damage from weather in Texas: $1,026,150,050

Harlingen is less vulnerable to the dangers of tornadoes than most of the lone-star state, but tornadoes do happen. Harlingen is also susceptible to floods. Often the arid conditions make it too difficult for the soil to soak up a lot of water, so flash flooding will create havoc in the region.

Harlingen Homeowners Insurance Rates by Coverage Amount

The amount of home coverage you prefer affects your insurance premiums. Harlingen households with $100K in dwelling coverage pay an average of $1,200 a year, and those with up to $400K of dwelling coverage pay around $4,508 per year.

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Harlingen—Popular Coverage Limits

Coverage Level Average Annual Rate
$100K Dwelling $1,200
$200K Dwelling $2,948
$250K Dwelling $3,862
$400K Dwelling $4,508

What Does Harlingen Homeowners Insurance Cover

Buying homeowners insurance doesn’t have to be complicated and frustrating. Here are some details on the type of insurance coverages available and what they are for:

  • Dwelling Coverage: This is your standard insurance policy covering losses and damages to your property’s physical structure.
  • Personal Property Coverage: You may want personal property coverage for your possessions, whether inside or outside your home.
  • Liability Protection: Liability protection covers you if you hurt someone or damage another person’s property.
  • Guest Medical Protection: This coverage is specifically to cover people who are injured on your property.

Harlingen Homeowners Insurance Rates by Deductible Amount

One of the decisions you need to make when buying homeowners insurance is how much the deductible amount will be. The deductible is what you have to pay as a participation fee when filing for a claim and affects your premium amount.

When choosing a deductible, bear in mind that the larger your deductible, the lower the homeowners insurance rate will be. This suggests that anyone who wants reduced home insurance premiums may consider having a higher deductible. Keep in mind that the deductible should be something you can afford when you file for a claim in the future.

Below are some typical deductibles available on most home insurance plans and the average insurance rates.

Homeowners Insurance Costs by Deductible Amount in Harlingen

Deductible Amount Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
$500 $1,270
$1,000 $1,160
$1,500 $1,100
$2,000 $1,070
$5,000 $550

Bundle Homeowners and Auto insurance in Harlingen to Save Money

You should consider buying your vehicle and homeowners insurance plans from the same provider if saving money is one of your concerns. Bundling policies in Harlingen could lead to an average annual savings of 7%.

Cheapest Car Insurance Rates With a Homeowners Insurance Bundle in Harlingen

Company Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (With Bundle)
State Farm $1,170
USAA $1,302
Allstate $1,985
Progressive $2,065
GEICO $2,662

Best Home Insurance Companies in Harlingen

Price is always a factor to consider when you’re shopping for homeowners insurance. The insurer’s financial stability is also a critical consideration because it demonstrates its potential to handle claims. Always review the J.D. Power Ranking, AM Best Financial Rating, and Better Business Bureau’s Rating for home insurance.

Company J.D. Power Ranking A.M. Best Rating BBB rating
Allstate 5 out of 5 stars A+ (Superior) A+
Amica 5 out of 5 stars* A++ (Superior) B-
Liberty Mutual 3 out of 5 stars Not rated A
State Farm 3 out of 5 stars A++ (Superior) A++
Texas Farm Bureau Insurance 3 out of 5 stars A+ (Superior) A

Top Home Insurance Agents Near Harlingen, TX

Home Insurance Company Near Harlingen, TX Address
Connelly & Bartnesky Insurance 1209 E Harrison Ave, Harlingen, TX 78550
Daniel Reza – State Farm Insurance Agent 1221 S 77 Sunshine Strip, Harlingen, TX 78550
Sheree Wood: Allstate Insurance 1901 Bell St Ste A, Harlingen, TX 78550
Adolfo Torres – State Farm Insurance Agent 622 S Ed Carey Dr, Harlingen, TX 78550
Christina Palomo – State Farm Insurance Agent 2312 S Expressway 83 D, Harlingen, TX 78552

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Harlingen, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Homeowners insurance covers the homeowner’s property and belongings. On the other hand, the renter’s insurance only covers the renter’s things. After all, the landlord is only responsible for maintaining the house, not the renter’s belongings. 

Renters insurance is recommended but is not required. It can certainly come in handy if you experience theft of your possessions.

In most situations, you will require a home examination before you can obtain homeowners insurance in Harlingen. The inspection is a way for insurance providers to determine your home’s risks so that they can calculate your premiums.

Before your house is inspected, clear any clutter from your property that gets in the way of a detailed inspection. For example, remove all leaves from your gutters and ensure that these gutters are firmly attached before the inspection.

Homeowners insurance is not necessarily tax-deductible, but there are a few exceptions. For example, if you run a company in your house, you might be able to subtract certain insurance premiums after filing taxes. Similarly, whether you are a homeowner renting out a house or housing unit to a client, you will be entitled to subtract the expenses.

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