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Jurupa Valley is a home to a little over 100,000 residents. Having a home in this California city is like a dream come true. After all, living near Fairmount Park and Mount Rubidoux in Jurupa Valley equals peace and calmness of the mind. But, what about the Jurupa Valley homeowners insurance?

Planning for your homeowners insurance in Jurupa Valley can be tough job. We are here to help you find the best and most affordable homeowners insurance you can find in Jurupa Valley, California. This will protect your home from dangers such as theft, fire, natural disasters, and burglaries.

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Jurupa Valley?

The average cost of a standard homeowners insurance policy in Jurupa Valley ranges between $554 to $695. However, with proper research and the help of this guide, you can manage to get the best homeowners insurance deal and keep your home protected.

Average Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Rates Vs State and National Averages

PlaceAverage Homeowners Insurance Premium
Jurupa Valley$554 to $695

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Rates By Company

Homeowners insurance in Jurupa Valley have varying rates. This is due to many factors such as the condition of your home, local crime rate in the area, and the cost of replacing your home. The cheapest Jurupa Valley homeowners insurance rate is from Farmers at only $389. 

Cheap Homeowners Insurance in Jurupa Valley by Company

COMPANYAverage Insurance Price (Yearly)
Farmer’s Insurance$389
Liberty Mutual$410
State Farm$645
JF Welch $706

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Rate By Home Value

Your insurance rates will also vary depending on the value of your home. If the cost of replacing your home is high, it will increase your Jurupa Valley homeowners insurance cost as well. 

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Rate By Home Value

Home ValueAverage Insurance Premium (Yearly)
Less than $50k$64
$50k – $59k$142
$70k – $79k$195
$80k – $89k$221
$100k – $125k$293
$150k – $175k$400+
$200k – $250k$572+
Above $300k$920

If your home value is less than $50k, you are supposed to pay a small sum of premium on this value. But in case you have a high value home, then the insurance cost will rise accordingly. For example, a home which is valued at $100,000 needs to pay $293 in average yearly homeowners insurance premium in Jurupa Valley. This cost can be brought down if we include homeowners deductibles.

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Cost By Neighborhood

Homeowners in some streets pay only $588 yearly for their Jurupa Valley homeowners insurance while homeowners in some other streets have to pay as high as $630.Your homeowners insurance rates will vary depending on the area you live in. 

Homeowners Insurance Cost In Nearby Streets of Jurupa Valley

Street Name Near Jurupa Valley, CAAverage Insurance Cost
Fleming St, Ridgewood Dr, Florine Ave, Fountain Dr,  Vandewater St$588
Nick St, Fresno St, Bergerac Ln, Arguello Dr, Park Cir, San Aliso Ct$ 618
Capary Rd, 68th St, Mercury Ct, Ventosa Ln, Bright Water Cir$621
S Milliken Ave, Meadow Land Dr, Woodbridge Ln,Riverside Rd, 37th St$626
Iris Ct, Maggie Ln, Knightsbridge Ct, Brandi Ln, Mark Twain Ct, Moraga Ave,$627
Mindelo Ln, Font Ave, Edinburgh Rd, Sutter Way, Opal St$630

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Premium By Deductibles

The amount you pay by yourself in case of theft, robbery, fire and emergency is the homeowners deductible amount in your insurance policy. There is an indirect relationship between homeowners insurance premium and homeowners deductible. If the deductible you choose is high, then the insurance premium is low. If the deductible you choose is low, then the insurance cost is high. 

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Premium by Deductibles

Deductible AmountAverage Insurance Premium
Above $2,000Highly Varies from one company to another.

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Covers Natural Disasters 

Natural disasters are unstoppable. They just happen. In case you are wondering if your regular homeowners insurance will be enough to protect you from flood, wildfire damage, earthquakes etc, then you should be aware that it’s not the case. The normal homeowners insurance does not give you the benefits of staying protected or claiming compensation in case of natural disasters. So, what can you do?

A separate Flood Insurance policy needs to be purchased if you want to stay protected from the damage that natural disasters cause. You can consult with your insurance agent and he/she will guide you regarding the process. Remember, prevention is better than cure. 

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

In Jurupa Valley and elsewhere in California, senior Jurupa Valley homeowners are able to get a discount. Usually this is a fixed amount which senior citizens can save but it can differ from company to company and city to city. Jurupa Valley senior occupied homes can save $90 to $95 on their homeowners insurance.

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance saving for Senior Occupied homes

CityAverage Insurance Savings
Jurupa Valley$93
Jurupa $91

Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance and Car Insurance Bundling Discounts Available

You can save some money if you purchase an auto insurance or flood insurance along with your home insurance. This is called bundling and almost all the insurance companies provide this facility.

Bundling Discount With Jurupa Valley Homeowners Insurance

Areax1 Car Insurance Bundling Discountx2 Car Insurance Bundling Discount
Jurupa Valley, Riverside Country, CA$94$125
Bloomington CDP, CA$90$117
Eastvale City, CA$95$128

Pro Tips For Jurupa Valley Homeowners

Pro Tip 1

Never delay getting your home insured. You never know when an external evil like theft or a natural disaster is waiting at your door.

Pro Tip 2

Always do your research. Compare different homeowners insurance companies, check the coverage levels they offer and choose wisely. Do not delay, but don’t rush either.

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Jurupa Valley, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

No, it is not. Homeowners insurance is for your personal benefit. It protects you from dangers in case your home is damaged or affected. It is not legally mandatory but it is recommended to get your homeowners insurance.

Coverage means the amount of compensation you will receive in case your home is robbed, or your personal belongings are lost or destroyed by fire or natural disaster. If you need a higher coverage, insurance premium rate also goes higher.

No, it is not important to bundle your homeowners insurance policy with another car insurance or life insurance. But if you do, it can help you save some money through discounts.

If your home was insured and your homeowners insurance is not expired, you can file a claim for the loss on the insurance company’s website or by contacting your insurance agent. If you did not have homeowners insurance, we are sorry but you cannot claim your losses.

Yes, absolutely. The higher the deductible, the lower the insurance cost. Make sure you choose your homeowners deductible wisely because it is the amount you have to pay in case you need to claim.

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