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There are very few places that offer outdoor recreational fun like Longview, Texas. With about 81,653 inhabitants, the city ranks 46 on the table of most populated cities in the state. Living in Longview, Texas gives you unlimited time to experience festivals and historical celebrations. Understand you need Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas, to ensure your home and properties’ protection. Therefore, while you are motivated to have a home in the fun-filled city of Longview, Texas, you must also protect yourself from potential liabilities. Here we discuss everything you need to find affordable Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas.

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost In Longview, Texas

In Longview, an average Homeowners Insurance costs $1,660 with a median home value of $136,299. You can compare this rate with nearby places as well as the state and national quotes.

Average Homeowners Insurance Rate VS Statewide And National Average

Place Average Homeowners Insurance Cost
Longview $1,660
Gregg County $1,640.1
Hallsville $1,030.4
Texas $,3,500
United States $2,305

The Best Cheap Insurance Rates In Longview, Texas

Searching for affordable Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas? Look no further. You can find a cost-saving homeowners insurance policy if you use some of the tips this article offers. The table below will also serve as a guide for comparing insurance rates and the insurer available Longview, Texas.

Cheapest To Most Expensive Homeowners Insurance Rates In Longview, Texas

Company Insurance Rate
H.M Educators Corporation $1,085.4
State Farm $1,817.5
Esurance $2,749.5
Blue Cross Blue Shield $3,358.9
The Hartford $4,301.6
Progressive $4,741.3
Sefaco Insurance $7,745.6
Amica Mutual Insurance $8,534.3
Liberty Mutual $8,537.9

Homeowners Insurance Rates By Neighborhood In Longview, Texas

To find the best rates of Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas, you can compare quotes from neighboring areas. By making this extensive search and comparison, you can find the best and suitable homeowners insurance policy. Check the rates of insurance policies according to zip codes in the below table.

Cheapest Neighborhoods And Zip Codes And Most Expensive Neighborhoods With Their Zip Codes

Place Zip Code Insurance Range
Big Sandy 75755 $1,594
Overton 75684 $1,459
Henderson 75652 $1,606
Gregg County 75604 $1,640.1
Hallsville 75650 $1,030.4

Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductibles in Longview, Tx

A deductible is a financial liability that rests on the policyholder to cover an insured loss. When a loss or injury happens, the policyholder (you) and the insurer will contribute toward settling the loss. The deductible will determine the contribution of the insurer. If you increase the deductible, the insurer will pay less. If your deductible is low, making you pay only a little, the insurer will pay more. See the table below for comparisons.

Home Insurance Rates By Deductibles in Longview, Tx


Low Deductible High Deductible
Deductible $1,499 $2,300
Yearly Longview, Texas Homeowner Insurance Rate Example  $1,600 $1,230
Total Insurance Policy For 6 Years + Out Of Pocket Expense For Claim $11,099 $9,680
Net Savings To Longview, Texas Homeowners From High Deductible Plan $1,419

Types Of Homeowners Insurance Coverage You Can Get In The Longview, Tx

Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas, covers many risks except natural disasters. The general coverage includes your home, personal possessions, injuries, and losses that may arise from insured dangers like theft, burglary, and accidents. However, due to the weather condition of Longview, Texas, you may have to protect your home and properties against some natural occurrences.

Natural Disasters You Should Consider Covering          

  • Hurricane
  • Wildfire
  • Floods
  • Drought
  • Tornado

Best Insurance Companies In Longview, Texas

Looking for the best homeowners insurance in Longview, Texas? Below is a table showing the best Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas, and their ratings. This should help streamline your choices.

Best Home Insurance Companies And Their A&M Best, NAIC, BBB+

Company A.M Best Rating J.D Power Score Market Score
State Farm A++ 4/5 19.55%
Allstate A+ 3/5 13.08%
Farmers A+ 3/5 10.39%
USSA A++ 3/5 9.90%
Liberty Mutual A 3/5 7.37%

Home Insurance Agents In Longview, Texas

Homeonwers insurance agents can be advantageous to your search for the best rates in Longview, Texas because they work with different insurance providers. This enables them to get you the type of coverage you want at a rate you can afford. In a way, agents are a shortcut to finding good insurance quickly. Below is a list of homeowners insurance companies in Longview, Texas, and their addresses.

Homeowners Insurance Agents In Longview, Texas

Agent Address
Farmers Insurance: Kim Bruno 117 E Gilmer 75755, Longview, Texas
Liberty Mutual: Jerome Gosney 214 S Lafayette St 75670, Longview, Texas
State Farm Insurance: A.D Morris 6760 Old Kcksnvl Hwy Ste 104, Longview, Texas
GEICO: Anna Scharp 903-5920-1000,  Longview, Texas
Charles Tomberlain Insurance Agency 424 N High Street, Longview, Texas
A-Z Express Insurance Agency 207 S High Street, Longview, Texas

Tips To Save On Homeowners Insurance In Longview, Texas

There’s no doubt you find insurance policies with varying costs in Longview, Texas. Although Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas may come at a high price, you can still save. Here, we consider some tips you can leverage to save on your Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas.

  • Request multiple quotes from different homeowners insurance companies and compare them to find an affordable policy for you.
  • Add auto insurance to your homeowners insurance policy. You should get the coverage from the same insurer.
  • Leverage available discounts for your particular insurance policy.
  • Improve the general condition of your home like the light, fire, plumbing, and electrical systems. You can also do the small repairs that may lead to more significant damage if left unattended.
  • Install security apparatus like security cameras, burglary alarms, and surveillance systems.

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Longview, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

You may receive many auto insurance policies offers in Longview, Texas. However, it would be best to combine auto and homeowners insurance and get the bundled policy from one Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas. When you purchase a bundled insurance, you are very likely to get discounts. You will find many homeowners insurance companies that offer cost reduction and bundled policy discounts. There is also the ease and comfort that comes with having just one insurer because it may be challenging to maintain your policies with different insurers.

When it comes to deductibles, you as the policyholder must exercise great care. This is because deductible can put you under huge liability even without knowing it. Therefore, it is essential to understand the amount payable as deductible. When you reduce your deductible, your insurer pays more toward settling an insured loss. Similarly, when you increase the amount you contribute to settling a loss, your insurer will pay less. You can set a deductible at the initial stage of creating the Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas. You can meet your insurer to seek adjustment while the policy is running.

Some factors contribute to the cost of your Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas. Understanding these factors will help you know why your policy is costly. Natural disasters like floods and earthquakes and your home’s condition are the factors that usually influence the price of homeowners insurance in Longview, Texas. Also, your insurer can raise considerations like the distance of your home to the nearest fire station or police station as well as the local crime rate in the neighborhood.

A typical Homeowners Insurance in Longview, Texas, covers the general risks, with the only exception being natural disasters. The policy does not protect you from occurrences like floods, earthquakes, drought, wildfire. The only step you can take is to add special coverage to your homeowner policy. Please confirm with your insurer to ensure you are covered against natural disasters.

Many homeowners insurance companies will inform you of the discounts currently running on policies. However, it is not out of place to ask for available discounts for your own policy. This will help you avoid missing out on some special deals that the company does not publicize. You can also upgrade your home’s condition like the plumbing and electrical system as well as some kitchen appliances.

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