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The city of Mission in Texas prides itself as a fantastic place to make a home and do business. It sits along the United States/Mexican border, ranking as one of the fastest-growing small cities in the United States. Besides its explosive population growth, Mission continues to experience booming economic development. Mission’s calm weather and exciting business climate make it a choice location for many. If you’re planning on making a living in the city, great choice! The city’s median home value is $85,500, making it less expensive than the national average of $284,600. To protect your new home from loss and damage, you’ll need a homeowners insurance package. The average homeowners insurance policy for one year in Mission, Texas, is $1,449. That’s way lower than the national average of $2,305. However, the exact cost of a home insurance policy for your home will depend on many factors. In this guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about a homeowners insurance policy in Mission, including the averages by company, home value, zip codes, and lots more.

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost in Mission, Texas

  Average Homeowners Insurance Cost Annually
Mission,  Texas $1,449
Texas $3,500
Nationwide $2,305

The Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Rates in Mission, Texas

Getting the right homeowners insurance rate for your home in Mission, Texas, requires some work. Besides getting a comprehensive cover, you need an insurance policy that won’t bore holes in your pocket. With the array of insurance companies offering insurance policies in Mission, Texas, choosing the best one can be tricky. You’ll have to compare rates from one company to another to know what’s best for you. The table below provides a list of the cheapest homeowners insurance averages in Mission, Texas.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance in Mission, Texas

Insurance Company Homeowners Insurance Rate
Encompass Insurance $1,743
GEICO $2,350
American National Property and Casualty Company $2,724
Liberty Mutual $4,722
Amica Mutual Insurance $5,323

Expensive Homeowners Insurance in Mission, Texas

Insurance Company Homeowners Insurance Rate
Farmer’s Insurance $10,862
State Farm $10,355
Travelers $10,121
State Auto $8,887

Homeowners Insurance by Neighborhoods in Mission, Texas

Where you live in Mission will affect how much you pay for homeowners insurance. If you live in areas with many filed claims, you’re likely to pay more in home insurance coverage. On the other hand, having a home in safer neighborhoods or areas with low filings will save you some dollars in homeowner insurance.

Cheapest Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods Average Homeowners Insurance Cost
Alyssa Dr, S Vega St, W Mile 8 Rd, E Rio St, Dinastia Dorado St $997
Gold Ave, Highland Park, Alcantar Ave, Ragland St, Dana St $999
Patricia Rd, Thurman Forever, Quail Ln, Mile 8/2 Rd $1001
Summer Breeze Rd, Carlos St, W McKinley, Monte Carlo, $1,009
N Cummings St, Alexander Dr, Templo Dorado St, Burrus St, $1,013
Levelland Dr, St George Dr, Saturn St, Cody Dr, Ponds Edge Rd $1,026
Cottonwood St, la Lomita St, Zavalla St, Harmony St $1,047

Homeowners Insurance Rates by Deductible in Mission, Texas

Deductible Homeowners Insurance Rate
$500 $1,432
$1000 $1,294
$1500 $1,218
$2000 $1,107
$2500 $1,039

Mission, Texas Homeowners Insurance By Home Value

One of the key things insurance providers consider when giving quotes for home insurance cost is the home value. More expensive homes generally cost more in insurance policy than cheaper homes. The table below shows the average homeowners insurance rates for different home values in Mission, Texas.

Mission, Texas Homeowners Insurance Rate by Home Value

Home Value Average Homeowners Insurance Rates
>$50,000 $321
$50,000 – $59,999 $686
$60,000 -$69,999 $847
$70,000 – $79,999 $978
$80,000 -$89,999 $1109
$90,00 – $99,900 $1236
$100,000 – $124,999 $1442
$125,000 – $149,999 $1800
$150,000 – $174,999 $2122
$175,000 – $199,999 $2459
$200,000 – $249,999 $2962
$250,000 – $249,999 $3617
$300,000 – $399,999 $4590

Types of Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Mission, Texas

Just like in other parts of Texas, homeowners insurance policy in Mission provides the following coverages:
  • Building Protection Coverage: This coverage pays for any loss or damage to your home resulting from theft, vandalism, fire, or other covered events. It also covers other structures detached from the main home.
  • Personal Belongings Coverage: This coverage pays for any loss to your property in the home, including furniture, electronics, clothes, and other items as covered in the policy.
  • Liability Coverage: If a non-family member gets injured in your home and a suit is filed against you, the liability coverage pays for any liability that may arise.
  • Loss of Use Coverage: This coverage foots the bill of a temporary residence if damage to your home forces you out.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Mission, Texas

  J.D Power Rating NAIC Index AM
USAA 5/5 0.15 A++
Allstate 4/5 0.21 A++
Amica 4/5 0.20 A++
State Farm 4/5 0.20 A++
Auto-owners 4/5 0.27 A+
Farmers 3/5 0.37 A
Progressive 2/5 0.14 A
Travelers 2/5 0.5

Tips to Save on Homeowners Insurance in Mission, Texas

There are several ways to save on homeowners insurance in Mission, Texas. If you want to learn how to do so, the following tips can help:
  1. Instead of having different policies for your home and car, consider bundling both insurance policies. That way, you save some money on your homeowners insurance cost.
  2. Consider installing a fire alarm and a security system in your home to qualify you for some homeowners insurance discount.
  3. Enroll your home as smoke-free, and you could save up to 15% on insurance costs.
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Mission, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Insurance companies offer different homeowners insurance discounts in Mission, Texas. These discounts usually depend on various factors, including the age of your home, security system installation, smoke detectors, and others. Consider talking to your insurance provider for possible discounts on home insurance in Mission, Texas.

A multi-policy allows you to bundle your home insurance with auto insurance. That way, you save some money on insurance costs. The more property you bundle, the more discounts you enjoy. Multi-policy discounts vary from one insurance carrier to another. Ensure to check with your insurance provider.

The more expensive your home is, the more you’re likely to pay in homeowners insurance policy. This is so because the cost of repair or loss is typically more for homes with a high value than low-value homes.

Areas with low volumes of filed claims will generally cost less in homeowners insurance. Also, residents in relatively safe neighborhoods with low crime rates will also enjoy some savings in home insurance costs than their counterparts in dangerous areas. In addition, proximity of your home to a fire station or police department will also provide some buffer.

Homeowners with seniors living in their homes in Mission, Texas, can save $150 – $153 in homeowners insurance costs. Talk with your insurance provider if you plan to have a senior moving into the house with you.  

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