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Murrieta is the 58th most populous city in California, with a population of over 112,000. The city sits in the southwestern part of the state and is mostly residential. It has many entertainment and fun hubs for its residents, including the Bear Creek Golf & Country Club, Mulligan Family Fun Center, and the Santa Rosa Plateau.

As one of the fastest-growing cities in California, the need for homes is ever-rising. With that comes an irrefutable need for homeowners in Murrieta to get a reliable home insurance plan to cover their homes against any form of damage or theft on their property.

Murrieta homeowners insurance will reduce the financial burden that comes with repairing damaged property, replacing stolen personal items, and paying for medical costs due to injury sustained in your property. 

This guide will take you through all you need to know about Murrieta homeowners insurance. We’ve provided average homeowners insurance rates based on the insurance provider, zip code, and deductible. 

Murrieta Homeowners Insurance Average Cost 

The average Murrieta homeowners insurance cost is $1,112 per year. This rate is $332 and $61 lower than the national average and state average, respectively. The exact cost of your home insurance will depend on a couple of factors such as the age of the home, deductible, proximity to the Fire Department, and others. The table below shows the average homeowners insurance rate in Murrieta compared with the state and national averages. 

Average Homeowners Insurance Rate in Murrieta vs. Statewide and National Average

PlaceInsurance Average
Murrieta, California$1,112 
California state$1,173 
Missouri $1,915 
National Average$1,444 

Murrieta Homeowners Insurance Rates by Company

While the average Murrieta homeowners insurance rate stands at $1,112, many insurance providers offer lesser rates. Mercury Ins Group offers the lowest annual Murrieta homeowners insurance rate for just $411.26. Comparing quotes from one provider to another will help you reach a decision. It’s important to note the factors that affect the eventual cost of insurance for your home and the coverage the policy offers. Murrieta homeowners insurance average rate might be lower than the state average, but there’s nothing wrong with getting an even cheaper deal. The table below shows you the cheapest Murrieta homeowners insurance premiums. 

Cheapest Rates of Murrieta Homeowners Insurance

CompanyAnnual Insurance Rate 
Mercury Ins Group$411.26
MAPFRE Group$587
First American Specialty$604
Western Mutual$638.87
Pacific Specialty$643.22
Tokio Marine America$785

Murrieta Homeowners Insurance Rates by Neighborhood

It’s important to know that insurance companies consider neighborhoods when giving a quote for homeowners insurance. Essentially, having your home in some areas costs you more in homeowners insurance. Likewise, having your home in other areas will cost you less. The deciding factor, largely, is the likelihood of claims from the neighborhood you reside. Murrieta has a long list of neighborhoods, and insurance providers usually have different homeowners insurance costs for these neighborhoods. Bellamy Ln sees the lowest homeowners insurance rates in Murrieta at just $610 annually. Our table below lists some places in the city, their ZIP codes, and their average  homeowners insurance rates.

Cheapest Homeowners Insurance Rates in Murrieta by Neighborhood 

PlaceZIP CodeInsurance Average
Bellamy Ln92584 $610
Calistoga Dr92563$612
Pinon Pine Way92592$620
Via Barranca92590$653
McVicar St92595$684

Murrieta Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductible

If your home suffers damage, a deductible is the amount of money you pay towards repairs or renovation. Your insurance provider pays for the remaining part of the cost. As a rule, you have to agree with the insurance company on the deductible before putting your signature on a policy. A low deductible means you pay more in insurance premiums compared to choosing a high deductible. In the long run, a high deductible will save you a substantial amount in insurance costs. The table below shows a deductible scenario in Murrieta.

Homeowners Insurance Rates In Murrieta by Deductible

 Low DeductibleHigh Deductible
Yearly Murrieta, California Homeowners Insurance Rate Example$800$500
Total Home Insurance Policy For 5 Years + Pocket Expense For Claim$4,800$4,300
Net Savings to Murrieta, California Homeowner From the High Deductible Plan$500

Murrieta Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available

Policies from different insurance companies cover almost the same things. One should expect the extent of coverage and the events necessitating claims to differ. The common types of coverage include:

  • Building Protection Coverage, which covers damage to your building from events stipulated in the policy agreement.
  • Personal Belongings Coverage, which covers loss or damage to your belongings in the house, such as furniture and appliances.
  • Detached Building Coverage, which covers damage to unattached buildings in your property.
  • Liability Coverage, which covers liability claims resulting from injury to a non-family member in your house.
  • Loss of Use Coverage, which covers the cost of temporary residence if damage to your property forces eviction.

Best Insurance Companies in Murrieta

Every insurance company you find will offer you promises of being the best. However, it would be a risky thing to bank on their words alone. But how then do you make your judgment on their customer satisfaction, coverage, rate, and reliability? Thankfully, we have financial institutions like J.D, NAIC, and A.M providing an independent rating of these insurance companies.

Best Companies and their A.M Best Rating, J.D Power Score, and NAIC Complaint Index

CompanyA.M Best RatingJ.D Power ScoreNAIC Complaint Index 
State FarmA++4/50.20
Farmers InsuranceA+3/50.37
Liberty MutualA3/50.27

Home Insurance Agents in Murrieta

In Murrieta, you will find an array of agents representing the different insurance companies that operate in the city. To save you the stress of going from door to door, here’s a list of popular insurance providers and their representatives in Murrieta.

Murrieta Homeowners Insurance Agents and Their Addresses

Company NameAddress
Allstate 7270, Victoria Park, Cucamonga, CA
Allstate 27281, Las Ramblas Ste 105, Viejo, CA
Farmers41707 Winchester Rd Ste 305, Temecula, CA
State Farm6994 El Camino Real Ste 211, CA

Murrieta Homeowners Insurance Money Saving Tips

One could always do with some extra cash. When it comes to Murrieta home insurance nothing’s set in stone. You could way ways – like we’ve listed below – to save some money.

  • As a first rule, compare quotes from different insurance companies to find the best cheapest option.
  • Consider bundling your home and auto insurance to save a pocket-full of dollars in insurance cost.
  • Install fire and security systems in your house to reduce the likelihood of theft or damage, and enjoy reduced insurance rate as a reward
  • If you can get a house close to a Fire or Police Department, why not? You get to enjoy discounts just because your home is close to help if there’s an emergency.

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Murrieta, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Three out of five homes in the United States have homeowners insurance that doesn’t sufficiently cover their insurance needs. That’s underinsurance. The home has insurance, but the coverage is inadequate. If there’s damage to such property, the owner ends up spending a lot on repairs.

While California enjoyed around 6% population growth in the last decade, Murrieta grew by over 9%. If that tells nothing, it shows many people find Murrieta a better place to live than the average place in California. The city is well-planned, with clean and safe neighborhoods. With a high median household income of over $80,000, alongside its affordable homes, Murrieta makes for a great place to reside.

Getting homeowners insurance is a big deal, so you don’t want to rush it. A good policy will put you at ease if your home suffers any damage. On the flip side, it won’t be an easy ride with a bad policy. Therefore, it’s advisable you carefully compare insurance policies from different providers before making a decision. With you, you get a double of affordability and reliability. 

Yes, home value plays a large role in the cost of home insurance in Murrieta, California. The more expensive the house is, the more costly it would be to insure it. The building materials also play a role, as well as the year of construction.

Homeowners insurance covers damages inside the house, such as damages to the ceilings, walls, cabinets, and floors. It also covers damages outside the house, such as damages to the garage, outside walls, roof, and windows. Home insurance also covers personal belongings like electronics and furniture in the house. 

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