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If you live in Norwalk, CA, you must be aware of the rising number of homes in the city. Norwalk has a population of 105,328 and there are more than 22,000 homes in the city. As a homeowner, protecting your home is an important task. A Norwalk Homeowners Insurance can do the perfect job.

How Much Does Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Cost?

The average cost of Norwalk homeowners insurance is $1,096. This is lower compared to the average rate. This cost can be further brought down if you do the right research and choose the right insurance policy. This guide will help you in finding the best and cheapest Norwalk Homeowners Insurance.

Average Homeowners Insurance Premium in Norwalk Vs State and National Averages

PlaceAverage Homeowners Insurance Premium

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Rates By Company

Allstate provides the cheapest homeowners insurance in Norwalk, CA at $516 per year. Mercury Ins Group is also a good fit which costs $559 yearly.

Best Homeowners Insurance Rates In Norwalk By Company

COMPANYAverage Insurance Price (Yearly)
Mercury Ins Group$559
Pacific Speciality$660
CSE Safeguard$702
ASI Select Ins$705
Universal North America$774

The most expensive Norwalk homeowners insurance is provided by Safeco and Universal North America. The insurance premium is $750+ for both of these companies.

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Rates By Coverage Amount

Dwelling coverage is a part of your homeowners’ insurance policy that may help pay for the rebuilding or the repair of the physical structure of your home if it’s damaged by a covered hazard. A $150k coverage amount home insurance policy from First American Ins will cost you $376. The insurance premium for the same coverage amount can differ greatly from one company to another.

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Cost by Coverage Amount

CoverageCompanyAverage Insurance Price (Yearly)
$150,000 dwellingFirst American Ins$376
$150,000 dwellingHorace Mann$393
$200,000 dwellingCSE Safeguard$550
$200,000 dwellingNationwide$811
$250,000 dwellingAAA$794
$250,000 dwellingPacific Speciality$1,088
$300,000 dwellingMAPFRE Group$1,221

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Rates By Home Value

The Norwalk homeowners insurance premium for a home value less than $50k is $47k per year. If your home value is $100,00 to $125,000, your homeowners’ insurance premium will be around $209 per year.

Norwalk Home Insurance Rates By Home Value

Home ValueNumber of HomesAverage Insurance Premium
Less than $50k556$47
$101,000 – $125,000167$209
$151,000 – $175,000237$305
$176,000 – $200,000239$357
$201,000 – $250,0001,863$431
$251,000 – $300,0003,615$520
$301,000 – $400,0006,962$664
Above $400kN/AVaries as per company

The average home value in Norwalk is $ $162,000. Depending on your home value, the insurance premium gets affected. 

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Rates By Neighbourhood

The most expensive homeowners insurance rates are in Stagecoach Lane, Faculty Drive, Hoxie Avenue, and Pantheon Street. The insurance premium in these areas is $628. Homes in Brimley Street, Sproul Street, and Pluton Street get the cheapest Norwalk homeowners’ insurance rates at $614.


Cost of Homeowners Insurance In Norwalk, CA By Neighbourhood

Street Name Near Norwalk, CAAverage Insurance Cost
Brimley St, Sproul St, Gettysburg Dr, Vieudelou Ave, Bayside Dr, Pluton St$614
Lowemont St, Foix Ave, Cedardale Dr, Pantheon St, Hercules St, Aegean St$619
Hopland St, Fidel Ave, Gracebee Ave, Cameo Ave, Crestbrook St, Hopland St$620
Nordesta Dr, Ben Nevis Ave, Leyva St,  Flatbush Ave, Rancho Dr, McRae Ave, Ringwood Ave$624
Stagecoach Ln, Abingdon St, 162nd St, Faculty Dr, Hoxie Ave, Pantheon St$628

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Deductibles

The deductible is an amount you have to pay before the insurance company helps you with a claim. Hence, it becomes very important to choose the right deductible amount as this can have a big impact on the insurance premium you end up paying. The table below shows how your deductible amount impacts your homeowners’ insurance rate in Norwalk.

Best Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductibles

Depending on the company, your insurance premium will be different for the deductible amount you choose. For a $1,000 deductible policy with State Farm, your homeowners’ insurance in Norwalk will cost $286.

Homeowners Insurance Premium In Norwalk By Deductibles

CompanyDeductible AmountAverage Insurance Premium
Stillwater Insurance Group$500$379
State Farm$1,000$286
Allied Insurance$1,000$1,241
Farmer’s Insurance$1,500$1,178
Century National$2,000$477
Liberty Mutual$2,500$345

Different Coverage Options In Norwalk Homeowners Insurance

Norwalk  Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options

Coverage OptionDescription
Personal Property CoverageCovers your personal and precious belongings such as gold jewellery or your clothing and watches in case of an accident.
Flood InsuranceKeeps your home protected from flood and weather damage. If your home is destroyed by flood, this coverage will cover your loss.
Dwelling CoverageDoes not include personal belongings but will cover the damage caused to your home building and attached structures. This coverage helps you in covering the replacement cost of your home.
Personal Liability InsuranceHelps to cover the legal fee or any extra expenses if a court finds you guilty of damage or injuries that took place in your home or on your property.
Other Structure InsuranceA fence or tool shed which is not attached to your home is covered under this option.

Best Home Insurance Companies In California

Insurance companies are rated by Rating Agencies. A higher rating means that the company is doing a good job. In California, Statefarm and Allstate have great ratings from BBB and AM Best. Before you purchase your homeowners’ insurance policy, make sure you check the company’s ratings.

Best Home Insurance Companies In California

Rating CompanyMercury InsStatefarmAllstateUSAA
BBB RatingA+AA+B+
JD Power RatingNIL4/54/55/5
NAIC ValueNIL0.250.300.18
AM Best RatingAA++A+A++

Top Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Agencies Near You

The following list contains the contact details of some of the best and most trusted insurance agents/agencies nearby Norwalk, CA.

Top Homeowners Insurance Agents In Norwalk, CA

NA3 Imperial Promenade 3 Imperial Promenade Santa Ana, Garden Grove, CA, 92707
Liberty Mutual9795 Cabrini Dr STE 206, Burbank, CA, 91504
State Farm23033 Lyons Ave. Suite 1, Santa Clarita, CA, 91321-2758
Travelers28570 Marguerite Parkway STE 208, Mission Viejo, CA, 92692
Nationwide4326 South St 90712, CA
AllstateSte 616 5199 E Pacific Coast Hwy 90804-3381,CA

Important Questions To Ask Your Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Agent

The most important questions which you need to ask your insurance agent are regarding your homeowners’ policy. These can be broken down into 3 most important questions:

  • What will it cost to replace or rebuild my house if it is destroyed by fire or weather damage? 
  • What are the discounts I can get and will there be any extra charges in the future?
  • What is the process of filing a claim like? Is it easy? Will the agent help me in case I suffer a loss and need to file a claim?

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Savings For Senior-Occupied Homes

Senior occupied homes in Norwalk can save $94-95 in homeowners insurance premiums. In Downey-Norwalk, the savings for seniors are $93.

Homeowners Insurance savings for Senior Occupied homes in Norwalk, CA

CityAverage Insurance Savings
Norwalk$94 – $95
Santa Fe Springs$92

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance and Car Insurance Bundling

Bundling means that you are buying more than one insurance from the same company. If you buy homeowners insurance and you bundle it with car insurance or life insurance, then you can get some extra discount. This is your insurance bundling savings.

Homeowners Insurance Bundle Savings In Norwalk, CA

BundleX1 Car InsuranceX2 Car InsuranceX3 Car Insurance
Downey-Norwalk CCD, CA$78$106$155
Santa Fe Springs, CA$77$105$157
Artesia, CA$81$108$161

You can save $78 if you bundle your Norwalk homeowners insurance with one-car insurance. If you have two cars and you decide to bundle your home insurance policy, then you can get a 

discount of $106 in Downey-Norwalk.

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Rates By Household Income?

The insurance premium in Seal Beach with a home value of $338k and median household income of $21k is the cheapest at $890 per year. Compared to Redondo Beach, a home value of $817k and a median household income of $16.6k, the insurance premium is $1,655 yearly.

Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Rate By Median Home Value and Household Income 

PlaceHome Value Household IncomeAverage Insurance Cost
Seal Beach$338k$21,000$890
Redondo Beach$817.5k$16,698$1,655
Charter Oak$390k$27,682$1,051

Cheapest Norwalk Homeowners Insurance Comparison

Insurance CompanyGEICO InsuranceNationwide InsuranceLiberty Mutual
Monthly Premium$69$35$90
Year Built197019581969
Home Description3 Beds, 1 Bathroom2 Beds, 1 Bathroom4 Beds, 2 Bathroom
Coverage Amount$301,000 – $349,999$149,999 – $174,999$401,000 – $499,999
Deductible$1000-$2800 $500- $999 $1000-$2800 

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Norwalk, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

The average household income in Norwalk, CA is $46,015. This is below the national average of $61,928.

No, it is not. Homeowners insurance is a personal choice to stay safe from dangers like fire, lightning, theft, weather damage etc. In cases like mortgage financing, a homeowners insurance might become necessary but in general, it is not.

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Norwalk, CA is $1,096.

The average home value in Norwalk is $ $162,000. 

Depending on your home value, the insurance premium gets affected. If your home value is high, the insurance premium also increases. If your home value is $100,00 to $125,000, your homeowners insurance premium will be around $210 per year.

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