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Moving into your new home in Round Rock, Texas, means you are in for a lifestyle of outdoor fun activities and adventure. Its location is in central Texas, with about 124,434 people. As fun as Round Rock can be, it is also advisable to protect your home and belongings with a concrete homeowners insurance. This is because Texas sees its fair share of natural disasters and man-made incidents like burglaries. The state of Texas may not mandate homeowners insurance, but given the circumstances, it’s best to be on the safe side.

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost In Round Rock, Texas

The homeowners insurance policy in Round Rock, Texas, is between $899 and $1,220 and about $100 per month. The cost of the homeowners insurance in Round Rock, Texas, is fair considering many factors attached to pricing. Below is a table showing the average rate of Round Rock, Texas homeowners insurance compared to the state and national averages.

 Average Homeowners Insurance Rate VS Statewide And National Average

Round Rock, Texas$1,219
Texas Average$3,500
National Average$2,305

The Best Cheap Insurance Rates In Round Rock, Texas

Homeowners insurance companies in Round Rock, Texas, offer rates that vary considering certain factors that may affect your coverage cost. You can find cheap homeowners insurance companies as well as high-cost ones, depending on your budget. Here we make a table of homeowners insurance in Round Rock, Texas, and their insurance rates.

Cheapest To Most Expensive Rates Of Homeowners Insurance In Round Rock, Texas

CompanyInsurance Rates

American National Property

And casualty company

Farmers Insurance$621.9
Westfield Insurance$645.5
Amica Mutual Insurance$1,136.9
State Auto$2,383.4

Rates By Neighborhood In Round Rock, Texas

While homeowners insurance companies may offer low quotes for their policies, some other neighboring places are also affordable. You do not need to doubt the services of these places simply due to their average quotes. In the table below, we show some of the places near Round Rock, Texas, and their average costs of insurance policies.

Cheapest Neighborhoods And Zip Codes And Most Expensive Neighborhoods With Their Zip Codes

PlaceZip CodeInsurance Range
The Hills78738$1,069.4
Wells Branch78728$1,095.8
Travis County78746$1,507.74

Homeowners Insurance Rates In Round Rock, Texas, By Deductible

Deductible is one of the most talked-about aspects of homeowners insurance policy. This is because it is a form of liability that rests on the policyholder. Thus, when a loss occurs, or damage happens, the policyholder will have to pay a certain amount before the insurance company settles its own part of the payment. In application, the amount of deductible you contribute will determine what the insurance company will pay. The higher the deductible, the lower the amount the insurer pays and vice versa. In the table below, we highlight the differences in high and low deductibles depending on the type of deductible.

Homeowners Insurance Rates In Round Rock, Texas, By Deductible

 Low DeductibleHigh Deductible
Sample Annual Homeowner Insurance Premium$1,200$900
Home Insurance Policy Cost Over 5 Years + Deductible$7,805$6,802
Savings Through High Deductible Policy$1,003 

Types Of Coverage You Can Get In Round Rock, Texas

Most homeowners insurance companies in Round Rock, Texas, offer standard insurance policies. However, you may have to create additional coverage to your insurance policy due to certain condition-like factors. This particularly relates to natural disasters that are likely to put the safety of your home and properties at risk.

Natural Disasters Your Homeowners Insurance Policy Can Cover

  • Flood
  • Storm
  • Tornado
  • Earthquake

Best  Homeowners Insurance Companies In Round Rock, Texas

There are reasons why some homeowners insurance companies are better than others. These include customer service, quality service, discount availability, bundles discounts, and claims processing speed. Check out the table that compares the ratings of the best insurers.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Round Rock And Their A&M Best, NAIC, BBB+ ratings

CompanyA.M Best RatingJ.D Power ScoreMarket Share
State FarmA++4/519.55%
Farmers InsuranceA+3/510.39%
Liberty MutualA3/57.37%

Home Insurance Agents In Round Rock, Texas

You will find competent homeowners insurance companies in Round Rock, Texas. All of them may offer varying quotes due to many factors. Most agents are in business because they are able to deliver what their clients want by working with different insurance companies. In the table below, we list a few popular homeowners insurance companies and their locations in Round Rock, Texas.

Homeowners Insurance Agents in Round Rock And Their Addresses

GEICO Insurance Agent2200 E Palm Valley Blvd, Round Rock, Texas
Farmers Insurance206 W Main St, Round Rock, Texas
Norrell Insurance2300 Greenhill Dr, Round Rock, Texas
Goosehead Insurance1000 Heritage Centre Cir, Round Rock, Texas
Allstate Insurance1205 Round Rock Ave Ste 117, Round Rock, Texas
State Farm Insurance1 Chisholm Trail Rd Ste 3150, Round Rock, Texas

Mitchamore Agency

Hart Insurance Agency

206 W Main St Ste 108, Round Rock, Texas

1315 Sam Bass Cir, Round Rock, Texas

Tips To Save On Homeowners Insurance In Round Rock, Texas

When you find your choice of homeowners insurance company in Round Rock, Texas, you can also try to save money by taking certain steps. These steps will not in any way put the homeowners insurance companies under any additional lability. Instead, it will only save you money for the coverage that you purchase.

  • Compare rates of homeowners insurance providers.
  • Pick the right deductible.
  • Ask for available discounts.
  • Choose the suitable coverage.
  • Go for bundled insurance.

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Round Rock, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

One reality about homeowners insurance in Round Rock, Texas, is that the policy rates vary. In other words, the cost of insuring your home and properties may be different from that of your neighbor. The reason is that each home has different characteristics that make it unique. And that means the insurance cost for it will be different. Insurers will consider certain factors to determine the cost of your insurance policy. These factors include local crime rates, weather conditions, your credit history, nature and condition of the house, your selected coverage, etc.

Your insurance can cover burglary, but it comes at a price. Generally, the rate of burglaries and thefts in Texas is high. That means you will likely pay more for your coverage. However, the cost of insuring your house against burglary in Round Rock, Texas, is a bit less compared to other cities in the state. It is advisable to ensure the insurer includes burglary in the details of the insurance policy.

You will see a lot of homeowners insurance companies and agents in the city. You are likely to fall into the wrong hands if you do not understand how to source the best homeowners insurance. An independent homeowners insurance agent will help you shop for the insurance policy. They are much more effective because they work with many insurance companies and have options you can choose from.

It would be best if you did not cut corners while shopping for insurers in the city. Know what you want and look for it. If you cannot seek an independent insurance agent’s service, you can shop for multiple quotes. Also, note the details of each policy, so you do not choose the wrong one.

Firstly, your insurer can’t cancel your insurance policy, especially after 60 days of purchase. However, the only clause is in the case of fraud or possible risk of non-payment of policy. Before cancellation of an active policy, the insurer must give you ten days’ notice. If it’s non-renewal, the company shall provide a month’s notice.

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