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San Angelo is a small town with a very stable economy. It is recognized as one of the best cities for business and employment compared to other cities in Texas. San Angelo has a total landmass of 58.2 square miles which is significantly smaller than the other areas in the state. 

The climate in San Angelo falls under sub-tropical to semi-arid due to its location where Central Texas meets Western Texas weather. Thus, its temperature reaches up to 100 °F most days of the year. Nevertheless, San Angelo experiences cold weather 50 times a year without snow and sleet.

What is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in San Angelo?

The San Angelo homeowner’s insurance cost depends on the kind of house you own, its quality, location, and materials. Thus, quotes are given individually. The estimated average homeowner’s insurance cost in San Angelo is $975 per year while the state’s average is substantially higher garnering a rate of $3,424 annually. 

San Angelo Homeowners Insurance Rate VS Statewide and Nationwide Average

Homeowners insurance companies in San Angelo provide affordable rates for their residents. With their thriving economy despite the pandemic, San Angelo managed to maintain their homeowner’s insurance stance. The statewide average in Texas is around $3,420 yearly which is the fifth most expensive in the country while San Angelo’s homeowner’s insurance rate only falls at $900. 

Homeowners Insurance: San Angelo Rates Vs. State + National Averages

San Angelo Average (annual) Texas Average United States Average
$975 $3,424 $1,210

Which companies offer the cheapest homeowners insurance option in San Angelo?

Texas Farmers by far has the cheapest homeowner’s insurance cost in San Angelo. It is significantly cheaper than other companies. Safeco, on the other hand also provides comprehensive coverage options at a competitive price. But, as was mentioned, quotes are given individually; hence, your homeowner’s insurance rate in San Angelo is bound to vary to the estimated average cost. 

Company Average Annual Rate
Texas Farmers $260
Safeco $1,577
United $1,711
ASI Lloyds $1,721

Homeowners Insurance Rate By ZIP Codes

Properties in different locations gain different homeowner’s insurance rates. If you are living near areas where natural disasters or crimes are rampant, it is likely for your homeowner’s insurance provider to give you higher rates. Thus, your homeowner’s insurance cost in San Angelo depends on the level of risk your property carries. 

Streets Around San Angelo Average Annual Home Insurance Rate
78266 $1,879
78260 $2,072
78261 $2,071

San Angelo Home Insurance Costs by Deductible

If you pay lower deductibles in San Angelo, your homeowner’s insurance will reciprocate your rate. In other words, it will be more expensive than homeowners who pay higher deductibles. The level of your deductibles also helps determine your homeowner’s insurance rate in San Angelo. Thus, if you want to save on your homeowner’s insurance, it is a smart idea to go for higher deductibles. 

Deductible Level Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate
$500 $1,888
$1,000 $1,777
$1,500 $1,722
$2,000 $1,587
$5,000 $1,376

Best Home Insurance Companies in San Angelo

There are several major players in San Angelo that garnered satisfactory ratings from customers. Some of which earned top-notch ratings from J.D. Power and BBB. These ratings were evaluated according to the company’s financial stability, comprehensive disaster coverages, and other factors that project the dependability of the company.

Company J.D. Power Ranking A.M. Best Rating BBB rating
Texas Farmers 4 out of 5 stars A+ (Superior) A+
Safeco 4 out of 5 stars A+ (Superior) A+
United 3 out of 5 stars A (Superior) A

Top Home Insurance Agents Near San Angelo

How to save on your homeowner’s insurance rate in San Angelo? Hiring an expert will help you guarantee savings. Homeowners insurance agents in San Angelo have the knowledge and experience with every aspect of the business. They help many homeowners buy a bundle that is ideal for their current homeowner’s profile while enjoying a cheap monthly rate.

Home Insurance Company Near San Angelo Top Homeowners Insurance Agents in San Angelo Address
Farmers Steven Freatman 2402 W Avenue N, San Angelo, TX, 76904
Allstate Willingham Insurance Agency Llp 111 S 8Th St, Ballinger, TX, 76821
Travelers Younts Insurance Agency 202 W Beauregard Ste B San Angelo, San Angelo, TX, 76902

What Are the Most Common Coverage Options in San Angelo?

There are different coverage options that you can choose and bundle based on the condition and location of your home and your preferences. These options include home protection, medical coverage, additional living expenses, and more. Common coverage options offered in San Angelo are described in more detail below. 

Property or Dwelling Coverage: Covers the cost of home repairs for damage caused by events such as windstorms or kitchen fires. 

Personal Liability Coverage: Covers injuries to you and your family from an accident in your residence for which you are responsible. 

Medical Coverage: Covers injuries to guests who are injured on your property. (Does not cover injuries to you or others living in your residence.) 

Additional Living Expense: If your home acquires severe damage and is not livable, your insurance provider will cover the cost of house rentals for up to 24 months or until your home is completely safe and rebuilt. 

Asset Protection: Covers valuable assets on your property, such as art, antiques, and/or collectibles. In any case that these assets are stolen or lost, the insurance company will replace them. 

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage: Provides full coverage (beyond the partial coverage offered by asset protection) for specific valuables of your choice. 

Property Rental Coverage: Covers the risks taken by renting out your home for extended periods of time including liability costs, property damage, and loss of rental income.

How To Save On Your Homeowner’s Premiums in Allen?

  • Bundling: Many homeowners in San Angelo bundle their coverages according to the type of property they own. It is best to purchase a bundle that best fits the current condition of your home to garner discounts and cheaper rates.
  • Shop Around: it is inevitable for every homeowner to shop around and look at multiple companies before choosing an insurance provider. It is not enough to just look at one or two homeowners insurance companies. Comparing several rates from various companies will aid you in deciding which has the best coverage that suits your house. 
  • An Expert Agent: Despite you already know a little bit about homeowners insurance quotes, ideally, hiring an experienced agent is still the best thing to do. Apart from giving you the perfect option, it will also save you a lot of time and effort from doing your own research. Hence, to guarantee your savings, hire an expert homeowners insurance agent. 

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San Angelo, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Different areas have different insurance rates. However, the ZIP code with the cheapest is 78266.

Bundling help homeowners save on their premiums. Safeco, rated 4-stars by J.D. Power is one of the companies best in bundling. 

There are companies in San Angelo that provide comprehensive coverages at a competitive price. Among these companies, Texas Farmers has the most affordable rate around the city.

As was discussed, your deductible level helps determine your homeowner’s insurance quotes. If you are paying a $2,000 deductible, your yearly rate will fall between $1,400 to $1,550.

Asset Protection in San Angelo covers valuable assets on your property, such as art, antiques, and/or collectibles. In any case that these assets are stolen or lost, the insurance company will replace them. 

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