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Austin’s boom has led to a few big-city challenges, pushing residents to search farther south for a smaller and more accessible city. San Marcos is one of those cities. San Marcos has everything you can find in Austin in a less crowded environment. Texas State University is an emerging public university with a catalog of more than 180 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. The city plans to expand wisely to ensure that traffic stays going and places remain accessible.

The rate of homeownership in San Marcos, TX is 27.6 %, smaller than the national average of 63.9%.

If you are one of the homeowners in the Greater San Marcos area, it is essential to cover your property with sufficient insurance. Homeowners insurance is required by lenders and covers the home and other assets in the event of nature, burglary, and traumatic incidents. Given the region’s unusual threats, getting a decent homeowner insurance policy with a trustworthy company is essential.

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in San Marcos?

Homeowners Insurance: San Marcos Rates Vs. State + National Averages

San Marcos Average (Annual)Texas AverageUnited States Average

San Marcos Homeowners Insurance by Company

Given the importance and high cost of homeowners insurance in San Marcos, it is important to know which companies provide the best homeowners insurance coverage at competitive rates in the area. Some of San Marcos’s cheapest home insurance providers are listed below, with Texas Farmers providing the most affordable premium at an average of $360 per year.

San Marcos Homeowners Insurance Cheapest Rates by Company

CompanyAverage Annual Rate
Texas Farmers$360
ASI Lloyds$1,120

San Marcos Homeowners Insurance Prices by ZIP Code

Your homeowners insurance premiums are primarily based on your property’s ZIP code. Several factors cause rate differences among ZIP codes, such as the frequency of lawsuits in the area and how vulnerable it is to property-related offenses such as burglary and larceny.

The 78656 ZIP code, located in Maxwell, has the cheapest average homeowners insurance premium in San Marcos at $958 per year. The 78667 ZIP code, located in Heritage, has the highest average annual premium of $2,004.

Home Insurance Rates In San Marcos by ZIP Code

ZIP CodeAverage Annual Home Insurance Premium
78656 (Maxwell)$958
78666 (Redwood)$1,533
78667 (Heritage)$2,004

San Marcos Homeowners Insurance Rates by Coverage Level

Your chosen amount of homeowners insurance coverage affects the premiums you pay. In San Marcos, carrying a $100K of dwelling coverage costs an average of $870 per year, while $400K of dwelling coverage costs $2,750 per year.

Homeowners Insurance Rates in San Marcos—Popular Coverage Limits

Coverage LevelAverage Annual Rate
$100,000 Dwelling$870
$200,000 Dwelling$1,750
$250,000 Dwelling$2,129
$400,000 Dwelling$2,750

What Does San Marcos Homeowners Insurance Cover?


Buying homeowners insurance does not need to be overwhelming and stressful. Typical coverage options offered in San Marcos are explained below. 

  • Dwelling Coverage:  The standard insurance policy that covers the physical structure of your property.
  • Personal Liability Coverage: Covers injuries to you and your family from an accident in your residence for which you are responsible. 
  • Guest Medical Coverage: Covers injuries to guests who are injured on your property. (Does not cover injuries to you or others living in your residence.) 
  • Additional Living Expense: If your home acquires severe damage and is not livable, your insurance provider will cover the cost of house rentals for up to 24 months or until your home is rebuilt and completely safe to occupy. 
  • Asset Protection: Covers valuable assets on your property, such as art, antiques, or collectibles. In any case that these assets are stolen or lost, the insurance company will replace them. 
  • Scheduled Personal Property Coverage: Provides full coverage (beyond the partial scope offered by asset protection) for specific valuables of your choice. 
  • Property Rental Coverage: This covers the risks taken by renting out your home for extended periods, including liability costs, property damage, and rental income loss.

San Marcos Homeowners Insurance Rates by Deductible Level

One important consideration when selecting a homeowners insurance plan is the level of the deductible. The deductible is the amount that the homeowner is liable to pay before the insurance provider begins covering expenses. The deductible impacts the cost of insurance premiums; generally, the smaller the deductible, the higher the premiums. 

The following table provides the average insurance rates in San Marcos at different deductible levels. 

Home Insurance Rates by Deductible Level in San Marcos, TX

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate

Bundle Home and Auto insurance in San Marcos to Save Money

Purchasing your car and homeowners insurance plans from the same company can minimize your total insurance premium costs. Bundling car and homeowners insurance policies in San Marcos results to an average annual savings of 7% compared to purchasing them separately. 

Cheapest Auto Insurance Premium With Home Insurance Bundled in San Marcos

CompanyAvg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (With Bundle)
State Farm$810


The 5 Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in San Marcos

Your insurance provider’s financial stability is a critical consideration because it indicates the company’s ability to handle claims. Always review the AM Best Financial Rating, Better Business Bureau Rating, and JD Power Rankings for homeowners insurance.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in San Marcos Based on AM Ratings, BBB, and JD Power Rankings

CompanyA.M. Best RatingBBB RatingJ.D. Power Ranking
AllstateA+ (Superior)A+5 out of 5 stars
AmicaA++ (Superior)B-5 out of 5 stars*
Liberty MutualA+ (Superior)A3 out of 5 stars
State FarmA++ (Superior)A++3 out of 5 stars
Texas Farm Bureau InsuranceA+ (Superior)A3 out of 5 stars

Top Home Insurance Agents Near San Marcos, TX

Home Insurance Company San Marcos, TXAddress
Ryan Powell – State Farm Insurance Agent1205 TX-123 #301, San Marcos, TX 78666
Jo Stephens – State Farm Insurance Agent1540 S Interstate 35 Ste 101, San Marcos
Glenn Wier – State Farm Insurance Agent2575 N Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Suite 101, San Marcos, TX 78666
Integrity Insurance Solutions111C E McCarty Ln, San Marcos, TX 78666
Texas Farm Bureau Insurance102 Whitetail Dr # 100, San Marcos, TX 78666


Number of Catastrophes in Texas and the US

Natural disasters

Especially since Hurricane Harvey in 2017, summer and fall have become stressful for many San Marcos property owners. In preparation for the storm season, many homeowners retrofit and fortify their homes or adjust their insurance policies to ensure they are sufficiently covered.

If you own a San Marcos property, seek expanded homeowners insurance coverage and a robust flood insurance policy before the next tropical storm season.

Wind and hail deductibles

Although homeowners insurance covers damage incurred from tornadoes and hurricanes, exposure to wind and hail is usually excluded from coverage unless specifically added to the insurance plan. Insurance companies offer various deductible amount options for this. Your plan will include lower additional premiums for wind and hail coverage if you choose a higher deductible option.  

Property Crime 

San Marcos has one of the highest property crime rates in the United States: approximately one in 24 San Marcos residents has been a victim of a property crime.

Insurance companies offer various levels of coverage for property damage or loss due to vandalism or theft. It is a good idea to identify your most valuable possessions and your belongings’ total value to choose the level of coverage appropriate for you. 

If you find that your possessions’ value exceeds your insurance cap, you may want to consider increasing your coverage. Purchasing a comprehensive plan may be advantageous as it will cover maximum repair costs for missing or damaged items.

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San Marcos, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Basic home insurance policies will cover any damage to the roof caused by hail. However, if hail creates a leak that allows precipitation into your home, you may need a flood insurance plan to pay for the water damage.

Because San Marcos is vulnerable to natural disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes, it is more expensive to insure San Marcos properties. Factors such as your neighborhood and credit score can also contribute to high monthly premiums.

Even if your property is not flood-prone, flood insurance may be a good idea because it covers more than just damage caused by floods. If you end up suffering from any form of water damage, a flood insurance policy will be worth it.

San Marcos is becoming an increasingly popular place to live, and it’s not difficult to see why. While the city’s affordability doesn’t extend to its insurance premiums, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to protect your property. With a little research, you can compare the best homeowners policies and select the best one for you. Check the Insurance Online comparison tool to get quotes from the best homeowners insurance providers.

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