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Santa Clara is located in the heart of Silicon Valley. It’s just 45 miles away from San Francisco. The city was formed in 1777 as a part of Saint Clare De Asis, and got its name from the mission as well. The mission is now a historic landmark, located on the campus of Santa Clara University. The campus has picturesque buildings that represent the mission, along with a wide array of flowering plants all around it. 

The city is home to leading businesses headquarters, championship golf courses, and National Football League’s San Francisco 49ers. You can often see the 49ers playing at Levi’s Stadium. It has many other attractions and exciting adventures, such as award-winning wineries, world-renowned universities, and world-class shopping. Santa Clara has a history of fine dining and shopping at Santana Row. California’s Great America theme park is a family theme park and entertainment destination, and it has exciting rides and live performances. Once you grow an aptitude after doing all the outdoor activities, you can enjoy Bay area’s best and freshest seafood. 

As of 2021, the city has a total population of 127,721 and 39,630 housing units, with a homeownership rate of 55.6%. The median home value in Santa Clara is $831,600. The cost of living in the city is higher than the U.S. average. Whether you are currently living in the city or are planning to purchase a house, it is always a good idea to purchase an Santa Clara homeowners insurance policy. 

A standard homeowners insurance policy protects you from any unforeseen financial setbacks. Although it is not legally required to purchase homeowners insurance, it’s wise to get one anyway. If you are looking to buy homeowners insurance in Santa Clara, try our Home Insurance Quote Comparison Tool and get free homeowners insurance quotes from top-rated insurance companies. 

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost in Santa Clara

Though the cost of property is high in Santa Clara, the homeowners insurance premium is also high. When you start to look for homeowners insurance, your first step should be to compare rates from the best-rated companies in your area to ensure you get the best rates.

Santa Clara’s average homeowner insurance rate is $1,675, which is higher than the national average.   

Santa Clara Homeowners Insurance Rates Compared to State and National Averages

Santa Clara Average (annual)California AverageUnited States Average

Santa Clara Homeowners Insurance Premiums by Company

During your search for finding the right homeowners insurance, you will notice that different homeowners insurance companies offer different prices for the same type of coverage. The reason behind the fluctuation is that the insurance companies have their own system to calculate the homeowners insurance premiums. You need to find the right insurance company for your needs. 

In Santa Clara, Horace Mann P & C offers the most affordable home insurance, valued at just $320 per year. Take a look at the table below and see rates offered by different insurance providers in Santa Clara. 

Santa Clara Homeowners Insurance Rates by Companies

CompanyAverage Annual Premium Rate
Horace Mann P & C$320
California Casualty$703
Privilege Underwriters Exch$1,249
Liberty Mutual$2,534

Santa Clara Homeowners Insurance Rates by Coverage Amount 

When you buy a homeowners insurance policy, you will be asked to choose a dwelling coverage limit used to pay for the replacement or repair cost of your property in case of a disaster. Generally, if your dwelling coverage selected level is high, your homeowners insurance will cost more. 

Here’s how different coverage levels affect your annual homeowners insurance cost in Santa Clara:

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Santa Clara by Coverage Limits

Coverage AmountAnnual Home Insurance Cost
$750,000 to $1000,000$1,368

Santa Clara Homeowners Insurance Rates by ZIP Codes

Homeowners insurance companies in Santa Clara use local variables to calculate potential risks and insurance costs. The location of your home is the primary factor that can make your insurance cost high or low. Even if you move from one street to another in the same city, your homeowners insurance premium will fluctuate. 

Take a look at the table below, as we have listed the homeowners insurance rates in Santa Clara based on different ZIP codes. 

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Santa Clara by ZIP Codes

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage annual homeowners insurance rate
San Ysidro Way95051$718
Benton Street95050$1,679
Keith Ln95054$1,756
El Camino Real95053$5,290

Popular Home Insurance Deductibles in Santa Clara 

When you purchase homeowners insurance, your insurance agent would ask you to decide on a deductible amount. Deductibles are an important part of your homeowners insurance policy. It is an amount that homeowners agree to pay to the insurance company before filing an insurance claim. The deductible amount selected by you will have a direct effect on your insurance premium. 

Generally, if your deductible is lower, your insurance premium will be more. So, if you want your annual premium to be low, you should choose a high deductible amount.

Homeowners Insurance Cost in Santa Clara based on Deductible

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate

Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available in Santa Clara 

A standard homeowners insurance policy in Santa Clara provides the following coverages:

  • Dwelling Coverage – Provides coverage for any damage to the physical structure of your home. 
  • Attached Structures Coverage – Protects the monetary loss for any structure attached to your home, such as a garage or shed. 
  • Personal Property Coverage – Provides coverage to your home’s content, including clothes, furniture, appliances or equipment, and jewelry. 
  • Personal Liability Coverage – Provides coverage if someone gets injured on your property or if the injury was caused by a resident of your home. 
  • Medical Expenses Coverage – Covers the medical expenses if someone gets injured at your property. 
  • Additional Living Expense – Covers additional living expenses that might incur while living away from your home during an insurance claim. 

Best Home Insurance Companies in Santa Clara

A homeowners insurance policy protects your biggest asset against any unforeseen disasters. It’s a big decision that can’t just rely on the quote offered by an insurance provider. 

While shopping for an insurance policy, you must pay attention to the company’s financial stability to ensure they can pay money if a claim is filed. You should also check their customer service rating, customer complaints, and management stability. To make your research easier, we have listed the best Santa Clara homeowners companies based on J.D. Power Rankings, AM Best Ratings, and BBB Ratings.

Best Cheap Homeowners Insurance Company in Santa Clara 

CompanyJ.D. Power RankingA.M. Best RatingBBB Rating
Allstate3 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+
Erie5 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+
Liberty Mutuals3 out of 5 starsAA-
GEICO5 out of 5 starsA++ (Superior)A+
Farmers 3 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+

Top Homeowners Insurance Agents in Santa Clara

Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Santa ClaraAddress


2065 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050

State Farm Insurance Agent

980 El Camino Real #350, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Allstate Insurance

3375 Scott Blvd Ste 208, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Farmers Insurance 

3390 De La Cruz Blvd Ste F, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Be Well Insurance Solutions

1092 Scott Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Global Pro Insurance Services

2904 El Camino Real UNIT 208, Santa Clara, CA 95051

Common Causes of Home Insurance Claims in Santa Clara

If you live in Santa Clara, having homeowners insurance policy is necessary to protect yourself from a financial setback. In Santa Clara, the average cost of homeowners insurance is higher than in most California cities. The number of homeowners insurance claims filed each year has declined, but there are still some perils that cause homeowners insurance losses, such as:

  • Escape water – 30%
  • Wind damage – 25%
  • Fire or explosion – 17%
  • Appliance failure – 12%
  • Theft and burglary – 12%
  • Rain, snow, ice damage – 4%

Money-Saving Tips for Santa Clara Homeowners Insurance 

In Santa Clara, the residents are always looking for ways to save money on their homeowners insurance. Here are some money-saving tips for homeowners looking for affordable insurance policies:

  • Shop around by getting free quotes from different providers. 
  • Raise your deductibles
  • Make your home more risk-free
  • Install security equipment and ask your insurance agents for discounts for getting security devices.
  • Stay with one trusted insurance company and build a rapport to ask for additional discounts. 
  • Bundling your home and auto insurance policy can help you reduce your insurance cost by 20%. Refer to the table below and see how bundling affects your insurance premium.

Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts in Santa Clara

CompanyAvg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (With Bundle)
State Farm$1,928

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Santa Clara, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

That depends on where the property is. For example, if your home is close to a waterbody, you may need flood coverage. Some mortgage lenders may also force you to purchase flood coverage. You can buy the policy from a private company or the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

A standard homeowners insurance policy covers the loss and damages caused to your home and personal belongings from theft and vandalism. You can install home security systems and other safety measures to reduce the chances of theft. 

When you install a pool, the risk of someone getting injured increases, so you must inform your insurance agent to get pool coverage whenever you get a new pool installed. A standard policy does not provide coverage for any incidents that may occur due to the pool. The insurance company would want you to take additional safety measures to reduce the risk of injuries.

When you are looking for homeowners insurance, you would want to check quotes from different providers quickly. Here’s the list of information you need to provide to the insurance company before they can offer you a quote:

  • Address of your home
  • Square footage of your home
  • Type of construction of your home
  • The age of home and its roof
  • Liability coverage amount
  • Claim history
  • Know the time when your household systems, appliances, and equipment were updated.

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