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Simi Valley, CA is located in Ventura County, and just 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The city sits in the neighborhood of Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, and Chatsworth. It is surrounded by the Santa Susana Mountains and the Simi Hills, which brings a ton of natural scenic attractions into the city. Simi Valley is a hidden gem in Southern California. It is the perfect spot for getaways or family trips. Simi Valley is a vibrant city, filled with cultural diversity, landmarks, and towering hills. 

The city has hosted Republican presidential debates twice at the Ronald Reagan Library, where the former President was buried. Due to the high employment rate, the city has been rated as one of the best cities to work in. Simi Valley is a great place for setting up shops and businesses as it welcomes thousands of tourists each year, who just fall in love with the atmosphere, food, and adventures experiences of the city. 

As of 2021, the city has a total population of 125,842 and 41,986 housing units, with a homeownership rate of 72.1%. The median home value in Simi Valley is $515,299. The high cost of property in the city makes it inevitable to get Simi Valley homeowners insurance policy. 

A standard homeowners insurance policy not only offers peace of mind, but also protects your most significant investment – your home, from any unforeseen financial setbacks. Although it is not legally required to purchase homeowners insurance, it’s wise to get one anyway. If you are looking to buy homeowners insurance in Simi Valley, try our Home Insurance Quote Comparison Tool and get free homeowners insurance quotes from top-rated insurance companies. 

Average Homeowners Insurance Cost in Simi Valley

Your Simi Valley homeowners insurance cost depends on various factors, including the value, location, and type of construction of your property. When you are looking for homeowners insurance, you need to compare rates from the best-rated companies in your area to ensure you get the best rates.

In Simi Valley, the average homeowner insurance rate is $1,539, which is higher than the national and state average.  

Simi Valley Homeowners Insurance Rates Compared to State and National Averages

Simi Valley Average Home Insurance Cost (annual)California AverageUnited States Average

Simi Valley Homeowners Insurance Premiums by Company

Insurance companies follow different methods to calculate your homeowners insurance rates in Simi Valley. During your research, you will notice that rates vary significantly between companies.

If you want the cheapest homeowners insurance in Simi Valley, look no further than Tokio Marine America. They sell their homeowners insurance at an annual premium of $279. Have a look at the following table below and see the homeowners insurance rates offered by different insurance providers.

Simi Valley Homeowners Insurance Rates by Companies

CompanyAverage Annual Premium Rate
Tokio Marine America$279
Liberty Ins Corp$1,189
Amica Mutual$1,236
Bankers Standard$1,435

Simi Valley Homeowners Insurance Rates by Coverage Amount 

When you buy a homeowners insurance policy, you will be asked to choose a dwelling coverage limit used to pay for the replacement or repair cost of your property in case of a disaster. Generally, if your dwelling coverage selected level is high, your homeowners insurance will cost more. 

Here’s how different coverage levels affect your annual homeowners insurance cost in Simi Valley:

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Simi Valley by Coverage Limits

Coverage AmountAnnual Home Insurance Cost
$750,000 to $1000,000$1,918

Simi Valley Homeowners Insurance Rates by ZIP Codes

Homeowners insurance companies in Simi Valley use local variables to calculate potential risks and insurance costs. The location of your home is the primary factor that can make your insurance cost high or low. Even if you move from one street to another in the same city, your homeowners insurance premium will fluctuate. 

Take a look at the table below, as we have listed the homeowners insurance rates in Simi Valley based on different ZIP codes. 

Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Simi Valley by ZIP Codes

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage annual homeowners insurance rate
N Avenida Vista Del Monte93063$909
Milestone Ave93065$1,180
Emerald Ave93063$1,198
Crosby Ave93065$1,559
W Twisted Oak Dr93065$1,622
Devon Ct93065$1,872

Popular Home Insurance Deductibles in Simi Valley

When you purchase homeowners insurance, your insurance agent would ask you to decide on a deductible amount. A deductible is a dollar amount that a homeowner is responsible for paying when filing an insurance claim. A high deductible can help you to reduce the cost of your homeowners insurance premium. 

The following table shows how Simi Valley homeowners insurance rates fluctuate based on different deductible amounts. 

Homeowners Insurance Cost in Simi Valley based on Deductible

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate

Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available in Simi Valley 

A standard homeowners insurance policy in Simi Valley provides coverage for:

  • Dwelling Coverage – Provides coverage for any damage to the physical structure of your home. 
  • Attached Structures Coverage – Protects the monetary loss for any structure attached to your home, such as a garage or shed. 
  • Personal Property Coverage – Provides coverage to your home’s content, including clothes, furniture, appliances or equipment, and jewelry. 
  • Personal Liability Coverage – Provides coverage if someone gets injured on your property or if the injury was caused by a resident of your home. 
  • Medical Expenses Coverage – Covers the medical expenses if someone gets injured at your property. 
  • Additional Living Expense – Covers additional living expenses that might incur while living away from your home during an insurance claim. 

Best Home Insurance Companies in Simi Valley, CA

When you are looking for a homeowners insurance policy, price is not the only thing you need to check. Before you sign the homeowners insurance agreement, you must check the company’s financial status, claim process, and customer service. 

To make your research easier, we have listed the best Simi Valley homeowners companies based on J.D. Power Rankings, AM Best Ratings, and BBB Ratings.

Best Cheap Homeowners Insurance Company in Simi Valley

CompanyJ.D. Power RankingA.M. Best RatingBBB rating
Liberty Mutuals3 out of 5 starsAA-
Erie5 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+
Allstate3 out of 5 starsA++ (Superior)A+
Farmers 3 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+
Travelers5 out of 5 starA++ (Superior)A+

Top Homeowners Insurance Agents in Simi Valley

Homeowners Insurance Agency Near Simi Valley, CAAddress
Rancho Simi Insurance Agency1611 E Los Angeles Ave, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Lopez Insurance

2355 Tapo St #1, Simi Valley, CA 93063

Robert A. Ives: Allstate Insurance

4505 Industrial St Ste 2l, Simi Valley, CA 93063

Boggs & Whitener Insurance Agency

4210 E Los Angeles Ave E, Simi Valley, CA 93063

TWFG Insurance Simi Valley

2345 Erringer Rd #205, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Payton Insurance

1791 Erringer Rd UNIT 203, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Paula Miller – State Farm Insurance Agent

1165 Roadrunner Way, Simi Valley, CA 93065

Common Causes of Home Insurance Losses in Simi Valley 

Unforeseen disasters can never be avoided. Regardless of your extreme efforts to safeguard your property, it can be damaged by different means, including floods, wildfires, thefts, and vandalism. Here are the top causes of homeowners insurance claims in Simi Valley:

  • Fire and smoke
  • Earthquake and mudslide
  • Water damages caused by floods
  • Wind and hail damages
  • Vandalism, theft, and burglary 
  • Water damages caused by appliance failure or plumbing

Money-Saving Tips for Simi Valley Homeowners Insurance 

Everyone wants to save money on their homeowners insurance. With small steps, you can make a huge difference in your Simi Valley homeowners insurance premiums. You can try installing home security systems and get additional safety features to get discounts from your insurance company. The best way to save money on your homeowners insurance in Simi Valley is by bundling your home and auto insurance.

Refer to the following table to see how bundling your home and auto insurance affects your insurance premiums. 

Auto & Homeowners Insurance Bundling Discounts in Simi Valley, CA

CompanyAvg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (With Bundle)

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Simi Valley, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover the damages caused to the roof due to wear and tear. If your roof gets damaged suddenly due to any covered storm, your insurance policy will pay to replace it. 

If you have a bad credit history, your insurance company may deny your homeowners insurance. If you successfully get a homeowners insurance policy, your rates will be high due to your low credit score. 

Personal property coverage protects your personal items from damages caused by any covered peril. Your personal items could be furniture, electronics, clothing, art pieces, etc. If you ever lose your personal items to theft or fire, your personal property coverage will pay to repair or replace those items. 

Generally, homeowners insurance does not cover any animals, birds, fish, vehicles, and business property for any damages caused by flood, fire, earthquakes, and explosions. 

Your homeowners insurance policy will be automatically canceled if you missed a payment. The canceled insurance will stay on your record for several years, which can affect your future interactions with any insurance agents.  

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