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Sunnyvale, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, is home to more than 152,770 residents who have kept a very progressive approach to life. Every year, the picture-perfect city attracts thousands of tourists who are looking for a wide array of activities to enjoy. Many technology leaders have their headquarters located in Sunnyvale, including Yahoo, Lockheed Martin, NetApp, Spansion, Simco Electronics, Ariba, and many more. 

The housing expenses in the city are 380% higher than the national average. There are 59024 housing units in Sunnyvale, and the homeownership rate is 45.4%, with a median home value of $968,700. As the cost of buying a home in Sunnyvale is very high, it is important to have homeowners insurance. 

Shopping for homeowners insurance can be very overwhelming. We have made this process much easier. You can use the Insurance Online quote comparison tool and find affordable homeowners insurance rates in Sunnyvale.  

Average Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Cost

Your Sunnyvale homeowners insurance rates depend on many factors, such as your property’s cost, the value of your personal possessions, location of your home, dwelling coverage amount, deductible amount, and type of construction of your home. If your house is located in areas that are susceptible to natural disasters and property crimes, your insurance premium can be expensive. 

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Sunnyvale is $1314.99, higher than the state average.

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Rates Compared to State and National Average Rates

Sunnyvale Average (annual)California AverageUnited States Average
$1,314.99$1,173 $1,444

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Premiums by Company

Homeowners insurance companies work to provide their best policies based on different types of coverages. The insurance premium can vary from one company to another. In Sunnyvale, Amco insurance offers the cheapest homeowner insurance rate of $325.99, whereas Liberty Mutual has the most expensive rates. 

Depending on your insurance company, your premium can cost anything from $300 to $2499. We have gathered some basic information from Sunnyvale and collected insurance quotes from different insurance providers. Refer to the table below and see the list of cheapest homeowners insurance companies in Sunnyvale. 

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Premiums by Company

CompanyAverage Annual Premium Rate
Universal North America$391
The Hartford$409.92
Liberty Mutual$2533

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Cost by Coverage Amount 

Dwelling coverage is an important part of your Sunnyvale homeowners insurance. When you are looking for a homeowner insurance policy, you need to decide on a dwelling coverage level that should be equal to your home’s replacement cost. The dwelling coverage amount is used to pay to rebuild your home if it gets damaged due to any unforeseen event. 

The chosen dwelling coverage affects the cost of your insurance premium. In the following table, we have shown how dwelling coverage amount affects the annual homeowners insurance rate. 

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Sunnyvale by Coverage Limits

Coverage AmountHome Insurance Cost ($)
$100,000 dwelling$108.90
$200,000 dwelling$397
$300,000 dwelling$500
$400,000 dwelling$620
$500,000 dwelling$795
$750,000 to $1000,000 dwelling$920
Above $1000,000 dwelling$1090

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Rates by ZIP Codes

Homeowners Insurance is calculated based on the local variables. Depending on your location in Sunnyvale, you can see vast differences in your insurance premium. If your ZIP code has a history of burglary, hailstorms, and other disasters, your insurance premium will be higher. 

The residents who own a house in Afuera Arena enjoy the cheapest homeowners insurance policy. Refer to the table below and find homeowners insurance rates based on ZIP codes. 

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Rates by ZIP Codes

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage annual homeowners insurance rate
Afuera Arena94089$  492
N Mary Ave Spc94086$1260
Hollenbeck Ave94087$3120
Santa Catalina Ter 94085$5088

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Deductibles

A deductible is an amount that you must pay the insurance company in case of a claim. When you shop for an insurance policy, your agent will ask you to decide whether you want a high or low deductible. The chosen deductible amount will affect how much you will pay for your home insurance. 

If you want a cheaper insurance premium, you can set a high deductible amount. Just remember to choose an amount that you can afford to pay out of your pocket. Take a peek at the table below and compare the rates based on low to high deductibles. 

Homeowners Insurance Cost in Sunnyvale based on Deductible

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Coverages Available

A standard Sunnyvale homeowners insurance policy includes six coverage provisions that cover different parts. We have briefly explained each type of coverage in the following table. 

Coverage TypeWhat does it cover?How much does it cover?
Dwelling coverageCovers the physical structure of your home. The coverage limit should be equal to the replacement cost of your home. 
Other structures coverageCovers the structures that are not attached to your home, such as a garage.Set as 10% of your dwelling limit
Personal property coverageCovers your personal belongings both inside and outside of your home.50% of your dwelling limit
Loss of use coverageCovers the additional expenses that might incur while your home gets repaired.20% of your dwelling limit
Personal liability coverageCovers you against the loss if you or any resident of your home causes damage to someone else’s property or a guest gets injured at your home.Between $100,000 and $500,000
Medical payment coverageCovers the medical bills of any guest who gets injured at your home. Between $1,000 and $5,000

Best Sunnyvale Home Insurance Companies

The housing cost in Sunnyvale is always rising. Undoubtedly, your home is your most expensive asset. Even if it is located in a region where disastrous events are highly unlikely, you must buy homeowners insurance to protect your home. 

Generally, people focus on the cost of homeowners insurance, but you need to be well informed about the customer service rating, financial status, and claim history of the insurance providers. We have researched and listed the best homeowners insurance companies in Sunnyvale. Have a look at the table below: 

Top-rated Homeowners Insurance Company in Sunnyvale

CompanyJ.D. Power RankingA.M. Best RatingBBB rating
Farmers  3 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+
GEICO 5 out of 5 starsA++ (Superior)A+
Nationwide 3 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+
State Farm 4 out of 5 starsA++ (Superior)A
Allstate 3 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+

Top Homeowners Insurance Agents in Sunnyvale

Home Insurance Company Near Sunnyvale, CAAddress
Travelers1731 TECHNOLOGY DR SUITE 250, SAN JOSE, CA, 95110
Liberty Mutual Independent456 MONTGOMERY ST 16TH FL, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, 94104
State Farm3581 Mt Diablo Blvd Ste 225, Lafayette, CA, 94549-8306
Travelers39812 MISSION BLVD STE 101, FREMONT, CA, 94539
State Farm35 Bayhill Shopping Center, San Bruno, CA, 94066-2901

Common Causes for Sunnyvale Home Insurance Claims

The main purpose of buying homeowners insurance is to safeguard your home against damages and loss. Once you purchase an insurance policy with the right coverage type, sufficient dwelling coverage, and desired deductible, you need to know about the most common causes of insurance losses in your city. 

If you live in any city in California, there are six main causes of insurance claims. The majority of these are filed against the damages caused by weather-related disasters. Here are the top reasons for insurance loss in Sunnyvale:

  • Wind and hail damage – 34%
  • Fire and lightning damages – 32%
  • Water damages and freezing – 24%
  • Non-theft property damages – 6%
  • Liability – 2%
  • Thefts and burglary – 1%

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance Money-Saving Tips

If you are looking for tips to save money on your Sunnyvale homeowners insurance, bundling your auto and home insurance is the best way. Combining these two policies can help you reduce your insurance premiums by 20%. 

Most of the insurance-providing companies offer different discount rates for bundling your auto and home insurance. In the following table, you can see how bundling can reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. 

Sunnyvale Homeowners Insurance and Car Insurance Bundling Discounts 

Place1 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance2 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance3 Car Bundle Savings On Insurance
Mountain View city, California$85$114$171
Santa Clara city, California$82$110$165
Los Altos city, California$90$120$180

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Sunnyvale, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

A homeowners insurance claim typically stays on your record for five to seven years. It may vary from company to company. The time also depends on the type of damage. Whenever a claim is filed, the insurance company reports it to the CLUE or A-Plus. 

Whenever you buy a new homeowners insurance policy, your insurance agent will check your claim history. If you have a claim filed in the last five years, your insurance policy can be expensive. Some companies may even deny you from buying an insurance policy. 

Insurance companies offer many payment methods and plans, such as partial payment, automatic drafts, and full payment. Paying homeowners insurance in full is the best option. Many insurance providers offer discounts for paying full insurance in advance. Additionally, you can save the monthly fee and will never miss a monthly payment. 

Your insurance company charges an insurance installment fee in addition to your annual premium. The fee is used to cover the cost of processing your monthly and quarterly payments. If you pay your premium in full, you can save the installment fee. 

Several precautions and measures can be taken to reduce the chances of damage or loss. Here are a few steps that you can take to prevent common home insurance claim:

  • Regularly inspect your roof to prevent leaks.
  • Inspect water pipes, drain lines, water heater, sinks, and other appliances regularly to prevent water damages. 
  • Build a fire evacuation plan for your family.
  • Install smoke detectors on the floor, near fireplaces, in basements, and inside the rooms where appliances are installed. Don’t forget to clean and test your smoke detectors.
  • Always keep flammable items and materials away from the fire sources. 
  • Regularly check and update electrical systems, including outlets, extension cords, etc.
  • Install a home security system with CCTV cameras, smart doorbells, and motion sensors.

Homeowners are not legally required to purchase homeowners insurance. Still, if you have an active mortgage on your house, the loan lending company needs you to buy a hazard insurance policy. This type of insurance policy would ensure that their investment is safe as the insurance policy would cover the financial losses if the house gets damaged due to any covered peril.

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