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Out of 1,698 cities in Texas, The Woodlands is the 34th most populated area with a total of 113, 819 residents. The Woodlands’ coldest temperature happens during the first few months of the year while its hottest climate typically comes in the middle of the year. With its growing population, The Woodlands is one place where acquiring homeowners insurance is common. People in The Woodlands give importance to their security and their property’s security in cases of unfortunate events.

Acquiring homeowners insurance in The Woodlands is a wise decision if you want to protect it against crimes, loss, fortuitous events, and natural disasters.  Several insurance companies around The Woodlands offer competitive homeowners insurance coverage options. The cost will depend on the details of your home: materials, structure, size, and location. 

Additionally, different coverages are available for you to bundle that is best in keeping the safety of your home and the valuables in it. The location of the property plays a great role in evaluating your homeowner’s insurance rate in The Woodlands. If your area is prone to natural disasters such as wildfire, floods, and hurricanes, it is likely for your insurance provider to give you higher rates. 

What is the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance in The Woodlands?

The Woodlands’ average homeowner’s insurance rate is $1,420 per year. 

Several home insurance companies in Woodland cater to homeowners who live in places that project high-risks. They provide coverage specifically to insure houses or locations that often experience tornadoes and other disasters. UPC is known for offering the best tornado coverage in The Woodlands while the annual average rate for tornado coverage in Woodland is $2,351 per year. 

Which companies offer the cheapest homeowners insurance option in The Woodlands?

Texas insurance offers comprehensive coverage to its population regardless of their location, type of house, or size of the vicinity. Several companies provide affordable homeowners insurance in The Woodlands. USAA and Chubb have the cheapest average homeowners insurance rate in the city. Chubb offers the cheapest average homeowners insurance rate of $1,429 per year, followed by USAA at $2,010 per year. 

The Woodlands Homeowners Insurance Rate VS Statewide and Nationwide Average

Homeowners insurance companies in The Woodlands give homeowners reasonable rates. While the statewide average is at $3,420 yearly making it the fifth most expensive homeowner’s insurance rate in the country, The Woodlands has an average homeowners insurance cost of $1,701. On the other hand, the nation’s average is $1,210 per year. 

Homeowners Insurance: The Woodlands Rates Vs. State + National Averages

The Woodlands Average (annual)Texas AverageUnited States Average

Which companies offer the cheapest homeowners insurance option in The Woodlands?

The current market value of your house is greatly considered in calculating your total homeowner’s insurance rate in The Woodlands. The lower the value of your home, the lower the cost of your homeowner’s insurance. On a brighter note, there are several home insurance companies in The Woodlands that render cheap rates. Chubb is number one on the list in terms of the cheapest homeowners insurance rates. 

CompanyAverage Annual Rate

Homeowners Insurance Rate By ZIP Codes

Your house’s location directly affects your homeowner’s insurance rates in The Woodlands. With considerations to your surrounding vicinities, residing in areas near public safety departments such as police stations and fire stations, it is likely for your rates to be cheaper than those who live in locations prone to crimes and natural disasters. 

Streets Around The WoodlandsAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate

The Woodlands Homeowners Insurance Cost by Deductible

Your deductibles directly influence your overall homeowner’s insurance rate. The average annual insurance rate for a property with a low deductible is $1,400, while the average rate for a property with a high deductible is just $1,100 per year. 

Deductible LevelAverage Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate

Best Home Insurance Companies in The Woodlands

Insurance companies provide discounts for homeowners in The Woodlands who live in an area near public safety departments such as a fire station or police station. Additionally,  

offering comprehensive coverages for disastrous events can also bring in satisfactory ratings. Several companies earned top-notch ratings from J.D. Power and BBB. These ratings were evaluated according to the company’s financial stability, comprehensive disaster coverages, and other factors that project the reliability of the company.


CompanyJ.D. Power RankingA.M. Best RatingBBB rating
Chubb5 out of 5 starsA++ (Superior)A+
Travelers4 out of 5 stars*A (Superior)A
Progressive4 out of 5 starsA+ (Superior)A+

Top Home Insurance Agents Near The Woodlands

If you want a sure way to save on your home insurance premiums, hiring an expert to help you guarantee these savings. Homeowners insurance agents in The Woodlands mastered every aspect of the business. They help many homeowners buy a bundle that is ideal for their current homeowner’s profile while enjoying a cheap monthly rate.

Home Insurance Company Near The WoodlandsTop Homeowners Insurance Agents in The WoodlandsAddress
TravelersEhrman Murphy & Co Llp9225 KATY FWY #201, HOUSTON, TX, 77024
State FarmMike Biggs14642 Fm 529 Rd, Houston, TX, 77095-3510
NationwideVictory Agency Inc13480 Veterans Memorial Dr Ste R3, Houston, TX, 77014

What Are the Most Common Coverage Options in The Woodlands?

The Woodlands offers comprehensive homeowners insurance coverages regardless of your location, house type, age, and other contributing factors. There are different coverage options that you can choose and bundle based on the condition and location of your home and your preferences. These options include home protection, medical coverage, additional living expenses, and more. Common coverage options offered in The Woodlands are described in more detail below. 

Property or Dwelling Coverage: Covers the cost of home repairs for damage caused by events such as windstorms or kitchen fires. 

Personal Liability Coverage: covers injuries to you and your family from an accident in your residence for which you are responsible. 

Medical Coverage: covers injuries to guests who are injured on your property. (Does not cover injuries to you or others living in your residence.) 

Additional Living Expense: If your home acquires severe damage and is not livable, your insurance provider will cover the cost of house rentals for up to 24 months or until your home is completely safe and rebuilt. 

Asset Protection: covers valuable assets on your property, such as art, antiques, and/or collectibles. In any case that these assets are stolen or lost, the insurance company will replace them. 

Scheduled Personal Property Coverage: provides full coverage (beyond the partial coverage offered by asset protection) for specific valuables of your choice. 

Property Rental Coverage: covers the risks taken by renting out your home for extended periods of time including liability costs, property damage, and loss of rental income.

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The Woodlands, TX Homeowners Insurance FAQs

The average rate of homeowners insurance in The Woodlands is $1,701 per year. 

The average rate for a house with a market value of more than $300,000 in The Woodlands is around $1,400. There are other factors that insurers calculate before giving you a quote; hence rates are prior to change. 

The homeowner’s insurance rate in Auburn Terrace Dr is about $1,100 per year.

Additional Living Expense is applied when your home acquires severe damage and is not livable, your insurance provider will cover the cost of house rentals for up to 24 months or until your home is completely safe and rebuilt. 

It is inevitable for your home insurance to increase after a claim. For the Second Water Claim, your homeowner’s insurance rate in The Woodlands would go up to $2,267. 

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