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Vacaville has 98,875 residents, making it the 76th most populated city in California. It has an estimated median household income of $87,823 and a median home value of $391,100. Buying a home in Vacaville is an excellent investment, especially if you want to start a family. However, securing homeowners insurance in Vacaville is of utmost importance to protect your home and belongings. Use our guide on homeowners insurance in Vacaville to learn everything you need to find the best and cheapest homeowners insurance rates in the city.

Vacaville Average Homeowners Insurance vs State Average and National  Average

The average homeowners insurance in Vacaville is $977. It is lower than California’s average homeowners insurance rate of $1,173 and the national average of $1,444. Compared to these average costs, homeowners insurance in Vacaville is relatively affordable. 

Average Homeowners Insurance Rate VS Statewide And National Average

Vacaville Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average
$977$ 1,173$1,444

Vacaville Homeowners Insurance Rates by Company 

State Farm provides the cheapest homeowners insurance rates in Vacaville  at $211, followed by Farmers Insurance at $384. Vacaville homeowners insurance rates differ not only by company but also by other factors such as your home’s location and chosen deductible. Use our table below to see which companies offer the cheapest and most expensive homeowners insurance rates in Vacaville.

Homeowners Insurance in Vacaville by Company 

CompanyAverage Annual Insurance Rate
State Farm$211
Farmers Insurance$384
Stillwater Insurance Group$403
The Hartford$890
Liberty Mutual$933
Esurance $1,574

Vacaville Homeowners Insurance Rates by Neighborhood

Comparing homeowners insurance rates of different neighborhoods shows you the trend across the city. You will be able to track low and high rates based on ZIP codes. Neighborhoods with high crime or disaster occurrences usually get higher homeowners insurance rates than other neighborhoods. Here is a list of Vacaville homeowners insurance rates by ZIP codes.

Homeowners Insurance Rates in Vacaville by Zip Code

NeighborhoodZIP CodeAverage Annual Insurance Rate
Ithica Ct, Newcastle Dr, Ambleside Ct, Beth Page Ct 95687$622
Gibson Valley Rd, Vineyard Valley Way, Cricket Trail Rd 95688$680

Vacaville Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductible

A deductible is a financial obligation the insured must fulfill before the insurer settles a claim. You have the final say on the amount you’re willing to pay to settle an insured loss. In case of a covered event you will pay more if your deductible is high, but you also get lower insurance premiums yearly. Therefore, you can set your deductible depending on the amount you are willing to contribute to settling an insured loss. 

Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductible

 Low DeductibleHigh Deductible
Yearly Vacaville, California Homeowner Insurance Policy Example$799$399
Total Home Insurance Policy For 8 Years + Pocket Expense For Claim$7,391$6,103
Net Savings To Vacaville, California Homeowner From High Deductible Plan$1,288

Types of Vacaville Homeowners Insurance Coverage 

An average homeowners insurance policy in Vacaville, California, comes with basic coverage. This covers physical damage to the house, fire outbreak, home accident, plumbing errors, smoke, blocked pipes, etc. There can also be bundle insurance where you combine both auto and homeowners insurance. Depending on what you want, you can add coverage to your homeowners insurance policy. 

Different Homeowners Insurance Coverage in Vacaville

Dwelling CoverageThis covers the replacement and repair expenses of your home.
Personal Property CoverageAlong with the replacement of home, it includes coverage of your personal belongings such as sofa set, mobile, and other stuff.
Liability CoverageThis will protect you from lawsuits and help you in covering the costs related to them.
Other Structures CoverageThis covers structures attached to your home such as your garage or garden shed.

Vacaville Homeowners Insurance Claims Due to Common Natural Disasters

Natural disasters are part of the things you should consider creating a separate coverage for. You should know that your homeowners insurance policy does not cover damages suffered due to natural occurrences, as in the case of disasters. Therefore, you must create coverage for possible natural disasters. California is known for the following natural disasters from which you need coverage.

  • Wildfires
  • Earthquakes 
  • Floods
  • Severe storms
  • Landslides 

Best Vacaville Homeowners Insurance Companies 

Cost isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing your Vacaville homeowners insurance company. Some of the factors to consider are location, policy coverage, costs, and clients’ reviews. In the table below, we list the best Vacaville homeowners insurance companies based on their track record and financial standing to help you streamline your options. 

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies in Vacaville by Ratings

CompanyA.M Best RatingJ.D Power ScoreMarket Share
State FarmA++4/519.55%
Farmers Insurance A+3/510.39%
Liberty Mutual A3/57.37%

Home Insurance Agents In Vacaville

There are many homeowners insurance agents in Vacaville. While some Vacaville homeowners insurance agents work independently, most of them work with popular insurance companies. The table below shows some of the homeowners insurance companies and their agents whom you can work with within Vacaville, California. You can visit their offices to get started on finding a suitable homeowners insurance policy for you.

Homeowners Insurance Agents And Their Addresses

Company NameAddress
Allstate574 Market St STE 1300 94105, CA
Farmers1545 Webster St Ste A 94533, CA
Farmers Insurance1235 4TH Street 94901, CA
Liberty Mutual206 Spear St 94105-1613, CA

Vacaville Homeowners Insurance Money-Saving Tips

Aside from comparing Vacaville homeowners insurance rates across various companies to get the most value for your money,  here are other ways to save on your homeowners insurance in Vacaville:

  • Create bundle insurance. Combine your auto insurance with your homeowners insurance. 
  • Leverage discounts available for your homeowners insurance policy.
  • Improve the general condition of your building.
  • Install upgrades on plumbing, electrical, fire, and kitchen appliances, and security equipment.
  • Set a higher deductible. 

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Vacaville, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Yes, you can find affordable homeowners insurance in Vacaville. Extend your search to more companies, starting with the ones we mentioned in this guide. As you do this, you will be up-to-date on Vacaville’s homeowners insurance trends and what the lower limit on insurance premium is. You can use the factors like location, quotes, success stories, recommendations, and clients’ reviews. Know that the best homeowners insurance in Vacaville, may not always come cheap, especially if you’re covering disasters like floods, but it will surely be worth the money.

Every homeowners insurance company in Vacaville provides the details of your policy, but most people neglect to read it. We recommend taking a deep dive to identify what exactly is being covered and if specific issues that may affect you are being addressed. 

Bundling in insurance means combining two or more insurance policies in one policy. This means that you have two different insurance policies with the same insurance companies. As a reward, the insurance company may offer discounts on your bundle insurance rate. A typical example of bundling is to combine your homeowners insurance and your auto insurance into one policy to save on both. 

A deductible is the amount of money you pay towards a damage before the insurer pays for the damages. Your insurer may recommend a higher deductible plan to help you save on your homeowners insurance rate. Only you can decide how much deductible you pay before signing the contract. 

Yes, you can add or remove from your homeowners insurance in Vacaville, California. It is your insurance, so you know what you need and what is unnecessary. Some insurance policies may come with extra coverages to increase the cost of the policy. Therefore, you must go through the details of the policy to understand what it covers. In some cases, you may not be able to alter the details of a standard insurance policy. Still, it is best to reach out to your homeowners insurance company with questions on what you can change about your plan now and in the future before signing a contract. 

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