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Visalia is an agricultural city and the oldest town in the San Joaquin Valley in California. It was the jewel of the San Joaquin valley. This city is home to over a hundred and thirty thousand people. About fifty-six percent of its inhabitants are homeowners; this is a little below the national average. 

Visalia is known for its beautiful parks such as Sequoia National Park, weekly farmer’s market, a convention center, and a beautiful ImagineU children’s museum. Children are encouraged to showcase their talent at ImagineU children’s museum. Visalia is a lovely place to raise a family.

Homeowners in Visalia signup for homeowners insurance to mitigate against the loss of properties and physical home structures. The average annual premium of Visalia houses is $507; this is fifty-seven percent lower than the national average.

What is the average insurance rate in Visalia? 

Homeowners insurance rates: Visalia Vs. State Vs. National average

Visalia Annual AverageCalifornia AverageUnited States Average

How to get affordable Homeowners insurance in Visalia

As a homeowner in Visalia, you are probably faced with the huge task of choosing the right insurance company for your home at an affordable price. You need to know different factors that determine the overall premium you will pay to your insurance company. Some of these factors include the location of your home, the type of home insurance you select, and general property cost in your area, as well as the total number of claims filed in your neighborhood.

Companies Offering The Best Home Insurance In Visalia

You have a large number of companies operating in Visalia. Companies’ rates are not regulated, so they get to determine the premium they will charge for your property. Selecting the right insurance company for your home is important. Price and the extent of coverage offered is important.

Best home insurance company in Visalia

Insurance companyAverage annual rate
Horace Mann$519
CSE Safeguard$550
Pacific specialty$787
QBE (Balboa)$909

Homeowners insurance coverage level in Visalia, CA

Insurance rates in Roseville are greatly influenced by the coverage level. Having a $200K dwelling coverage will cost you about $444 annually, while a $400K dwelling coverage can go as high as $909 annually.

Coverage level and average insurance premium in Visalia

Dwelling Coverage levelAverage annual premium
$100,000 $444
$200,000 $550

Areas with the cheapest Insurance in Visalia 

Various areas in Visalia has different average insurance premium yearly. You can predict what your premium range is by looking at areas around your properties. The cost of properties in your neighborhood, crime rate, fire, and flood hazards are factors that determine how much you pay for your premium. Areas and Zipcodes with the cheapest yearly premiums are listed below.

Homeowners insurance rate in Visalia by zip code

Names of AreasZipcodes of areasAverage annual bundle insurance rate
N Anthony street93291$583
S Cotta street93292$591
S Vintage Street93277$593
E Harvard Avenue93292$600

Visalia, CA Homeowners Insurance Rates Based on Deductible

Your deductible level is a major determining factor for your insurance rates. The higher your deductible level, the lower your insurance rates. 

Average Insurance rates in Visalia, CA by Deductible

DeductibleAverage Annual Rates
$2500 Deductible$456
$2000 Deductible$498
$1500 Deductible$532
$1000 Deductible$567
$500 Deductible$628

What Are The Types Of Home Insurance In Visalia

Visalia homeowners have eight options when it comes to homeowner insurance coverage in Visalia. The eight options are listed below;

Visalia Home Insurance types and Coverage 

Homeowners insuranceWhat is covered
HO-1 (Basic form)
  • This is the least homeowner insurance available in Visalia
  • HO-1 coverage includes few natural disasters like storm, wind, volcanic, lightning, and fire
  • It covers property theft, damage from a vehicular collision, explosion, and civil unrest.
HO-2 (Broad Form)
  • HO-2 covers both personal properties and the structure of the house insured
  • The coverage includes everything covered in the basic form, damage from falling objects, ice, snow, or sleet damage
  • It also covers damage to pipes due to freezing or household systems damages from artificially generated electrical currents.
HO-3 (Special Form)
  • It is the most common choice of homeowners in Visalia
  • HO-3 covers all damages unless excluded in the policy package.
HO-4 (Tenant’s form) 
  • The tenant’s form policy was designed solely for property renters and leasers
  • The tenant’s form covers all damages included in HO-2
  • This policy also covers liability and personal property but excludes the physical structures of the house
HO-5 (Comprehensive Form) 
  • They are the best and broadest insurance coverage
  • HO-5 covers not just the cost of the damaged item but the total cost of repairs; this is how it differs from HO-3
  • HO-5 also provides wider personal property coverage, including pieces of jewelry, compared to HO-3
HO-6 (Condo Form)
  • This plan is for condo owners only
  • Condo form provides twisted coverage for condo owners in Visalia; the insurance plan covers floors, ceilings, and the unit walls only.
  • This policy also caters to the personal property and liability of the insured.
HO-7 (Mobile home Form)
  • The mobile home plan is for mobile homeowners
  • It only covers the mobile home in Visalia while the building is stationary; you have to get additional coverage on your mobile home if you intend to move the home
  • It provides the same Coverage as HO-3
HO-8 (Older home Form)
  • This insurance is for old houses deemed as landmarks or registered as historic homes in the city of Visalia
  • This old home form offers the same Coverage as HO-1
  • The homeowners are not allowed to upgrade electricity or any other system that will make the house.

Best Home Insurance companies in Visalia, CA

Though it’s important to consider the price when choosing an insurance company, however, you should also consider the company’s financial stability.  A company’s financial stability will determine its capability to pay insurance claims. So, before purchasing insurance policy in any company, ensure you check the AM Best rating and the JD Power ranking of the company. 

Best insurance company in Visalia based on the AM rating and JD power ranking. 

Home insurance companyAverage annual rate for $250K dwellingJ.D. Power customer satisfaction scoreAM Best Rating

The Hartford




CSAA Insurance Group







State Farm








What are the common causes of home insurance losses in Visalia, CA?

Natural disasters are beyond our control. Whenever they happen, they cause a lot of damage and losses. This is why homeowners should protect their properties from losses due to natural disasters. In Visalia, here are the major natural disasters you need coverage from.

  • Wildfire: It is important your insurance policy covers damages from wildfires, especially with the increasing rise of fire incidents in California
  • Flood: The basic homeowners insurance  covers water damages from a burst pipe but not damage from flooding. You might need to confirm from your provider about the coverage for flood insurance. 
  • Earthquake: You should also consider adding coverage for earthquake to your insurance policy plan since the basic insurance policy does not include earthquake insurance

Top Home Insurance Agents in Visalia, CA

Home Insurance Company in Visalia, CAHomeowners Insurance Agents Near Visalia, CAAddress of Agents
State FarmKaren Barry-Ennis1205 E Olive Ave, Fresno, CA, 93728-3608
FarmersLeticia Saldana-Ricks2224 W Tahoe Ave, Caruthers, CA, 93609
FarmersRonald “Ron” Dias7942 N Maple Ave Ste 111, Fresno, CA, 93720
Liberty Mutual IndependentVermillion & Assoc Ins Agency1370 JENSEN AVE STE D, SANGER, CA, 93657
FarmersWilliam Daly1600 W Mineral King Ave, Visalia, CA, 93291

Companies in Visalia with the Best Bundling Packages

Bundling your home and automobile insurance is a great way to save on insurance premiums. Bundling means contracting one insurance company to provide both your home and auto insurance as a single unit instead of having a separate insurance for both. 

Best bundle rates and companies in Visalia

CompanyAverage Bundle premium
Patterson Tract CPD$1,056
Goshe CDP$1,056
West Goshen CDP$1,068

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Visalia, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

Yes, your basic homeowner’s insurance in Visalia will cover the cost of damages from wildfires. However, the amount of damages covered is dependent on the type of insurance you opt for, what is covered in it, and the deductibles you pay on your homeowner’s insurance.

Unlike wildfires, damages are mostly covered by insurance companies, and your basic insurance cover does not cover damages from earthquakes. It would be best if you sought additional earthquake insurance in addition to your present insurance coverage. Additional insurance coverage will protect your investment and personal properties from damage. You can purchase earthquake insurance from the California Earthquake Authority, which is government-owned or any other private-owned company near you.

Purchasing a homeowner’s insurance is not compulsory under California law. You have a right to decide if you want your property insured or not. However, money lenders require basic insurance coverage on your properties. 

Visalia is a risk zone for a mudslide. Unfortunately, like a flood, mudslide can or may not be covered by your normal home insurance. You have to speak to your insurance company about what coverage they offer against mudslide or if you need to pay extra monthly to protect you from mudslide damage. 

Waiting for your homeowner’s insurance to expire before renewing is not a good plan. You make yourself vulnerable in instances where damage occurs during the lapsed period. Your new insurance will not cover the period your insurance lapsed. Mortgage lenders do not tolerate lapsed homeowners insurance.

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