West Covina, CA Homeowners Insurance

If you own a home in West Covina, CA, you must have invested a lot of hard-earned money into it. You do not want to be left helpless in case of accidents like fire breaking out in your home, robbery, and weather damage which will leave your home in a bad spot. It’s always important to protect your home. The way to do this is through West Covina homeowners insurance. 

West Covina has recently gained popularity because it was where the shows The Office and  Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were filmed. The Lakes Mall is the premium shopping center in West Covina and is certainly the place to come for some retail therapy. West Covina City gives the best calm vibes to its residents as the population is only a little over 110,000 people. The San Gabriel Valley and Wilderness parks in West Covina are also a haven for nature lovers.

How Much Does West Covina Homeowners Insurance Cost?

The average yearly cost of a West Covina homeowners insurance is $1,100. This is lower than the national average which stands at  $1,444. It means getting homeowners insurance in the city of West Covina is a pretty good deal.

Average Homeowners Insurance Premium in West Covina Vs State and National Averages

PlaceAverage Homeowners Insurance Premium
West Covina$1,100

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Company

Allstate provides home insurance in West Covina at around $560 per year. The reviews are great and the reputation of this insurance provider is trust-worthy. At the same time, there are other great insurance companies too.

Homeowners Insurance Rates In West Covina By Company

Insurance CompanyAverage Insurance Rate (Yearly)
Mercury Ins Group$624
Pacific Speciality$666
ASI Select Ins Corp$755
Universal North America$769
First American Speciality$774
Horace Mann$810

The slight differences in the prices is because every homeowners insurance company decides your premium differently. The coverage levels you require, the age of your home and belongings inside, everything affects the decision of insurance premium.

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Coverage Amount

The dwelling coverage amount you choose will have an effect on your homeowners insurance rate. A $200k coverage amount from MAPFRE Insurance Group requires you to pay homeowners insurance of $491. Decide the dwelling coverage amount you need by considering the value of your home and the personal belongings inside your home.

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Cost by Coverage Amount

CoverageCompanyAverage Insurance Price (Yearly)
$150k dwellingTokio Marine America$342
$200k dwellingMAPFRE Group$491
$250k dwellingWestern Mutual$550
$300k dwellingHorace Mann$876
$400k dwellingKemper$1,107
$500k dwellingBankers Standard$2,030

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Home Value

The average West Covina homeowners insurance cost for $100,000 home value is $175. If your home-value is higher, then the insurance rate will also be higher in order to cover all the necessary replacement costs of your home in case of an accident. 

Best West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Home Value

Home ValueAverage Insurance Rate
Less than $50,000$39
$50,000 – $59,000$83
$100,000 – $125,000$175
$150,000 – $200,000$299
$200,000 – $250,000$355
Above $350,000$556+

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Neighborhood

West Covina homeowners in some streets pay $604 yearly for their West Covina homeowners insurance while homeowners in some other street have to pay as high as $669.Your West Covina homeowners insurance rates will vary depending on the area you live in. 

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Neighborhood (Most to Least Expensive)

Street NameAverage Insurance Rate
Samgerry Dr, Cam de Teodora, Galleano St, S Walnut Ave, E Virginia Ave$604
W Leewood St, E Nanette Ave, S Larimore Ave, W Alwood St, Ginger Ct$620
N Bromley Ave, S Grandview Ln, S Shadydale Ave, S Flemington Dr$624
S Blue Dr, Peachtree Ln, N Chalburn Ave, S Hidden Valley Dr$631
E Casad Ave, W Louisa Ave, S Fenimore Ave, E Greenville Dr, Phoebe Ct$636
W Greendale St, Joshua Tree Way, S Alpine Dr, Colston Ave, Gabriella St$669

Homeowners Insurance Deductibles In West Covina

One important decision which you need to take while buying a home insurance policy in West Covina is the homeowners deductible amount. Deductible amount is basically an expense which you will have to pay when your home is damaged by any accident. The insurance claim comes after the deductible amount.

Insurance premium and homeowners insurance deductibles are indirectly related to each other. The higher the deductible amount, the lower the insurance premium.

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Deductibles

Homeowners insurance rate with $1,400 deductible is worth $550. If you need a $3,400 deductible policy, the insurance rate will be $378.

Homeowners Insurance Premium In West Covina By Deductibles

Deductible AmountAverage Homeowners Insurance Rate

It is pretty obvious from the table above that a higher deductible amount will reduce your insurance rate and a lower deductible amount will increase your insurance premium.

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options

You can choose from a list of coverage options such as dwelling, flooding, personal property and other structure coverages. Here’s a brief explanation about each of them.

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Coverage Options

Coverage OptionDescription
Dwelling InsuranceDwelling coverage will cover the cost of replacing your home building and attached structures like garden and garage.
Flood InsuranceFlood Insurance will offer protection from flood and damage caused by it to your home in West Covina
Personal Property InsuranceAs the name suggests, this coverage option will protect and cover the loss of your personal belongings such as jewellery, watches, bed and other items.
Personal Liability InsurancePersonal Liability option helps to pay the lawyer’s fee or any extra expenses if you are found responsible for any damage or injury caused on your property.
Other Structure InsuranceUnattached structures to your home like fence or tool shed are covered under Other Structure Insurance.

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In California

Before getting your West Covina homeowners insurance, you might want to check the ratings of the insurance company you are dealing with. AM Best Rating and BBB Rating are the industry benchmarks and these can give you an idea about the performance of a particular insurance company. 

Best Homeowners Insurance Companies In California by Rankings

Rating CompanyMercury InsStatefarmAllstateUSAA
BBB RatingA+AA+B+
JD Power RatingNIL4/54/55/5
NAIC ValueNIL0.250.300.18
AM Best RatingAA++A+A++

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Cost By Age Of House

Pacify Property & Casualty offers the cheapest West Covina homeowners insurance for a brand new house with $400k in coverage at $397. The second cheapest is offered by Mercury Ins Group which costs about $405. If your home is 7-15 years old, the same insurance policies from the same companies would cost $851 and $810 respectively.

Cheapest West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Age Of The House

Age Of The HomeAverage Insurance CostCompany Name
New Home$397Pacific Property & Casualty
7 – 15 Years Old$540Allstate
7 – 15 Years Old (Extra Coverage)$738Allstate
26 – 40 Years Old$536Allstate

Most Expensive West Covina Homeowners Insurance Rates By Age Of The House

Age Of The HomeAverage Insurance CostCompany Name
New Home$755Horace Mann
7 – 15 Years Old$819AAA
7 – 15 Years Old (Extra Coverage)$1075AAA
26 – 40 Years Old$954Pacific Property & Casualty

West Covina Homeowners Insurance and Car Insurance Bundling Options Available 

If you decide to bundle your homeowners insurance with a car insurance, a bundling discount of $77. If you have 2 cars, insuring both of them along with a homeowners insurance can save you a little more than $100.

West Covina Homeowners Policy Bundling Options And Discount

Bundle OptionInsurance Bundling Discount 
X1 Car Insurance Bundle$77
X2 Car Insurance Bundle$100
X3 Car Insurance Bundle$154

You have two options: a.) To either bundle your homeowners policy with a car insurance or a life insurance b.) To not bundle at all (however you’ll not get special discounts in this case which you could use if you decide to bundle your homeowners insurance).

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Savings For Senior Occupied Homes

Senior occupied homes in every city of the USA are treated with a discount while purchasing homeowners insurance. The insurance premium savings in West Covina for senior-occupied homes are around $95. 

CityHomeowners Insurance Savings
West Covina$95

West Covina Homeowners Insurance Pro Tips

Pro Tip 1

If you do not want to spend your money on expensive homeowners insurance, then at least get yourself an insurance with minimum replacement cost of your home. This is the best strategy to survive theft, fire, or weather damage without spending a huge sum of money.

Pro Tip 2

While choosing an insurance policy for your home in West Covina, always make sure to judge the ‘ease of filing claims’ with the insurance provider in case of an accident. If your insurance agent will not be with you at every step of the way, then pick up your things and run. 

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West Covina, CA Homeowners Insurance FAQs

As per facts, it is not. The average yearly cost of a West Covina homeowners insurance is $1,095. This is lower than the national average which stands at $1,175. It means getting homeowners insurance in the city of West Covina is a pretty good deal.

No, it is not possible. You are only eligible to file a claim for your loss (be compensated) if you had an insurance policy for your home during the time of the accident.

West Covina is a great city to settle down in. It is in the state of California which is well known for its offerings. The Walnut Creek Communal Regional Park, San Gabriel Valley, tasty restaurants, super enjoyable malls and theatres and the diversity is a joy to experience in this city.

Yes, you can. Allstate provides the cheapest homeowners insurance at $536 depending on the age category of your home. In case the condition is too bad, an insurance agent needs to come over and examine the place where you live.

Unfortunately, No. You need to purchase a flood insurance policy from NFIP in this regard.

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