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How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Hialeah?

Hialeah’s average car insurance cost annually is $3,168 per year. It is significantly higher than the state’s average rate of $2,297 and the nation’s average of $1,541. However, various factors are assessed when insurers calculate your car insurance rate. Thus, every driver acquires different car insurance rates in Hialeah. Your marital status, driving history, credit tier, age, and location are the most common aspects that drive your annual car insurance cost in Hialeah.

If you want savings on your car insurance in Hialeah, it is best to compare the rates from different companies. Hence, compare rates from different insurance companies in Hialeah according to your location, age, driving history, credit tier, and marital status and choose one that best fits your unique driving history.

Hialeah Car Insurance Costs by Company

Several car insurance companies in Hialeah have different policies and rates. GEICO offers the cheapest car insurance in Hialeah with an average rate of $2,364 annually. Maintaining a clean driving history will keep your car insurance rates to stay on the average.

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
State Farm$3,331$277

Florida Cheapest Car Insurance Rates For Minimum Coverage

If you are looking for an auto insurance company in Florida that offers competitive car insurance cost with minimum coverage. State Farm by far offers the best deal when it comes to purchasing car insurance with minimum coverage.

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
State Farm$2,528$211
Direct Auto$3,266$272

Hialeah Auto Insurance Rates by Age Bracket

The driver’s age is also one of the factors that impacts car insurance rates in Hialeah. Drivers within the age range of 50+ typically pay cheaper auto insurance premiums in contrast to other age groups. Teenagers, however, pay the most for car insurance in Hialeah. However, when teens reach the age of 20, a huge decrease in their car insurance rates will reflect  immediately .

Hialeah Car Insurance Rates Per Age Group

Age GroupAnnual RateMonthly Rate

Florida Cheapest Full Coverage Insurance Rates For Young Drivers With Clean Driving History

In Florida, younger drivers are seen as inexperienced and high-risk drivers. That is why teenagers pay the most expensive car insurance rates in Florida. But, if you are a young driver who has never been in an accident, several auto insurance companies in Florida will provide less expensive car insurance premiums.

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
State Farm$2,001$167
Direct Auto$3,201$267

Hialeah Car Insurance Premiums By Gender and Marital Status

Your marital status and gender are other factors that influence your car insurance rates. Most married couples and widowed drivers in Hialeah pay cheaper auto insurance rates compared to those who are single. While married couples are considered responsible drivers compared to single drivers, their gender also affects their overall auto insurance premiums. Male drivers in Hialeah are considered low-risk drivers. Thus, female drivers pay more than males for car insurance in Hialeah.

Hialeah Car Insurance Premiums by Marital Status and Gender

Marital Status/GenderAnnual RateMonthly Rate

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Florida Cheapest Car Insurance Rates For Married Couples

As was mentioned, married couples pay cheaper car insurance rates in Florida. Married couples are considered financially stable and low-risk drivers. Thus, they are given much cheaper car insurance rates in Florida than any other marital statuses. MetLife by far offers the cheapest auto insurance rates for married couples. 

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
State Farm$2,721$227
Direct Auto$3,233$269

Hialeah Auto Insurance Rates After an Accident or Violation

Maintaining a good driving record will help you minimize your car insurance rate. However, one at-fault accident in Hialeah can cause your premiums to substantially increase. Additionally, acquiring speeding tickets, and reckless driving citations will also render expensive car insurance rates. Thus, maintaining a good driving record in Hialeah will keep your premiums low and close to the average of $3,168 per year.

Hialeah Car Insurance Rates For High-Risk Drivers

Driving ViolationAnnual RateMonthly Rate
Reckless Driving$4,755$396
At-Fault Accident (less than $1000 damages)$4,427$369
At-Fault Accident (more than $1000 damages)$4,427$369
Speeding Ticket$3,999$333

Florida Average Auto Insurance Costs With One At-Fault Accident

One at-fault accident will drive your car insurance rates in Florida up. The increase will depend on the value of the damages acquired. However, there are car insurance companies around Florida that offer less expensive car insurance premiums to high-risk drivers.

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
State Farm$2,033$169
Direct Auto$3,411$284

Florida Average Car Insurance Rate After A Ticket

Getting a speeding ticket is a serious offense in Florida. Reckless drivers will immediately carry expensive auto insurance premiums after a ticket. However, some insurance companies around the state provide cheap car insurance premiums for high-risk drivers in Florida.

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
State Farm$1,902$159
Direct Auto$3,163$264

Hialeah Auto Insurance Rates by Credit Tier

Your credit tier is another aspect Hialeah auto insurance companies assess upon calculating your car insurance rates. Building your credit from Very Poor to Exceptional will give you savings up to 59% annually on your car insurance rates. Hence, maintaining a good credit score can help maintain your car insurance rate on the average scale.

Hialeah Car Insurance Premiums by Credit Tier

Credit LevelAnnual RateMonthly Rate
Very Poor$6,569$547
Very Good$2,851$238

Florida Average Car Insurance Rates by Poor Credit with Minimum Coverage

Several car insurance companies in Florida provide cheap car insurance premiums with minimum coverage for drivers with poor credit. State Farm offers the cheapest car insurance rates with minimum coverage in Florida.

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
State Farm$1,989$166
United Auto$2,671$223
Direct Auto$1,298$108

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Florida Average Car Insurance Rates For Good Drivers With Poor Credit

Your credit score is another factor that impacts your auto insurance rates in Florida. Having a poor credit score can increase your car insurance premiums. However, if you are a good driver with poor credit, there are several car insurance companies in Florida that offer cheap coverage despite the poor credit tier. 

Insurance CompanyAnnual RateMonthly Rate
Direct Auto$2,528$211
United Auto$3,206$267
State Farm$3,266$272

Hialeah Car Insurance Cost by ZIP Code

The driver’s location also influences the increase or decrease in car insurance premiums in Hialeah. Residing in areas prone to theft and accidents will reflect expensive auto insurance rates. However, there are specific locations or ZIP codes in Hialeah that gain the cheapest car insurance rates. Some, on the other hand, are considered high-risk; thus, drivers living in areas considered risky in Hialeah tend to pay a lot more for their auto insurance premiums.

Hialeah ZIP Codes With Expensive Car Insurance RatesHialeah ZIP Codes With Cheap Car Insurance Rates

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Hialeah Car Insurance FAQs

  • What do non-economic damages mean in Hialeah?

    Non-economic damages cover losses that have no actual value. Examples of non-economic damages are pain, suffering, disfigurement, and others.

  • What does punitive damage mean in Hialeah?

    Punitive damage is the reward the victim will get after being involved in a car crash where the at-fault driver intentionally did the crime. This often happens to drivers who have been charged multiple times with drunk driving.

  • What does economic damage mean in Hialeah?

    Economic damages encompass medical bills, lost wages, car rental expenses, repair expenses, property damages, and other entities that have an actual value.

  • How many years am I allowed to file a lawsuit after an accident?

    In Florida, typically you will have four years to file a lawsuit. However, if wrongful death happens to occur, you have two years to take action.

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